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Human Rights

Dershowitz v. Finkelstein: Who's Right and Who's Wrong?

Frank J. Menetrez, CounterPunch | As Tenure Drama Comes Down to the Wire more...  0 Comments

Fidel Castro's May Day Message

madhatter | Fidel Castro's May Day Message more...  0 Comments

LibertyWalk 2008: A 4,913 Mile Walk For The United States Constitution

Cody Lunsford | In 2008, the LibertyWalk group will walk 4,913 miles, or 26.5 miles per day, for the United States' constitution and liberties, in the shape of a star, symbolizing "hope." The money raised during the walk will go towards local charities nationwide. The event will begin on New Year's Day and end on the Fourth of July, crossing 20 states in 185 days. more...  0 Comments

Finkelstein's Bigotry

Alan Dershowitz | Deny tenure to Norman Finkelstein as a poor scholar and as a prejudiced bigot more...  13 Comments

NY Senate Introduces Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

DWU | New York, NY -- Last week, the New York State Senate introduced S.
5235, a comprehensive set of labor standards for the invisible, yet
critical and growing industry of domestic work. Known as the Domestic
Workers Bill of Rights, the Bill would set a living wage and other
protections for workers who are employed as housekeepers, nannies, and
elderly caregivers in homes. more...  0 Comments

May 5th Booksale for Green Scare target Daniel McGowan

Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan | Saturday May 5th, 2007 12 noon to 7pm
Location: Astor Place between 3rd and 4th Avenues in Manhattan
It is set to be sunny and 70 degrees all day so come out and get some books and enjoy the sun. more...  0 Comments


AJLPP-New York | Wala nang tatalo pa sa pagkagarapal ng Rehimeng US-Arroyo. Mula sa panuhuhol, panadaraya at lalo na sa karahasan, dinaig na nito ang pasistang rehimeng US-Marcos sa pagiging makapal ng mukha at pagiging manhid lalo na sa pagkunwari.

Dahil dito muling nanawagan ang AJLPP sa mga mamamayan ng Pilipinas na dapat pag-ibayuhin ang pagmamatyag at pagbabantay laban sa karahasan at pandaraya .

Lubhang ikinababahala ng AJLPP ang pagdami ng mga insidente ng karahasan at ang lantaran at garapalang paggamit ng gobyerno ng suhol sa masa.
more...  0 Comments

Stupid, Wasteful, Drug War

yippie 7of9 |

RALLY Washington Square Park NYC 11: am to 1:30 pm
Speakers from the Harm Reduction Coalition, Medical Marijuana Movement, Ibogaine Underground, & more

MARCH 1:30 pm to Tompkins Square Park

more...  0 Comments


AJLPP-New York |
The Alliance for Just and Lasting Peace (AJLPP)- National Executive Board vehemently condemns the unprovoked massive police attack by the LAPD/SWAT against the May 1.70,000 immigrants march-rally in Macarthur Park, Los Angeles last night at around 5;30 PM The reactionary forces trying to discourage immigrant rights mobilization that ran to tens of thousands, used 20-30 motorcycled cops to commence fascist attacks on the unsuspecting crowds at the corner of Westlake and Wilshire and at the Alvarado-Wilshire intersection. The police motorcycles ran through the Cuahatemoc dancers hitting even children and senior dancers of the Danza Azteca. This type of dispersal attack was used in Oakland demonstration in 200 more...  0 Comments

Judy Miller - From Pimping for Rumsfeld to Defaming Activists

Aluminum Tubes | Although I am devoted to the First Amendment and privacy rights, and believe that effective judicial and administrative oversight is critical to preventing police abuses, I also want the NYPD to have the tools and programs to protect the city from terrorist attacks. If that means scanning the Internet and sending plainclothes officers to public meetings to learn about planned actions that might turn violent, or be infiltrated and taken over by violent dissidents, so be it. Unfortunately, the current controversy is already making other police departments wary of following the NYPD's effective tactics. more...  4 Comments


AJLPP-New York | SI SE PUEDE! ( YES, WE CAN!) With this battle cry and despite threats from racist anti-immigrant raids, anti-immigrant innuendoes and discouragement from the bourgeois media, school clamp downs on students and visible police presence and harassments, hundreds of thousands of immigrants and their advocated marched and rallied in at least 74 cities of the United States on May Day- the International Workers Day.

More than 100,000 immigrants and advocates marched in Los Angeles in separate rallies May 1. In the morning, at least 20,000 people march from Broadway/Olympic led by the March 25 Coalition and held rally in front of the City Hall south lawn

Another 60,000 marchers led by Catholic Cardinal Roger Mahoney and the Multi ethnic immigrants workers organizing network (MIWON) from Vermont Ave and 3rd St marched and converged at Macarthur Park from Vermont and 3rd while another 10,000 marched to Macarthur Park from Washington Blvd. led by La Raze Coalition. The police attacked this group early evening.
more...  0 Comments


Thomas Riggins | Will denial of the WWI genocide against the Armenians derail the process of bourgeois democracy in Turkey? more...  0 Comments

Foro Comunitario Pro-Inmigrante //// Pro immigrant community forum

Ariella | Foro Comunitario Pro-Inmigrante //// Pro immigrant community forum more...  0 Comments

Successfully Embracing the Precautionary Principle!

California Safe Schools | Protecting Children's Health And The Environment

more...  0 Comments

Protest the Salute To Israel Day Parade -- Sunday, May 6!

Ethan | Join a diverse group of Jewish, Palestinian and American activists and people of conscience to protest the Salute to Israel Day parade on Sunday, May 6th.

This is one of the highest-visibility and hardest events of the year for the Palestinian rights community, as the Salute to Israel Day parade is a massive show of force from the Zionists. Your presence at the counter-demo will be much appreciated. more...  5 Comments

An Evening of Solidarity with Dr. Azmi Bishara:Going Beyond the Headlines

Ethan | Why is Israel now targeting the Palestinian leader Dr. Azmi Bishara? What are the implications of this new campaign for Palestinians inside Israel ? Why calls for equality of all citizens are deemed a “strategic threat” for the State of Israel? How will this new anti-democratic campaign affect political dissent and mobilization against wars, military occupations and injustice in the Middle East? Come join us for a panel discussion on the issues that are impacting on and affected by the Israeli campaign targeting the Palestinian intellectual and former member of Israel ’s parliament, Dr. Azmi Bishara. more...  0 Comments

Join the PDC Contingent at the Philadelphia Rally! Mumia Abu-Jamal is Innocent!

Partisan Defense Committee | The Partisan Defense Committee is mobilizing a contingent for a rally called by supporters of Mumia Abu-Jamal to coincide with oral arguments in his habeas corpus appeal scheduled for May 17.
Philadelphia: 8:30 a.m.
6th and Market Streets
(Outside Third Circuit Court of Appeals)
more...  0 Comments

Violent Melee Disrupts May Day March near Astor Place

antrim caskey | A violent melee that ended in at least one arrest, broke out during the May Day Immigration march on Broadway, near Astor Place, "had nothing at all to do with a mask," said one New York City Police officer on the scene. more...  0 Comments

Fotos from May Day Rally

samantha gorelick | May 1, 2007. Union Square. more...  2 Comments

"Worthy and Unworthy Victims"

Stephen Lendman | Bush administration police state actions against targeted victims more...  0 Comments

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