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Human Rights


by AJLPP-USA | The Alliance for a Just and Lasting Peace in the Philippines (AJLPP) joins hundreds of thousands of protesters in hundreds of cities and towns across the United States and all over the world to mark the fourth anniversary of the U.S. war and occupation of Iraq and the 40th year of the protest march at the Pentagon during the Vietnam War in 1967. Four years after George W. Bush hastily declared the war to be “over,” more than 3,200 U.S. soldiers, 650,000 Iraqis have died and hundreds of thousands including more than 30,000 American veterans maimed in an ongoing brutal war and occupation which was premised on lies. Onboard that aircraft carrier Lincoln,Bush said that he would make the Philippines the “model of democracy” for Iraq. But to Filipinos, it meant the death of 840 social activist, 200 misssing and the jailing of 200 patriots including two congressmen: Satur Ocampo and labor leader Crispin Beltran who were stripped of their parliamentary immunity.
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Nai@ FIERCE | Call for Community Control and Police accountability

The NYPD's murder of Sean Bell and attempted murders of
Trent Benefield and Joseph Guzman are NOT isolated or random
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nyc bigotry shouldn't be paraded

Irish Queers | Protest with Irish Queers Saturday, 3/17, 10:30 more...  5 Comments

Boxer, Amnesty Intl Slam Malacanang in US Hearings on Killings

BAYAN USA | The alliance, a chapter of the mother alliance BAYAN in the Philippines, has been actively calling for restrictions on US military aid to the Philippine government under the pretext of the US War on Terror precisely due to reliable advocate documentation of the Philippine military's principal involvement in the killings of over 830 of its membership and allies since 2001. more...  0 Comments

Stand for Bell, Guzman, and Benefield

Rosa Clemente | The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement is asking every member of the Hip Hop generation, to take ten minutes today to became a friend on MySpace and Facebook, we are moments away from a decision from the Queens grand jury that may or may not indict the four police officers, who murdered Sean Bell and attempted to murder Joseph Guzman and Trent Benefield. || Amsterdam News: "New York City is on tender-hooks." || Complete Indypendent Coverage more...  15 Comments

CALL FOR SOLIDARITY - You say you support queer rights, then show up today!


43d and Broadway - Times Square Recruiting Center more...  2 Comments

Oinker who killed Diallo demands gun back so he can kill again

JOSEPH GOLDSTEIN | Police Officer Kenneth Boss once was part of a group of officers who fired 41 shots at an innocent Muslim, Amadou Diallo. Gunning down another Muslim in Iraq last year as part of the Marine Corps whetted his appetite for more Muslim blood. Now he wants his NYPD gun back so that he can be free to kill again. more...  1 Comments

Thursday Night: Panther 8/ Oaxaca Resistance Benefit!!!

amor y resistencia | Thursday March 15th:
Support International Resistance!!
A night of videos, discussion and food!
In honor of the March 15th international day of action against police brutality the Amor y Resistencia and In Our Hearts Collectives, present videos and speakers. more...  7 Comments


ben | ACT UP has called for an action on Thursday 2/15 at NOON in front of the Times Square Military Recruitment Center. Let NYC and the world know that queer people are not immoral and we won't accept anything less than General Pace's resignation or his fired ass.

Come during your lunch hour or stay for the day. Bring signs - unite in anger and lets make a big scene.

see you all there. more...  3 Comments

"No es legítimo imponer mandatos al Sur..."

sended by F Espinoza | "No es legítimo imponer mandatos al Sur, mientras se callan las violaciones de EEUU y sus aliados" more...  0 Comments

Pappe & Morris:A Shared History, a Different Conclusion

By Scott Wilson/Washington Post | Ilan Pappe, one of the revisionist scholars known in Israel as the "new historians," began his career in some of the same wartime archives as Benny Morris. But his own ideological journey has taken him to the far shore of Israel's political gulf and nearly complete isolation.
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Islamic Community Net | In addition to the crimes of Ghouliani listed by 9/11 firefighters below, Ghouliani is best remembered by Muslims for his racial scapegoating and as the defender of the 1999 police martyrdom of Amadou Diallo on his doorstep in a hail of 41 bullets. more...  0 Comments

WED 3/14: Bolivia Book Event w/Ben Dangl + Cuban Music by Roberto Poveda

Vox Pop | We are proud to host this educational and musical cultural event featuring author Ben Dangl and musician Roberto Poveda. Ben will make a visual presentation and lead a discussion about his new book, The Price of Fire: Resource Wars and Social Movements in Bolivia. The Price of Fire offers a gripping account of clashes in Bolivia between corporate and people's power, contextualizing them regionally, culturally, and historically. Roberto will skillfully perform Cuban World Music following the presentation and book signing. more...  0 Comments

Police in ZIMBABWE Kill Protestor: Detain and Torture Opposition Members

crabbed | Police in ZIMBABWE Kill Protestor: Detain and Torture Opposition Members more...  0 Comments

JFAV-Samahang Pilipino Conference March 10-11: A RESOUNDING SUCCESS

Justice for the Filipino American Veterans | “All Out for Equity and Justice”

With this battle cry, over 150 community advocates, students, youth and the remaining Filipino World War II veterans all over Southern California and Los Angeles gathered for a successful Unity Conference on March 10-11, 2007 in UCLA in Los Angeles, CA 90095.

The Unity Conference began at 9:00 a.m. of each day at the Moore Hall at the UCLA campus. On Saturday, March 10, 7:00 p.m, over 200 people came to an exhilarating three-hour Cultural Solidarity Night at 100 Moore Hall UCLA Campus Los Angeles, CA 90095. The cultural night featured the showing of the 35-minute documentary, “Broken Promises,” performances by spoken word artists, cultural groups and other surprise numbers and paid glowing tribute to our veteran heroes.

Conference organizers awarded a plaque of appreciation to longtime veteran rights’ supporter, Allan Pineda Lindo, a.k.a. Apl de Ap of world famous Grammy-awarded hip hop group, “Black Eyed Peas.”

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Multimedia for March 19th Actions

kilroy | The March 19 Peace Actions Coalition has released several multimedia promotions publicizing a flurry of events the weekend of March 19th. more...  0 Comments

Resistance and Repression, Oaxaca and the Panther 8 event, Thursday March 15th.

amor y resistencia | In honor of the March 15th international day against police brutality the Amor y Resistencia and In Our Hearts Collectives present videos and speakers about the Black Panther 8 as well as the Oaxacan Resistance. more...  1 Comments

D.A. Ignores Evidence of Police & Mayoral Misconduct

thomas paine | If you were in NYC during the RNC, or know someone who was, and witnessed the fascist preemptive mass arrests, you know the truth. The cops - brass - and civilian commanders - the Mayor - should be charged for civil rights offenses. Such contempt for the law by law enforcement and high officials should not be allowed to pass without a response.
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Photos from March in Oaxaca

John Gibler | Photos of Oaxaca march more...  2 Comments

Arrivals, a play on Extraordinary Rendition

brian | A play on Extraordinary Rendition(aka torture outsourcing) has been created by canadian playwright David Gow, performed in the US and been ignored by the theatre critics, similar to th reception of My Name is Rachel Corrie. has anyine been to see it? more...  0 Comments

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