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Human Rights

Major Mobilization for Farmworker Justice - Three weeks to go!

CIW | In just a few short weeks, farmworkers from the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) and their allies will travel from Immokalee, FL – home of one of the largest farmworker communities in the country – to Chicago, IL, home of the world’s largest restaurant chain, McDonald’s. The "2007 Truth Tour: Behind the Golden Arches” will culminate in two national days of action on April 13th and 14th in the Chicago area marking a new phase in the Campaign for Fair Food. Now is the time to finalize plans to join us for these historic actions! more...  0 Comments

Celebrate Romero Day by Demanding Respect for Human Rights in El Salvador

CISPES | Take action in favor of human rights on the anniversary of Romero's death in El Salvador - denounce US internvention and the ILEA police training school! Join the Romero commemoration in Long Island on Sunday March 25:
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Video: IWW Starbucks Barista Visits An Ethiopian Coffee Farm in "Partner?"

Enviroworker | Part I

Part II more...  1 Comments

Sat.: Benefit Show For Starbucks Union And Student Farmworker Alliance

Enviroworker | Protest sign and poster making @ 2pm.
BBQ and beers @ 4pm.
Live music @ 7pm.

71 Troutman St.
Saturday, March 24th
Suggested donations at the door. more...  0 Comments

Starbucks 2006 Corporate Irresponsibility Report Available Online

Worker Freedom | Starbucks 2006 Corporate Irresponsibility Report Available Online
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Save Tenants from the Salvation Army

Metropolitan Council on Housing | On Friday, March 23, 2007, the Salvation Army will be holding its Spring Gala. Hundreds of donors will attend and contribute thousands of dollars for the Salvation Army’s charitable work. The Salvation Army will be honoring President Bill Clinton for his humanitarian work. At the same time, the Salvation Army is evicting all the women living in its two residences for low and moderate income tenants (the Parkside and the Ten Eyck). Please join the tenants and their advocates as we hand out flyers at the Spring Gala. (We are NOT picketing President Clinton—simply alerting those attending the Gala that the Salvation Army is evicting needy tenants from its residences.) more...  0 Comments

NYPD spins surveillance cameras

Newsday/SCP administrative services | where are the hard facts? the reliable statistics? nowhere to be found. more...  0 Comments

Labor Union - Labor Department to act on employee safety equipment

Labor Union | WASHINGTON (AP)Labor Union — The Labor Department has agreed to issue rules outlining an employer’s responsibility for the cost of workers’ safety equipment — two months after a lawsuit by the AFL-CIO and the United Food and Commercial Workers seeking such regulations.

www.LABORUNIONRESOURCES.ORG more...  0 Comments

Possibly Help Save an Irish Political Prisoners Life and help reunite a family!

Republicans for Justice | Support Noel Maguire the last Irish Political Prisoner held in an English Jail be Repatriated as is his right as an Irish Citizen to Ireland to be nearer his family and friends more...  0 Comments

ENGENDERING COLONIALISM-Women Resisting U.S. Colonialism

Helen Keller | Join us THIS SUNDAY for a free screening and panel/discussion of
"Engendering Colonialism: The Effect of 100 Years of U.S. Colonialism
on Women in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and The Philippines," a look
at the impact of U.S. colonialism on women - and their resistance to
it. more...  1 Comments

Citizenship Day at New York Law School: Saturday, March 24 | The New York Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association and New York Law School’s Justice Action Center are sponsoring a free clinic to aid lawful permanent residents in completing applications for naturalization. Individuals who are over 18 years old and have been permanent residents for at least five years may be eligible to become U.S. citizens. Permanent Resident Aliens married to U.S. citizens may be eligible after only three years of residence. Applicants must meet other eligibility conditions as required by U.S. immigration law. Pre-registration is required by registering online at or calling 212-431-2100 ext. 4419. more...  0 Comments

Desalojan en la ciudad de México plantón de la Asamblea Popular de los Pueblos d

cml-df | La madrugada de hoy fue desalojado violentamente por porros y granaderos el plantón que la Asamblea Popular de los Pueblos de Oaxaca y organizaciones solidarias mantenían en las afueras del Senado de la República en la Ciudad de México exigiendo la salida del gobierno de Oaxaca del criminal de lesa humanidad Ulises Ruiz. El desalojo ocurre mientras arriba a México exigiendo justicia la familia del reportero de Indymedia Brad Will asesinado por fuerzas paramilitares en Oaxaca el 27 de octubre pasado. more...  0 Comments

Chiquita Brands funds designated terrorists and gets slap on wrist

Gustavo | Chiquita Brands pleads guilty to funding the A.U.C. (Autodefensas Unidas Colombia),
designated as a terrorist organization by the state department, and recieves lenient
treatment by the Justice Department. This treatment demonstrates in many respects the arbitrary nature of anti-terrorist legislation. Because a U.S. corporation was the culprit in this case, they recieve a far more lenient treatment than others. more...  1 Comments


Thomas Riggins | After U.S. trained counterinsugency forces murdered the entire population of the small town of El Mozote one woman survived to tell the world. more...  0 Comments

Afghan Instability: A Deliberate Scorched-Earth Strategy

Afghaniblog | This article outlines a US orchestrated scorched-earth policy: Better to destroy an asset, than to let it fall into the hands of an enemy.
From the perspective of Brzezinski’s “Grand Chessboard” – a logical choice.
From the perspective of an Afghan citizen – a genocidal choice.
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Family of Murdered Independent Journalist Brad Will to Visit Mexico City and Oaxaca

The Family of Brad Will | The family of Bradley Roland Will, the independent US photojournalist shot and killed last October 27th in Oaxaca, will visit Mexico from March 19th to March 23rd, 2007. The purpose of the Will family's visit is to push for a legitimate investigation into Brad's murder and to insist that the responsible parties be held accountable. more...  3 Comments

VIDEO from the NYC March to End the War

meerkatmedia | video clips from NYC during the 4th aniversary of the Iraq War more...  0 Comments

Irish Queers dedicate St. Pat's protest to communities under police attack

Irish Queers | "While we stand here – watching tens of thousands of NYPD officers march in a parade with an explicit message of hate – African-American communities and other New Yorkers are gathering in Times Square to hold the NYPD to account for the murder of Sean Bell. Like us, they are standing up to fight the NYPD’s willful discrimination, its indifference to communities, its strong-arming of our streets, and its failure to take responsibility for creating a culture of violence." more...  5 Comments

Video Collage from March for Justice 3/17/07

a short video documenting a march in nyc on 3 | featuring the voice of nyc councilman charles baron and the music of public enemy.

this short documents a march which took the streets on march 17, 2007 demanding community control and accountability of the NYPD. learn more at:
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NYC Reacts to Sean Bell Grand Jury Verdict

fred askew | A diverse group of activists held a rally in Union Square to demand community control and police accountability. The group then marched down Broadway closing the entire street until reaching City Hall. || More Description and Call For Tuesday Gathering || Video || More Video more...  3 Comments

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