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Human Rights

Monday 2/19/07: March for Immigrant Workers' Rights!!

D | 9:30 AM @ Sunrise Plus/E-Z Supply, 48-01 Metropolitan Ave. in Ridgewood, Queens.
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11:30 AM @ Morgan stop of the L train (Morgan and Harrison)
1:00 PM @ March on Associated Supermarket on Knickerbocker ave
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Hands Off Amber Abreu! Class Struggle Defense Bulletin #1

Working Class Emancipation | Hands off Amber Abreu!
Drop all the charges now!
Free abortions on demand!
Women's liberation through socialist revolution!
Organizing update

Working Class Emancipation's first trip to Lawrence and Boston, MA to organize defense for Amber Abreu was a limited success, with about twenty-five volunteers signing up to help with the defense campaign. Fliers for this Friday's protest are being distributed by our volunteers at Lawrence High School and among the members of the United Nurses and Allied Professionals union (UNAP) in Rhode Island. But there is much more work to be done, and the defense campaign requires a much higher level of organization and activity to have any chance of success. It's time to step up distribution of the protest flier and of this, and forthcoming, defense bulletins, time to call organizing meetings - even if they are just a handful of people initially - to discuss the next steps and coordinate work. It's time for all the organizations that claim to be for socialism or for abortion rights, to join us in a united front to mobilize for the picket on February 23. Everyone who defends Amber Abreu against these racist frame-up charges is welcome, as long as there are no restrictions on the participating groups' slogans and speech. All out for the picket line, Friday, February 23, starting at 8:30 AM: Lawrence District Court, 2 Appleton Street, Lawrence, MA!
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Israeli anarchist asks court for jail time after conviction for protest

ISM-NYC | Jonathan Pollak: "It was not us who should have been standing accused here, but rather the architects and enforcers of Israeli Apartheid... I still believe that what I did was necessary and morally correct, and that resistance to oppression is the duty of every human being, even at a personal price."
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Santo Domingo:Recordando la masacre estudiantil del 9 de febrero

RAFAEL G. SANTANA | El 9 de febrero de 1966 frente al Palacio Nacional, tropas de los Estados Unidos, Brasil, Paraguay, de la Policía y el Ejército dispararon contra los estudiantes de las escuelas, liceos y la Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo concentrados en el lugar.
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Who Decides if U.S. Troops Stay or Go? (IndyKids)

Amanda Vender | "It Is We The People Who Must End This War." -Mahdi Bray

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March In Washington (IndyKids)

Marc LaFleche | Many in the crowd at the January 27 demonstration in Washington, D.C., said that President Bush should be removed from office. more...  0 Comments

Meet Marlea From Australia (IndyKids)

Marianna Leishman, Common Language Project | AUSTRALIA QUICK FACTS
Population: 20 million • Capital: Canberra

Ethnic groups: White (92%); Asian (7%); Aboriginal and other (1%)

Languages: English (79%); Chinese (2%); Italian (2%); Other (11%); Unspecified (6%)

History: Australia has been inhabited for more than
42,000 years by indigenous people. Australia was colonized by Britain in 1770 and became a self-governing commonwealth in 1901. more...  0 Comments

Army Officer Faces Trial for Refusing to Go to Iraq (IndyKids)

Xavier Tayo | Lieutenant Ehren Watada is the first U.S. Army commissioned officer to refuse an order to go to Iraq and to publicly speak out against the war. more...  1 Comments

Climate Camp Kids Say Enough Is Enough (IndyKids)

WIETSE, UK Indymedia | Last year was the hottest year ever in the United Kingdom (UK). Recently the government and the media have been paying a lot of attention to climate change. Even UK Prime Minister Tony Blair said that it is “the biggest threat mankind faces.” more...  0 Comments

Climate Change: Earth’s Fate Is In Our Hands (IndyKids)

Amanda Vender | It may seem hard to believe, but people can actually change the weather and the earth's climate. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a group made up of scientists and officials from 113 countries, released a new report on February 2. The report stated that it is “very likely” (or 90 percent certain) that climate change is caused by human activity. more...  1 Comments

A Struggle For Land: Native Americans Today (IndyKids)

Griffin Epstein | A year ago kids and adults from the Six Nations (an organization of six tribes native to North America) near the town of Caledonia in Ontario, Canada, climbed over a fence and set up tents on a piece of land that was stolen from their people hundreds of years ago. Six Nations people have started living again on this land. more...  6 Comments

Native Americans Today (IndyKids)

Griffin Epstein | Millions of native people inhabited North America thousands of years before the Europeans arrived. How did the Europeans colonize the land and push the native people out? The majority of native people, over 95 percent in some areas, died of European diseases. Others were massacred by the colonizers in what many historians call genocide (deliberate killing of an entire group of people). more...  3 Comments

Hip Hop Hooray (IndyKids)

Griffin Epstein | In the 1940s, a city planner in New York named Robert Moses demolished a section of the South Bronx. People living there who could afford to move to the suburbs fled to Westchester and Long Island, but the poor, immigrant communities were left with very few places to go.

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Music Soothes Asthma Sufferers (IndyKids)

Abby Gross | Kids with asthma (AZ-mah) know what it’s like to have trouble breathing because asthma is a chronic (longlasting) disease that causes airways – the tubes that carry air to the lungs – to become swollen in reaction to exercise, cold weather or anything irritating.
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In Your First Voice (IndyKids)

Wen Chen | Many students in the U.S. start school speaking a language other than English. Knowing and remembering a first language helps students to
learn English and do better in school. If your first language is something other than English, practice it and don't forget it. You'll be glad you did!
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Museums Bring the Fun Indoors (IndyKids)

Nora Gold and Abby Gross | In winter, having fun inside can be a challenge. How many movies can you watch? How many video games can you play? So why not try something different and go to a museum? At a museum, you can find treasures of art, culture and history.
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Life in Prison (IndyKids)

Lucine Kasbarian | Book Review of "Life In Prison" Written by Stanley “Tookie” Williams with Barbara Becnel. As a teen, Stanley “Tookie” Williams thought prison was glamorous. He joined a notorious gang in Los Angeles called the Crips, and eventually became the gang’s leader. Convicted of killing four people and sent to prison, Tookie was sentenced to death. While held in prison, Tookie decided to reach out to kids who are at risk of following in his footsteps, show them that there is nothing glamorous about prison, and urge them to make better life choices than he had.

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Paying For Attention (IndyKids)

Abby Gross | Every year in winter, families gather to watch the Super bowl, but not everyone watching is interested in football. more...  0 Comments

Make the Right Moves (IndyKids)

Jonathan Turbin | Here’s what some New York City kids say about the grand game of Chess: more...  0 Comments

The Mughrabi Gate project

Palestime | Save the banned human values and rights! more...  0 Comments

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