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Human Rights

Nonviolent Resistance in Palestine: Palestinian Ayed Morrar & Israeli Anarchist Jonathan Pollak Speak in NYC Oct 14 - 16 | Palestinian Ayed Morrar and Israeli Jonathan Pollak, two of the major figures in the Palestinian led nonviolent struggle against Israel’s military occupation and Wall, will speak in the NYC area at five events between October 14th - 16th. more...  0 Comments

Taser has taken a big step back away from Cops!

TASER IMHO | Taser tries to back away from the pile of dead bodies and it looks like they plan to blame cops for deaths more...  0 Comments

Taser Indemnification in question

TASER IMHO | Hundreds of pending lawsuits with the offending police department and Taser International named as defendants may also have room to add the name of the distributor who sold the stun guns. more...  0 Comments


Norma Edith Ramírez Hernández | Desde hace 36 días los trabajadores del Colegio de Bachilleres (CB) de México estallamos la huelga en una firme y decidida lucha contra la violación al Contrato Colectivo de Trabajo (CCT) y por mejoras concretas laborales, como una jubilación digna. more...  0 Comments

Populist #13

Franklin | Deficiencies of Our Current Federal System, continued more...  0 Comments

Group says WV Governor broke promise on Marsh Fork Elementary

Coal River Mountain Watch | A citizens’ group and concerned parents of the children at Marsh Fork Elementary School in the Coal River Valley of West Virginia expressed disappointment in Governor Joe Manchin’s decision to drop his investigation of health concerns at the school. The school has gained attention over the summer as residents protested Massey Energy’s coal operations next door.
more...  1 Comments

WALKOUT: Bronx High School Students Protest Draconian Security (Indy)

BY DANIEL TASRIPIN | When students were finally faced with passing through the checkpoints, patience quickly wore thin. A bottleneck formed at the entrance, as only two checkpoints were fully operational. Students queued around the block. Fed up, they walked out of classes en masse. Some stayed to speak with school administrators, while others went to the 1 Fordham Plaza offices of the Department of Education, or just took the day off. more...  0 Comments

Support Mexican workers organize, protest Monday October 10, 1pm

United Students Against Sweatshops & USLEAP | WHAT: Action to demand Target, Rubies, Mattel and Warner Bros.recognize the right to form a union in their Mexican factories
WHEN: MONDAY, October 10 at 1pm
WHERE: Target store at 40 W. 225 St. (corner of Broadway) in the BRONX. (1 train to 231 St stop)
WHAT TO BRING: Harry Potter, Star Wars, Barbie or
whatever costume you got! Bring signs and your kids too. more...  2 Comments

Overturning Roe v Wade Grounds for Civil War.

Lloyd Hart | You have the right to choose the course you will take and I advise you to choose wisely for there are a great deal more people that think like me then there are people that think like you. more...  26 Comments

The U.S. Is The Problem, Not The Solution (The Indypendent)

A.K. Gupta | An analysis of Iraq's Civil War featured in this issue's anti-war movement center spread. more...  0 Comments

No Vote Without Hope (The Indypendent)

Marjorie Cohn | Laden with heavy security, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice paid a quick visit to Haiti on Sept. 27. Her mission: to reassure Haiti’s interim government that the United States wants the elections to go forward in November, and to see to it that President Jean-Bertrand Aristide does not return. more...  0 Comments

A Rare Look Inside North Korea (The Indypendent)

Diane Mason | A DVD review of A State Of Mind from VeryMuchSo Productions by Daniel Gordon about lives in North Korea. more...  0 Comments

What's It Worth? (The Indypendent)

Diane Mason | Film reviews of Quanto Vale Ou E Por Quilo? , Mi Enemigo, and El Inmortal. more...  0 Comments

Damning Indictment of the Italian police During The G8 summit, Genoa 2001

Nessuno UK | On the night of 21/22nd of july 2001 a raid was mounted by the National Anti-Terrorist Squad, the Genoa Flying Squad, two special anti-riot units from rome and naples, several crime prevention units plus 150 state riot police(total 292). more...  4 Comments

Palestinian Hip-Hop Oct. 5 at Lower East-Side

Gustavo | Palestinian Hip-Hop Performance Oct. 5 at Climax. 14 Avenue B. 212.260.7100 more...  0 Comments

The A-String: Blues Folk Resist Oppression's Yoke (The Indypendent)

Steve Wishnia | This issue's music column The A-String covers Otis Taylor and an Oldie Of The Month more...  1 Comments

Free Market Idiocy and Easy Money in the Big Easy

Dave Lindorff | The federal government is paying $200 billion to bring in outside companies to rebuild New Orleans, while hundreds of thousands of the city’s evacuees languish in shelters across the country, jobless and penniless. What’s wrong with this picture? more...  0 Comments


NYC IMC Print | Here We Go Again: A Resurgent Antiwar Movement Hits the Street more...  2 Comments

small WORLD interview with Cyndi Rhoades, Anti-Apathy/Worn Again

small WORLD Podcast | Interview with Cyndi Rhoades of Anti-Apathy and Worn Again. more...  0 Comments

Bush's unwelcome gift to NATO: Afghanistan

populist | Economically, most Afghans see neither an improvement in their personal lot, or view the rebuilding of their country happening at an acceptable pace. more...  0 Comments

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