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Human Rights

Defending Labor Rights in Haiti

Ben Terrall | New legislation in Washington D.C., under the acronym H.O.P.E. – short for “ the Haitian Hemispheric Opportunity through Partnership Encouragement Act,” has the goal of promoting the garment industry in Haiti. But the legislation falls noticeably short in protecting labor rights or promoting long-term sustainable economic development that will benefit the poor as well as the rich. more...  1 Comments


AjLPP-New York | The US-Arroyo regime cheating and repressive machinery for the May 14 national elections is all systems go. To counter the evil machinations of the US-Arroyo regime, the Alliance for a Just and Lasting Peace in the Philippines (AJLPP) reiterates it call for the Filipino people to be vigilant and fight with all their might against legalized vote buying, wholesale cheating and brazen violence in this May 14 elections. At the rate it is acting, the US-Arroyo regime is sure to surpass the much hated Marcos regime its brazenness and fascist terrorist acts. AJLPP also expresses its deepest concern over the escalating violence and the propaganda in “rationalizing” its cheating activities “ in the elections. More than 100 armed incidents have been reported since the election season started late February 2007 in the Philippines. The AJLPP compiled the latest updates from the Philippines:
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Food Service Workers Fight Back! Screening

MNN & Justice Will Be Served Campaign | The screening will be followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers and food service workers currently mobilizing for better working conditions.

The screening will include the premiere of the film about the massive student sit in action in solidarity with the Saigon Grill workers, as well as films about the Food Bazaar workers boycott and other films highlighting victories of the Justice Will Be Served campaign.

Anthology Archives is located at 32 Second Avenue, at Second Street. Take the F/V to 2nd Avenue.

Please RSVP to
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AJLPP-New York | The US Senate, after a long delay will finally begin debates this coming Wednesday, May 16, on the much-awaited comprehensive immigration reform bill that will decide the fate of more than 12 million undocumented immigrants in the United States. The issue: Amnesty or a guest worker program? Senator Arlan Specter wanted the Senate Bill 2611 to be revived while the White House proposes a very expensive “ temporary guest worker program” The democratic party promised a comprehensive immigration reform that will be favorable to the large immigrant community where it derived its support during the last elections. On the other hand, the traditionally anti-immigrant republican party is trying to win over the conservative sector of the immigrant population by giving a limited reform. President Bush, whose wife is a Mexican, promised an immigration reform bill by the end of this year. Senators Ted Kennedy and John McCain are also bent to revive their own immigration bill that died last year during the Senate debates that gave way to SB 2611 that the Republican controlled lower house killed in 2006. The senate killed the oppressive HR 4437 but gave way to some of its anti-immigrant features in the SB 2611 that did not pass the republican controlled lower house. CDIR Immigrant Rights Update

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E. SAN JUAN, Jr. | During this May 14 election week, the brutal Arroyo regime in the Philippines, backed by the Bush fundamentalist cabal, is facing the people's judgment for "crimes against humanity" (to quote the verdict of the Permanent People's Tribunal). This essay reflects on the themes and issues surrounding the crisis of the neocolonial polity in the context of Bush's war of terror and the barbaric, predatory globalized capital's assault on the Filipino people and the peoples of the world. more...  0 Comments

New York Loves Critical Mass?

roger m | Given all the venom—not to mention all the tax dollars expended by the NYPD to suppress Critical Mass bike rides, it was something of a surprise to open the glossy new Bike Month NYC calendar and find a listing for this month's cycle showdown in Union Square. more...  1 Comments

Happy Mother's Day, Ségolène!

Hoipolloi Cassidy | On this very special day we look back at what it means to be a mother and a presidential candidate more...  0 Comments

Public Terror: Escalating the War on Migrants

Juan Santos and Leslie Radford | The mass public assault on the May 1st rally and a public raid on migrants at a shopping mall in Chicago shortly before May 1st mark a brutal and highly public escalation in the ruling class's war on migrants. Increased resistance like the upcoming May 17th march to MacArthur Park is exactly what the situation calls for. more...  0 Comments

Corporate abuse exposing unfair labor practices & Union Corruption: Local-435

misconduct912 | This Website: is designed to inform the viewer and listener the time has come to see the world as it is regarding matters of grave importance concerning corporate misconduct and unfair labor practices. The Company’s union did not represent this employee as they should have. This union accepts and tolerates inappropriate behavior in the mistreatment of individuals or employees whose rights have no place in one corporate industry. more...  0 Comments

Justice Will Be Served Screening

Jennifer Wager | May 16th at 6pm, join us for MNN Presents....Justice Will Be Served, an evening of short films exposing the underbelly of New York's restaurant boom. Find out how food service workers are being mistreated – and fighting back.

The screening (30 minutes) will be followed by a Q&A (30 minutes) with the filmmakers and food service workers currently mobilizing for better working conditions.

Anthology Archives is located at 32 Second Avenue, at Second Street. Take the F/V to 2nd Avenue.

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Interfaith Coalition Launches New Sanctuary Movement

New Sanctuary Movement | Responding to the moral imperative to address the need for more just and humane treatment of immigrants, clergy and communities of faith across the country are offering sanctuary to immigrants with deportation orders. Rooted in the 1980’s sanctuary campaign, the New Sanctuary Movement will launch on May 9th with public events in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago and San Diego. more...  0 Comments

NYC BK action: Noon, Saturday (12th), Union Square

Tommy nyc | Saturday March 12th
Noon: Meet at Union Square South (by the steps)

Proceed to flier and deliver manager letters.
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Flee, Freedom Fighter, Flee: Israeli Anarchist on Azmi Bishara

Yonatan Pollak | Due to its inability to deal with the demand that the state change from a Jewish ethnocracy to a real democracy, Israel is these days opening a new front in the attack on its Palestinian citizens. This front has taken shape in the form of Shabak [Israel's General Security Services - equivalent to the US FBI] statements to the effect that the demands of Israeli Arabs for equality is subversive and will be terminated even if it is not against the law, in the definition of Israeli Arabs as a strategic threat, and most of all in the invention of a criminal case against one of the most prominent leaders of the the Palestinian public in Israel - Azmi Bishara.
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May 9 Town Hall Meeting on Philippine Overseas Election Held in Los Angeles

AJLPP-New York | The first town hall meeting in Historic Filipinotown Los Angeles on the May 14 Philippine overseas voting was held last Wednesday, May 9 at 6;30 PM at the SIPA Multi-Purpose Hall, 3200 W. Temple St.

The Historic Filipinotown hall meeting was attended by the Philippine consulate officials and a modest crowd of Filipino Americans. Consul General May Jo Aragon, Consuls Helen Barber and San Agustin who heads the overseas voting at the Los Angeles consulate. They clarified and answered many questions about overseas voting from the interested multi-ethnic crowd.

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Mike Viola | Filipinos living in the United States, part of the 10 million diaspora of Overseas Filipino Workers around the world, comprise the largest group of Asians today. But knowledge about them is scarce. Instead, one encounters only trivialities, cliches and stereotypes spread by academics and Filipino historical associations. This review calls attention to one serious approach to understanding the Filipino community from a historical-materialist point of view. more...  0 Comments

the torment of our generation

Ruined lives | and aiming for the mainstream more...  1 Comments

Hawai'ian Independence Movement NYC Forum May 21 Monday 6:30PM

Lokahi Kanawha | Hawai'ian Independence forum w/speakers Kai'opua Fyfe & 'Ehu Kekahu Cardwell & film "We Are Who We Were: Frm Resistance To Affirmation" Monday May 21 6:30PM at Solidarity Center 55 West 17th Street 5th Floor (between 5th & 6th Avenues) Manhattan/NYC more...  1 Comments

Give up America!

Lloyd Hart | "Just think With Canada as president you'll have universal health care, clean elections and best of all defacto decrimmed pot." more...  8 Comments

US Wide Mass Actions: JFAV Calls VA Secretary Nicholson: RESIGN, NOW!

Justice for the Filipino American Veterans | Filipino World War II veterans, youth and students and their community supporters led by the Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) and the ACFV in four major U.S. cities rallied at the VA offices in Seattle, San Francisco ( May 7), Los Angeles ( May 8) and San Diego ( May 9) and called on Veterans Affair Secretary Jim Nicholson to resign.

Last May 6, during a nationwide teleconference held in Arlington Virginia on the 65 year anniversary of the fall of Corregidor Day. Key ACFV and JFAV leaders decided on a unanimous vote to call for Nicholson resignation. more...  0 Comments

PHILIPPINES : Election death toll climbs past 100

AJLPP-New York | With just days before May 14, the number of lives lost in election-related violence has breached 100. Camp Crame, the Philippine National Police headquarters, reported that 102 people have been killed and 105 wounded since the election period began on January 14. Camp Crame also said a total of 147 election related violent incidents or ERVIs have been reported.
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