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Human Rights

Stop Fascist Aggression in the Basque Country!

El Militante | Two new fascist attacks have been reported to the police in Vitoria in the Basque Country. The first attack took place on December 12 at 10:15am in front of the headquarters of the UGT, in the Metalworkers' Federation, when UGT union members, with thirty years experience, attempted to seek refuge from the aggression of an individual of around 30 years of age who had attacked them on the streets as they put up posters. The man was able to gain access to UGT headquarters, with the passivity and then collaboration of the security guard, José Víñas who worked for the security company, Vinsa. He was equally aggressive with the two union members for putting up posters with his photo (Víñas is a known fascist who met regularly with a group of fascists at the UGT headquarters. One fascist was able to gain access to the UGT headquarters and provoke a problem
The aggressor was able to carry out his attack on one of the union members, hitting him repeatedly on the head and the knees with the help of the security guard, who had already been banned from the UGT premises (for previous activities). more...  0 Comments

Rumbo a la movilización mundial por Oaxaca del 22 de diciembre

cml-df | Algunas acciones programadas para el 22 de diciembre en solidaridad con Oaxaca, como parte de la Movilización Mundial por Oaxaca convocada por el EZLN. more...  0 Comments

The Need for Civil Unrest in the Case of Sean Bell

Safe Communities | “I'm not afraid to say I'm at war with the pigs.”

-Fred Hampton, Black Panther executed along with Mark Clark by the State

The Death Toll and Prevention

The killing of Sean Bell could have been prevented. His two daughters could have been with their father this Christmas. Laughing, playing, cuddling. Their mom Nicole could have held her husband and not just a ring and a last name. more...  0 Comments

NYCLU on Surveillance Cameras: A Critique

SCP typing pool | It pains us to say this – we greatly appreciate and have been inspired by the NYCLU’s efforts, and we have in fact worked with this organization (in 2004 and 2005, we helped train their volunteers to spot and map surveillance cameras, and so we are among the two dozen other names selected for “thanks” in the NYCLU’s new report) – but the absence of really fresh, useful information is not the report’s only failing. more...  1 Comments

America on the Brink of Anarchy

he Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan | Without an advocate for the poor, without a new state of mind in America, the country lies on the brink of anarchy. Anarchy is the complete absence of government. It’s a condition of political disorder, violence and lawlessness in the society. We saw signs of it in Los Angeles after the Rodney King verdict. more...  2 Comments

Images: "Shopping for Justice" 5th Ave March

fred askew | Thousands march along 5th ave seeking justice for Sean Bell, Trent Benefield and Joseph Guzman.

See Also: Photos by Stanley W. Rogouski | Photos by Antrim Caskey more...  6 Comments


Tim Wise | In recent days, Mark Finkelstein of the Des Moines Jewish Federation has
sought to smear my reputation as an antiracist activist, writer and
lecturer by implying that I am anti-Semitic due to my views on Israel and
Zionism as a political philosophy. more...  3 Comments

Caught on Tape: Olmert Filmed 'Coaching' Prodi

Anne | Israeli television broadcast footage that appeared to show Ehud Olmert coaching his Italian counterpart more...  0 Comments

New Reports of Abu-Jamal Confession after 25 years?

Hans Bennett | perhaps the most shocking story to emerge amidst the flurry of news stories published last week was a Dec. 8 NBC 10 story reporting that two more people now say that they heard Abu-Jamal confess at the hospital before treatment for his gunshot wound. more...  0 Comments

Protesting NYC’s killer cops

Jared Rodriguez and Danny Katch | Two weeks after the police murder of Sean Bell on the morning of his wedding day, New York City is still boiling and protests are growing.
more...  0 Comments

John Berger and 93 other authors, film-makers, musicians and performers call for a cultural boycott of Israel

Electronic Intifada | The non-violent international response to apartheid was a campaign of boycott, divestment, and, finally UN imposed sanctions which enabled the regime to change without terrible bloodshed. more...  3 Comments

12/17/2006 New York City: "De Nueva York Hasta Oaxaca" - (From New York to Oaxaca)

el pinche simon | 12/17/2006 New York City: "De Nueva York Hasta Oaxaca" - (From New York to Oaxaca)

2:00PM - 12:00AM Julia de Burgos Cultural Arts Center 1680 Lexington Ave.

A human rights benefit for media and medical supplies sent to indigenous communities In the state of Oaxaca, Mexico, hosted by and more...  0 Comments

December 17 Mass Rally in Manila:Unresolved issues justify protest, say bishops

AJLPP-USA | AJLPP-USA and other news sources reported today that the December 17 prayer rally in Manila will push through.

An “escalation of crises” that the leaders of the country’s Roman Catholic Church can no longer take sitting down prompted the Church to spearhead tomorrow’s planned huge prayer rally at Manila’s Rizal Park.

News reports also confirmed that top officials of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines yesterday rebuffed calls from administration stalwarts for them to abandon the rally at the Quirino Grandstand in the wake of the decision by Ms Arroyo’s allies to scrap plans to convene a constituent assembly.

The CBCP secretary general, Msgr. Juanito Figura, said the CBCP could no longer ignore the escalating problems facing the country, including the questions surrounding President Macapagal-Arroyo’s disputed victory in the 2004 elections.

Figura specifically cited the “Garci” tapes, which set off the election controversy, the P728-million fertilizer fund scam and the so-called Mayuga report on the alleged involvement of military officials in election fraud as among the issues unresolved to this day.

“The Church cannot play blind, deaf and mute to the sufferings that these issues have brought,” Figura said in a press conference. more...  0 Comments

Bike & Skate contingent in the Justice & Reform March this Saturday

Time's Up! | You can meet up with us in two different locations; these rides will converge at a place TBA on the March.

Saturday, December 16, 2006.
12 Noon at Madison Square Park (south)
12 Noon NW corner of 59th and 5th Ave (corner of central park) more...  1 Comments

SMASH THE KLAN: May 12, 2007, Hammonton, NJ

Working Class Emancipation | ****************
Saturday, May 12, 2007
Rally in Hammonton, New Jersey

Help us build a massive mobilization to kick the Klan out of Hammonton!

* Distribute this leaflet.
* Form an anti-Klan committee now in your union, workplace, or school.
* Prepare for public anti-Klan coordinating meetings, as part of a national effort to stop the Klan.
* Raise funds to help with organizing and defense.
**************** more...  0 Comments

Slave Reparations Case Gains Legal Ground!

Amadi Ajamu | The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals has revitalized the reparations class action lawsuit against U.S. corporations who participated in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and slavery. Significant parts of the previously dismissed landmark case have been reversed and remanded back to the District Court on the grounds of the defendants’ violation of consumer fraud statutes. Corporate defendants include J.P. Morgan Chase, Fleet Bank (now Bank of America), Aetna, Brown Brothers Harriman, Union Pacific Railroad, and New York Life.
more...  0 Comments

On the Philippine Judge’s Decision to Deny Custody of a Convicted US Marine to the US Embassy

AJLPP-USA | The Alliance for Just and Lasting Peace in the Philippines (AJLPP) USA highly commends Judge Benjamin Pozon of Makati City, Philippines for standing firm on his decision not to give the U.S Embassy custody of convicted rapist Cpl. Daniel Smith of the U.S. Marines despite the lap-dog subservience of the US-Arroyo government and its Department of Justice.
On the Philippine Judge’s Decision to Deny Custody of a Convicted US Marine to the US Embassy.

The AJLPP commend the ruling and are proud that the judge used his "courage and independence." His brave action puts the Philippine government to shame and in their proper place as lackeys and puppets of a bully government.

The AJLPP also vehemently condemn the high handedness and the imperial arrogance of the US government through its ambassador and its Manila Embassy in trying to order the court and insinuate that the “judge does not understand the VFA.” more...  0 Comments

Still Jews only

Jonathan Cook | This is the bottom line for a Jewish state, just as it was for a white apartheid South Africa: if we are to survive, then we must be able to do whatever it takes to keep ourselves in power, even if it means systematically violating the human rights of all those we rule over and who do not belong to our group.
more...  1 Comments

Congress Votes 368-31 to Back Mumia’s Racist Frame-up

Steven Argue | Nine New York Democrats in Congress voted nay while 10 voted for the resolution. Those voting against were Gregory Meeks, Jerrold Nadler, Anthony Weiner, Edolphus Towns, Major Owens, Nydia Velazquez, Charles Rangel, José Serrano, Maurice Hinchey.

Joining in the racist lynch mob voting for the blood of an innocent black man were New York Democrats Steve Israel, Carolyn McCarthy, Gary Ackerman, Joseph Crowley, Carolyn Maloney, Eliot Engel, Nita Lowey, Michael McNulty, Brian Higgins, and Louise Slaughter. Timothy Bishop didn’t vote.

Also voting for blood were Republicans Peter King, Vito Fossella, Sue Kelly, John Sweeney, John McHugh, Sherwood Boehlert, James Walsh, Thomas Reynolds, and John Kuhl.
more...  1 Comments

Muxe's, 8pm tonight, free screening

ren, | MUXE'S: autenticas, intrepidas, buscadoras de peligro
(authentic, fearless, seekers of danger)
. more...  0 Comments

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