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Human Rights

Immigration Gestapo kidnaps 500 workers in New Bedford

Working Class Emancipation | Immigration Gestapo kidnaps 500 workers in New Bedford
Mobilize labor's power to free them now!
Full citizenship rights for all immigrants!

* Emergency Protest: Thursday March 8, 12 noon *
* ICE Office, Dyer St, Downtown Providence * more...  0 Comments

James Petras: Bush versus Chavez

By James Petras | In the Great Contest between Chavez and Bush, between national-popular welfare initiatives and the reactionary regressive neo-liberal status quo, there is no question that Chavez is winning and the US is losing influence.

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E. SAN JUAN, Jr. | Over 850 extra-judicial killings of Filipinos from all walks of life have been committed by the military, police, and paramilitary thugs under the Arroyo regime in the Philippines, with the support of the Bush administration. These crimes have been condemned by Amnesty International, UN Special Rapporteurs, Asian Commission on Human Rights, and other international bodies. The following article provides a background to the March session of the Permanent People's Tribunal at The Hague examining the appeals of various Filipino organizations concerning the humanitarian crisis in the Philippines, in particular, the violence of State terrorism and de facto martial law gripping this U.S. neocolony. more...  0 Comments

Gobierno Dominicano rechaza informe sobre racismo y antihaitianismo

Espacinsular/Servicios de Clave Digital | EMBAJADOR ROBERTO ÁLVAREZ
Embajador OEA rechaza informe sobre racismo y antihaitianismo en la República Dominicana
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Join the Cuban 5 contingents the 17 March

sended by F Espinoza | Join Cuban 5 contingents in the Mar. 17 & 18 anti-war marches...
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An Appeal to Philippine President Arroyo

various | Stop agrarian violence and killing of farmers!

Implement agrarian reform in contentious landholdings!

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Akbayan chides Bayan Muna and affiliates for falling into the AFPs 'divide & rul

AKBAYAN (Citizens Action Party-list) | PHILIPPINES: AKBAYAN (Citizens Action Party-list) chided Bayan Muna (People First) and Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU, May 1 Movement) today for doing exactly what the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is expecting them to do. AKBAYAN President Ronald Llamas said that the recent attacks by Bayan Muna and KMU against AKBAYAN fit in the plan of the military to block Left parties from entering the House of Representatives.

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New Orleans Survivor Council Turns to Venezuela for Support

By: New Orleans Survivor Council | Poor and Working Class Black Hurricane Survivors Visit Venezuelan Communal Councils and Expose “Hatred” of the Poor by Progressive and Government Forces in the U.S.
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"The North Country" film screening Saturday March 10 7PM

Mother Jones | Saturday March 10 7PM film screening "The North Country" about one of the first women to work in the mines of northern Minnesota and the struggles faced by her. With award-winning actor Chalize Theron 2005 more...  1 Comments

Fair Food Event @ Bluestockings (NYC) Tonight 3/5

Tommy M | Farmworkers’ Grassroots Resistance in the US,
Human Rights, Migration, and Globalization more...  0 Comments

New Yorkers Come Out in Support of Black Panther 8

Sam Alcoff | For three hours on Friday night, over 100 activists came out to Manhattan's Community Church of New York in support of eight recently arrested veteran members of the Black Panther Party. Yet the night skipped any mourning or weariness as host Lumumba Bandele of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement quickly pledged both a new wave of activism to free these activists as well as a resurgence in the movement to free all political prisoners: the crowd's prolonged response suggested a willingness to fight. more...  18 Comments

POLICE Brutally Evict Residents of YOUTH HOUSE, Copenhagen (VIDEO)

crabbed | In a blatantly political move, the danish government has evicted YOUTH HOUSE(Ungdomshuset) from their building in copenhagen. Death is no obstacle; they come within a hairs breadth of killing a protester (see video).
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Hicks Update: Determined to Fight

Cleaves Eds via fleet | An Australian son abandoned by the nation and his government has decided to fight the fabricated charges brought against him by the criminal Bush regime. You bloody little bewdy! Against all odds and after years of psychological and physical torture Hicks proves his mettle. The murdering yanks and the slimy Howard government COULDN’T BREAK OUR LITTLE AUSSIE FIGHTER! One can only imagine the forlorn faces of the Howard servile government who no doubt desperately hoped that Hicks would break and accept a plea bargain in time for the elections. The Hicks case as previously stated has all the ingredients to bring down the servile government of John ‘deputy-sheriff’ Howard. more...  0 Comments

The International Criminal Court Is a Racist!

Lloyd Hart | Holy pigmentation, the president of Sedan is black guy! I thought the western media said he was an Arab. Oh, he's a Muslim with a Muslim name like millions of black people in Africa. more...  0 Comments

Iraq's 4 million refugees - does anyone care?

Paul O'Hanlon | Does anyone care about the plight of Iraq’s refugees? Iraqis are rapidly becoming the world’s biggest refugee group. One person in eight has been forced to flee their homes as a result of their `liberation`. It would be the equivalent of the whole population of a city like London or a state like California being forced to take flight. Yet little or none of the suffering of Iraqi civilians reaches the mainstream media. more...  0 Comments

Free Screening and Discussion: Engendering Colonialism

Ari Moore | Join us for a free screening and discussion of "Engendering Colonialism: The Effect of 100 Years of U.S. Colonialism on Women in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and The Philippines," looking at 100 years of U.S. colonialism and its impact on the women of Hawai'i, Cuba, the Philippines and Puerto Rico - and their resistance to it. Presented by the Socialist Party USA Greater NYC Local, GABRIELA Network USA, and the ProLibertad Freedom Campaign, in observance of IWD (International Women's Day). more...  1 Comments

US Congress Demands Answers in Murder of Brad Will

Friends of Brad Will | The Friends of Brad Will attended the Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere Oversight Hearing Overview of U.S. Policy Toward Latin America on March 1st to press for the appropriate investigation of the murder of US journalist Brad Will in Oaxaca, Mexico in October of 2006. The Friends of Brad Will is a national network working with the Will family for justice and accountability in his murder, and for an end to the impunity of human rights violations in Oaxaca, Mexico.
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Tragic Fire Highlights South Korea's Inhumane Treatment of Migrant Workers

Robert Prey and Seoul Radical Language Exchange | A recent fire that killed 9 migrant workers at a detention center in South Korea has brought attention to this country's brutal crackdown on undocumented migrant workers and the conditions that all migrant workers face in South Korea, where they do much of the "3D" (Dirty, Dangerous and Difficult) jobs. more...  2 Comments

Urgent Appeal to the International Community

Bayan-USA | The Permanent Peoples' Tribunal Second Session on the Philippines (PPT2 Philippines) will be held on 21-25 March 2007 at the Hague , the Netherlands . more...  0 Comments


Alegria Concepcion | Two new books by noted Filipino author E. SAN JUAN, Jr. seek to explore the predicament of millions of Filipinos leaving the Philippines and working or settling in other countries. An unprecedented 9-10 million of 87 million Filipinos are scattered around the planet. Their huge remittance props up a sharply divided class society where a tiny oligarchy (supported by Washington/Pentagon) exploits and oppresses the majority. Over 830 victims of extrajudicial killings occurred from 2001 to the present under Arroyo's corrupt, illegitimate regime. Why is this happening? Are you contributing to the pain and suffering? more...  0 Comments

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