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Human Rights

NYC cops target people of color

madhatter | NYC cops target people of color more...  0 Comments

Video-chronicle: Demonstration against racism and foreigners law

La Plataforma | 500 people took part in the demonstration against racism in Alcorcon and in the whole Madrid region.
The immigrant people and the antifascist youth marched around the streets of the multicultural neighbourhood of Lavapies shouting: “native or foreigner, it is the same working class”.
more...  0 Comments

SEE Italy's Proof for Trial of CIA 26 (cr card/phone No.s, IDs) in Imam abductio

Paulo Cabreezse |
This is about blowing the CIA wide open -- with all their dirty tricks and secrets revealed. (Talk about lowlifes getting their comeuppance.) more...  0 Comments

Republica Dominicana: el aborto bajo la mira del gobierno

Clave Digital | “Las presentes autoridades se suman a la larga lista de gobiernos dominicanos que han incumplido sus obligaciones frente a la ciudadanía en materia de salud sexual y reproductiva, suplantándolas por medidas oportunistas orientadas a la obtención de beneficios políticos de corto plazo”, more...  0 Comments

Amnesty Intl: Free Gary Tyler

Michael Letwin | Earlier today, Amnesty International released a new statement "calling for a pardon to be granted to Gary Tyler." The full statement can be read here: more...  0 Comments



"The Wheels of Justice are Flat" - New York Speaks Out Against the Death Penalty

Ali Winston | In the wake of Ronell Wilson's death sentence, four exonerated prisoners and death penalty spoke out against the death penalty and New York state's flawed criminal justice system at the National Black Theater in Harlem on February 6th, 2007. more...  0 Comments

Celebrate Valentine's Day w/ the IWW!

D | Come support fired warehouse workers in Brooklyn for LIBERTARIAS' - a special screening of the award-winning Spanish Civil War epic about women in the anarchist revolution who struggled against sexism & fascism! more...  0 Comments

Congo: White King, Red Rubber, Black Death FILM Screening

339 Lafayette St (at Bleecker) #6 train | "Congo: White King, Red Rubber, Black Death" film screening
Join us for a film screening of Peter Bate's controversial documentary as he stages an imaginary trial of King Leopold II of Belgium, dramatizing how he turned Congo into his private colony between 1885 and 1908. Under Leopold's control, Congo became a gulag labor camp of shocking brutality, with families held hostage, workers starved to death, and children's hands chopped off as punishment for late deliveries. more...  0 Comments

Justice for Bell, Benefield & Guzman!

forwarded by Skinny John | A Grand Jury is being convened for a possible indictment against the
cops involved in the shootings. The day AFTER the grand jury decision, come to Union Square, in Manhattan, to show that WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED. more...  3 Comments

Black History in Action: Brooklyn Students’ Campaign to Revive New Orleans

Jeffrey Buchanan | Students at Benjamin Banneker Academy for Community Development in Brooklyn, New York go beyond the textbooks, and apply the lessons of Black History Month to their daily lives. Banneker Academy students have pledged $5,000 the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), a grassroots social justice group based in New Orleans and are challenging 1,000 other fundraisers to come forward and match their efforts. more...  0 Comments

A Review of The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine by Ilan Pappe

Stephen Lendman | An account of Israel's ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from uncovered official and other documents. more...  0 Comments

Triple A: Toda la verdad, caiga quien caiga -

Izquierda Punto Info | Argentina - Triple A: Toda la verdad, caiga quien caiga - El dossier, artículos y la cronología mas completa de los crímenes de la Triple A more...  0 Comments

Cable TV: "The Cost of Privilege: Taking on the System of White Supremacy

John Riley | The left sometimes reduces fighting capitalism to just fighting around class issues. Author Chip Smith and researcher Juliet Ucelli argue that the left needs to heighten is understanding of white supremacy and patriarchy and their intersection in order to develop the strong solidarity we need to overcome capitalism. more...  0 Comments

Action Alert - Free The 8 Panther Vets On Lockdown

Skinny John | Sup folks: have folks heard about this case????....these bros who arressted
on alleged charges of murder of a S.F. police officer...yo, they really
need our support..the oakland chapter of MXGM has been building with them
for months before they were arrested...
more...  0 Comments

surveillance cameras: a good article

Alex Pickett | "This isn't just a nightmare of leftists; this is a nightmare of people left, right and center," Brown says. "The person who claims to be our president has removed the constitutional requirement for habeas corpus. "If that is possible, 1984 is possible." more...  0 Comments

Grassroots, nonviolent resistance to Israeli Apartheid in Palestine

ISM-NYC | Mohammed Khatib of Bil'in and Feryal Abu Haikal of Tel Rumeida, Hebron are grassroots leaders of Palestinian communities that have received worldwide attention because their communities are immediately threatened with destruction by the Israeli military and settlers, and because of their communities' nonviolent mobilization to resist expulsion.
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Local activist Daniel McGowan needs your help

Family & Friends of Daniel McGowan | Daniel McGowan needs letters of support written to his sentencing judge. Info below.
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3rd Annual Israeli Apartheid Week - NYC - Feb 10-17

Adalah-NY | Israeli Apartheid Week will be a weeklong series of events held concurrently in different cities around the world to contribute to a growing public discussion of Israel as an apartheid state and to gather support for the international boycott, divestment, and sanctions campaign called for by more than 170 Palestinian civil society organizations in July, 2005.

For schedule and events, read below. more...  2 Comments

FRI 2/9: Deepa Fernandes (WBAI) + Daniel Hopsicker (9-11) @ Vox Pop in Brooklyn

Vox Pop | We are proud to host an exciting and provocative event, with two of the leading progressive independent journalists of our time: Deepa Fernandes and Daniel Hopsicker. We hear Deepa every morning on WBAI, where she hosts WakeUp Call. Her new book takes on Homeland Security and the draconian immigration policies of Bush. Daniel Hopsicker has been single-handedly tracking down and reporting the secret history of 9/11 ring-leader Mohamed Atta, from the scene of the crime, in Florida. Open mike on immigration beforehand and jazz afterwards. more...  2 Comments

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