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Human Rights

NYPD makes public it's files from spying on the No RNC activists

04 | A treasure trove of police documents are available on the NYPD website about their spying on anti-RNC activists before the Republican National Convention in 2004. The doc are also link from the New York Times, a leading sponsor of the RNC, as well as many newspapers more...  0 Comments

The Unanimous Opinion.

posted by F Espinoza | At the 6th Hemispheric Meeting in Havana, when the discussion turned to the subject of production of biofuels from foodstuffs, which are constantly getting more expensive, the huge majority voiced their opposition with indignation... more...  0 Comments

30,000 March /Rally Renews Call for Immigrant rights: Took Back Macarthur Park

AJLPP-New York | Immigrants and their advocated returned to the streets for the first time since May Day with Latino elected officials in tow, escorted by the LAPD who piggy backed for “public relations” during the march/rally to erase police brutality. More than 25,000 immigrant rights activists marched Thursday to Macarthur Park to again call for a path to citizenship for the nation's 12 million illegal immigrants. The Filipino contingent led by the Pilipino Workers Center and the AJLPP attended by scores of youth activists was very prominent in the march waving Filipino flags and charting MAKIBAKA, HUWAG MATAKOT! . Waving Mexican, Salvadorian, Honduran, Filipino and American flags and signs reading "No to Deportation," and calling for genuine legalization, about 25,000 marchers gathered about 6 p.m. for a brief rally in front of Immanuel Presbyterian Church on Wilshire Boulevard before heading to the park several blocks away.
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Former Child Soldier to Speak at African Liberation Day, May 26 in DC

African Liberation Day 2007 | On May 26th at Anacostia Park, located in the heart of southeast Washington D.C., the African community will be introduced to a young leader very few of us are familiar with. His name is Chernoh Alpha M. Bah. He is a former child soldier who fought in the civil war in Sierra Leone during the 1990’s. He is an award winning, world renowned journalist. And at the young age of 28, he is the leader of the Africanist movement, a political organization in West Africa of more than 70,000 young activists dedicated to the liberation of African people. more...  0 Comments

AJLPP / CDIR Rejects New Immigration Proposals as Anti-Immigrant, Anti- Family

AJLPP-New York | The Alliance Philippines (AJLPP) and the Coalition in Defense of Immigrant Rights (CDIR) vehemently oppose the US Senate proposals that will turn 12 million immigrants into “guest workers” and scrap the family reunification laws that should unite and not separate families. The new US senate taunted proposals that constitutes a far-reaching change in the immigration system that would admit future arrivals seeking to put down roots in the U.S. based on their skills, education levels and job experience, limiting the importance of family ties.
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NYC Starbucks Union celebrates 3rd anniversary

Diane Krauthamer | On May 17, Starbucks workers and their allies took to the streets in NYC and around the world to demand justice from the world's largest coffee chain for baristas and coffee farmers. more...  2 Comments

A modern higher education: Turkish Style

BlueBird | 25 years later Turkish higher education is still managed by the very same militaristic mentality. more...  1 Comments

AJLPP-USA Congratulates Five Filipino Progressive Party-List Groups

AJLPP-New York |
CONGRATULATIONS AND KEEP ON SERVING THE PEOPLE!” The Alliance for a Just and Lasting Peace in the Philippines (AJLPP) based in the United States greets the five Philippine progressive party-list groups that declared their victory on Thursday with militant hurrahs! Mario Santos, AJLPP national coordinator said: “ The AJLPP is one with the Filipino people in working for the victory of the party-list groups. AJLPP organizations in the United and other allied groups like GABRIELA –USA fully mobilized their forces to support the party-list groups. We are united with them in their declaration of victory and will maintain vigilance until all votes are counted. The Filipino people have spoken. Their voices are loud and clear. They rejected the corrupt and puppet US-Arroyo regime and wants change! The data from exit polls and the media quick count showed the overwhelming support from the people that the party-list groups got is not only a show of confidence but also a great tribute to those who are until now re missing and the martyrs that have given their lives for democracy and freedom” more...  0 Comments

Human Rights Activist, Futurist Keith Henson In Jail

Fredric L. Rice | Protesting against the Scientology corporation's alleged crimes and abuses, world-renouwn human rights activist Keith Henson is arrested and jailed.
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Irish Students in IDAHO Warning over 'State Sanctioned Prejudice'

Union of Students in Ireland | The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) is marking International Day against Homophobia today (Thursday 17th May) by calling on the Irish Government to oppose the stigmatising of gay people by laws and judicial decisions in Ireland and abroad. more...  0 Comments

Throw A Pie At Rumsfeld @ Penguin Offices Today - 3:30pm

Viva Palestina | We invite all upstanding citizens and non-citizens to throw a pie or confection of your choice at Donald Rumsfeld as he comes to the New York offices of Penguin Books at 375 Hudson Street at 3:30pm. Don't let him get away with selling his story. more...  2 Comments

6th UNPF Session to Focus on IP Land Rights

AJLPP-New York | he Sixth Session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) slated to start on May 14 in New York will focus on indigenous peoples’ rights to lands, territories and natural resources.

The UNPFII sessions will also include presentations on other key issues such as urban indigenous peoples and migration, data collection and disaggregation.

Three Cordillerans will be among the over 1,000 representatives of indigenous organizations and communities around the world and advocate groups who are expected to participate in the two-week long UNPFII sessions.

Joan Carling, from the Cordillera Peoples Alliance (CPA)’s Advisory Council will present issues on political killings and worsening militarization of indigenous communities in the Philippines. She will also give a presentation on the continuing violation of the ancestral land rights of indigenous peoples and the manipulation of the Free Informed and Prior Consent (FPIC) process by mining and agribusiness companies, among others with the connivance of some government officials.

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Welcome Party for Rudy Giuliani Tomorrow

Alerta NYC! | McCain, Giuliani to Headline Event
This Thursday, May 17, 2007, the New York Republican State Committee will hold its Annual State Dinner in
the Metropolitan Ballroom of the Sheraton Hotel & Towers, New York City, at 7:00 pm. more...  2 Comments

AJLPP,Binatikos ang Order ng Comelec na Itigil ang Media Quick Count

AJLPP-New York | ariin at ubos tinding binatikos ngayon ng Alyansa (AJLPP) ang ginawang pagpapahinto ng ng Commission on Elections sa lahat ng quick count na isinasagawa ng mga television at radio stations dahil na rin sa pagsisimula ng official canvassing ng National Board of Canvassers sa mga boto para sa mga kandi datong senador. “ Ang tinig ng bayan ay dapat pakinggan. Nagsalita na ang masang Pilipino sa pamamagitan ng balota. Ayaw na nila sa mga alipures na tuta ni Gloria lalo na kay Gloria’’ pahayag ni Mario Santos, pambansang tagapagsalita ng AJLPP. “ Kahit anu pang pandaraya ang gawin ni Gloria tulad ng ginawa nila noong 2004, napahayag na ng saloobin ang masang Pilipino. Ang pagboto nila sa mga kumakatwan sa oposisyon tulad kay LTJG Antonio Trillanes ay sampal sa kanyang paghahari. more...  0 Comments

An Incarcerated APPO Counselor Reports Receiving Death Threat from the Governor

Oliver D. | David Venegas Reyes Visited in Prison by a Governor Emissary; Repression Against Autonomist Movements Increases more...  0 Comments


flo .c | Vicenza, Italy - Without a mass mobilization of indignant citizen the atomic secrets buried in the caves and bunkers of the Berici Hills around Vicenza would have remained secreted below the loads of cement hastily poured over them. The concrete may have temporarily buried the evidence had not the U.S. military decided to extend their bases and expand these perfect underground storage spaces for more of their weapons of war. more...  0 Comments

PHILIPPINES : Comelec asks TV networks to stop ‘unauthorized’ quick counts

AJLPP-New York | The US-Arroyo Regime's Commission on Elections (Comelec) asked the two television networks ABS-CBN and GMA 7 to stop the quick counts as they were “unauthorized.” The US-Arroyo regime was greatly alarmed that the quick count reports shpwed the opposition and the progressive party-list groups like GABRIELA and ANAKPAWIS are leading the exit polls and the quick count and are trashing the administration candidates all over the nation. The exit polls disprove the admisntration early "trending " results and spin that they will win hands down in Visayas and Mindanao. The quick count form the media oulets also confirmed the survey conducted by poll agencies like PULSE ASIA and the SWS that the opposition are heavily winning in all areas. At the press time, the Geneuine Opposition (G0) is winning by 8 spots and most of its candidates for senators are within the winning column of 12. While the most rabid GMA supporters like Mike Defensor and Chavit Singson are far, far behind.
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Jerry Falwell, 1934-2007

Steve Wishnia / The Indypendent | What transformed the Christian right from a bunch of lunatic clowns who thought the name of the band Kiss stood for "Kids in Satan's Service" to a powerful bloc in the Republican Party? The Rev. Jerry Falwell, who died May 15 at the age of 73, symbolized that change, when his self-styled "Moral Majority" emerged as a key force behind the election of Ronald Reagan. more...  6 Comments

Yikes! McGee, George Mann and Julius Margolin at Vox Pop 5/18 @ 8 PM

George Mann | Both Yikes! McGee and George and JUlius have been writing and singing anti-Bush and anti-war songs for years, and this concert pairs them in a night of celebration of the crumbling of Bush's administration and, hopefully soon, his war. Two sets each, admission by donation (pass the hat!). They will be singing labor and anti-war classics as well as many originals and songs from the "Hail to the Thief" anti-Bush CD compilations. more...  0 Comments


AJLPP-New York | The US Senate, will finally begin debates this coming Wednesday, May 16, on the much-awaited comprehensive immigration reform bill. The new comprehensive immigration reform bill is supposed to decide the fate of more than 12 million undocumented immigrants in the United States.

On the other hand, the immigrant rights movement led by advocates and immigrant organizations all over the country are gearing up for the passage of a real comprehensive immigrant reform law that will benefit them.
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