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Human Rights

Worldwide Anti-McDonald's Day: Oct 16th

Hamburglar | Every year there is a Worldwide Anti-McDonald's Day on October 16th [UN World Food Day] - a protest against the promotion of junk food, the unethical targeting of children, exploitation of workers, animal cruelty, damage to the environment and the global domination of corporations over our lives. more...  0 Comments

Classism, Racism and Sexism Project: Hurricane Katrina, "White People Find, Black People Loot"

Peace Guru | On either of these websites or you will find two versions of this online printable zine: "The Open Source Classism, Racism and Sexism Project: Hurricane Katrina, The Blogosphere And Corporate Media... "White People Find, Black People Loot." more...  0 Comments

The Christian Right's Key Role in Bush's Anti-Gay, Anti-Choice Policies

John Riley | Out-FM, a progressive public affairs program on WBAI will feature an extended interview with author and activist Esther Kaplan about the Christian Right's key role in Bush's anti-Gay, anti-choice policies. Kaplan is the author of "With God on Their Side" which exposes the inner political workings of the Bush administration and its assault on the integrity of science, dismantlement of effective HIV/AIDS education, ongoing attack against abortion rights and promotion of pseudoscience to service their ideological aims. The 2 hour special airs Monday, Oct 17th from 11am-1pm. more...  0 Comments

Behind the veil and beyond the hijab

populist | By simplistic Western standards, Muslim women come with two labels: "subjugated" and "quasi-subjugated" more...  0 Comments


Oread Daily | Foreign students in the central Russian city of Voronezh rallied twice Tuesday in protest of an incident where a Peruvian student was murdered in a racist attack earlier this week. Two other students were beaten in the same assault.
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CUNY workers talk strike

Special to Workers World | The overwhelming majority of the students in CUNY are the daughters, sons or members of the working class of New York, predominantly people of color. This city’s establishment, run by bankers and business owners like the billionaire mayor, Michael Bloomberg, doesn’t consider it a political priority to provide them with a quality higher education. The PSC sees its struggle for a decent contract as part of the students’ struggle for a decent education. more...  4 Comments

Katrina: A Challenge to the Movement

Workers World Newspaper | Katrina: A Challenge to the Movement
Forging a united front between the
Black liberation, workers’ and
anti-imperialist struggles more...  0 Comments

Yo Bloomberg, It was a hoax!

DelGado | First the RNC arrests!, then the buying of $50 million in media to become mayor of nyc, then the Harlem dis for the debates and now getting Ray Kelly cry wolf for you!!! know the truth about this guy bloomberg! more...  1 Comments

Nestlé union leader murdered

Anonymous | Saturday September 24 2005 - CALAMBA CITY — THE LEADER OF STRIKING WORKERS of food and beverage giant Nestlé Philippines was gunned down in front of a plastic factory in Barangay Paciano Rizal this city late Thursday afternoon. more...  1 Comments

The Mayor who cried wolf for political gain

dino | It worked for Bush and Bloomberg is trying to make it work for him, putting fear on the minds of New Yorker's in order to make cameo opportunities right before the November 8th election. You would think His spending $50 million plus would be good enough for a victory, but skipping the debates and crying wolf my do just the opposite. more...  3 Comments

Gay Marriage - The New Willy Horton

John M. Kelley | The Texas Legislature proposed a state constitutional amendment to not only ban gay marriage but also civil unions. Is this the test issue for the 2006 congressional elections? more...  0 Comments

small WORLD: Music Monday! Stephen Kent

small WORLD Podcast | Didjeridu player extraordinaire! more...  0 Comments

Odd Guests at Monday's Columbus Day Parade

New Yorker | Tired of the narrow-minded bigots and ideologues who increasingly dominate the Supreme Court? Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia will appear in town on Monday as the Grand Marshal of the annual Columbus Day Parade. The parade, which celebrates the life of the "Great Discoverer", begins at 11 a.m. at 44th and 5th Ave. It will proceed up 5th Ave. to 79th St. before turning east to 3rd Ave. Give this rightwing crackpot the New York welcome he deserves! [Ex-Mussolini Soldier Also at Parade || "Small World" Columbus Day Podcast] more...  1 Comments

Have they really forgotten?

Workers World | Most shocking about the current musings in the West on the situation in Indonesia is the total absence of memory about what happened on Oct. 1, 1965—exactly 40 years before the explosions in Bali. more...  0 Comments

THIS FRIDAY - ZAPATISTAS IN NYC: SCHOOLS FOR CHIAPAS PRESENTS... | Schools For Chiapas, a Zapatista solidarity organization, is touring the east coast. On the afternoon of October 14th, they will be making a stop at The New School for a special presentation. Come to learn more about the Zapatista Movement and the work Schools for Chiapas is doing to support the revolutionary indigenous resistance. Food and refreshments will be provided, and crafts and merchandise directly from rebel territory will be available for purchase. more...  0 Comments

Protest beating of Tony Muhammad of the Nation of Islam

Patricia | Appearing battered with a swollen face, the western regional director of the Nation of Islam, Tony Muhammad stood Friday with community activists, who accused Los Angeles police of beating the leader without provocation during a street vigil for a Hyde Park slaying victim. more...  0 Comments

POET's Verses Sing of New Orleans

Dotty Simons | Her world fell apart
Like having her ass
Handed back in a sling.
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Campaign to End AIDS Kick Off Rally Starts Oct 15th!

Robin Milim | This fall, ten caravans of people with AIDS, family members, supporters and activists will cross the country, stopping in large and small cities and towns for HIV/AIDS education, awareness and media events to talk about an end to the AIDS pandemic, as they move towards our nation’s capital.

In Washington, over 10,000 caravan participants and thousands more supporters will join together for five days of action, support and prayer from November 8 to 12, as Congress and the President determine the future of key domestic and global AIDS and health care programs. The start date for this is Oct. 15th as we leave from Times Square and Broadway at 8 AM, thru the Lincoln Tunnel and on the DC! Come "Walk the Tunnel" with us! more...  0 Comments

UK paper: British and American leaders likened to Nazi war criminals

FPF-fwd.: Andrew Sparrow - Telegraph - UK | Good news: Even in a mainstream paper like 'The Telegraph' in England reality begins to dawn! Maybe some of the US media dare too ? - Scott Ritter - former UN inspector: "Both these men could be pulled up as war criminals for engaging in actions that we condemned Germany in 1946 for doing," he said. more...  0 Comments

URGENT Relief Needed for Native American Communities in LA

Hurricane Relief Needed in Native American Communities of Southern Louisiana
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