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Human Rights

and so it begins? - 'parading' youths busted

roger m | "This was heartless," said Bushwick High School student Asher Callender, 19. "Doesn't the Constitution protect our right to assemble peacefully?" more...  0 Comments

Nobody wants to take the bull by the horns...

posted by F Espinoza | On March 28, less than two months ago, when Bush proclaimed his diabolical idea of producing fuel from food, after a meeting with the most important U.S. automobile manufacturers, I wrote my first reflection... more...  0 Comments


AJLPP-New York | The Alliance for a Just and Lasting Peace (AJLPP) –USA expresses its militant support and solidarity with the Filipino people's protest in Manila against the US-Arroyo regime, the COMELEC, cheating and violence during the last Philippine elections.

This comes as Phillippine media reported that thousands braved strong rains and rallied yesterday near the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), where the national canvassing of votes is being held, to protest what was described as "the Arroyo administration's orchestrated cheating" in the recently-concluded senatorial and local elections.

The internet news agency BULATLAT reported that “ present at the rally were conveners of the poll watch group Kontra Daya (Anti-Fraud) -- former Vice President Teofisto Guingona, Jr., Fr. Joe Dizon, National Artist for Literature Bienvenido Lumbera, film director Carlitos Siguion Reyna, and former Transportation and Communication Secretary Josie Lichauco; as well as members of the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (Bayan or New Patriotic Alliance), Boses ng Masa (The Masses' Voice), Laban ng Masa (The Masses' Fight), the Black and White Movement, the United Opposition (UNO), the National Coordinating Council of Volunteers (NCCV), the Be Not Afraid Movement, and the Trillanes for Senator Movement.” more...  0 Comments

Critical Mass Friday: Parading "permit" download

roger m | Here again is the handy generic "permit" download. Let the "authorties" know they aren't fooling you/us with all this NYPD hocus pocus. more...  1 Comments

Thurs. 5/24: The War Abroad, the War at Home and Guantanamo EVENT

CCR | his event – part of CCR’s “Detention, Racism, War” series - focuses on detention, racism and war, linking struggles for justice in our communities in New York City to the struggle for justice for the detainees at Guantanamo Bay. more...  0 Comments

ILIPINAS: Eleksyong 2007: Anong Bago at Anong Luma sa Pandaraya?

AJLPP-New York | Kaisa ang AJLPP sa pahayag ng rebolusyonaryong kilusan sa Pilipinas na “ Ilang ulit na pinasahol ng naghaharing pangkating Arroyo ang bulok na sistema ng eleksyon sa Pilipinas. Labis-labis ang karahasan, pandaraya, panunuhol, maruruming maniobra at pambabraso sa eleksyon nitong Mayo. Isinagawa ito sa pamamagitan ng militar, pulis, mga tauhan sa Comelec at burukrasya. Lalong tumingkad ang kahungkagan ng sinasabing demokratikong eleksyon sa ilalim ng kasalukuyang reaksyunaryong sistema”
more...  0 Comments

Mainstream news coverage: NYPD spying at RNC

Simon Houpt | published in Canada by the "Globe and Mail" more...  0 Comments

The English Submarine.

posted by F Espinoza | The press dispatches bring the news; it belongs to the Astute Class, the first of its kind to be constructed in Great Britain in more than two decades... more...  0 Comments

Physicist Brings Skills Back to African Community

African Liberation Day | Physicist Dr. Aisha Fields will present do-for-self sustainable energy and clean water programs for African communities worldwide at the May 26 African Liberation Day program in Washington D.C. The All African People's Development and Empowerment Project that she coordinates is reminiscent of the "do-for-self" programs found throughout African communities in the 1960s. more...  0 Comments

For Class-Struggle Defense to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Now!

Partisan Defense Committee | May 17 Appeals Court in Philadephia hears oral arguments in case of death row political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal. Partisan Defense Committee mobilizes contingents in Philadelphia and San Francisco demanding "Mumia Abu-Jamal is Innocent--For Class-Struggle Defense to Free Him Now! There is No Justice in the Capitalist Courts! Abolish the Racist Death Penalty!" more...  1 Comments

Hawai'ian Independence Movement NYC forum

Lokahi Kanawha | Hawai'ian Independence Movement NYC forum
May 21, 2007 Monday 6:30PM doors open 7PM program
at the SOLIDARITY CENTER 55 West 17th Street 5th Floor (btwn 5th & 6th Av)
donations accepted/No One Turned Away more...  1 Comments

By their Commission and Omissions you will Know Them

dingo | We thank National Security correspondent to the Australian Broadcasting Commission (‘our’ ABC) Leigh Sales, for revealing her flagrant bias in relation to the David Hicks case. We were almost tempted to read her book, “Detainee 002 …”, until today’s extremely revealing report. more...  0 Comments

The new sanctuary movement

by Lee Sustar | A NEW faith-based movement to “awaken the moral imagination of the country” hopes to provide sanctuary for undocumented immigrants whose deportation would break up families.
more...  0 Comments

Police Attack Squatters' Protest in Barcelona

p | On Saturday, 19 May, 2007, at five in the evening, between 500-1000 people attempted to converge on Portal de l'Angel in Barcelona, Spain, for a protest against gentrification organized by the Assemblea d'Okupes (Squatters' Assembly). more...  0 Comments

Hundreds March for Mumia Abu-Jamal Outside Court Hearing in Philadelphia

The Internationalist | Over 500 people turned out to demonstrate on behalf of Mumia Abu-Jamal outside the U.S. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia May 17. Inside the packed courtroom another 200 observed the proceedings in which the justices peppered prosecution and defense lawyers with questions about the deliberate exclusion of blacks in jury selection during Mumia’s 1982 trial, the instructions to the jury on the death sentence, and evidence of judicial bias against Mumia. In court, the prosecution demanded that the death sentence against Jamal be reinstated while defense lawyer Robert Bryan asked for a new trial. Outside, hundreds of demonstrators circling the courthouse chanted over and over, “Brick by brick, wall by wall, We’re gonna free Mumia Abu-Jamal.” While some had illusions that a new trial could be fair, many declared that the entire “justice” system was racist to the core. more...  2 Comments

Breakdown FM_ Celebrating Malcolm X-Our Shining Black Prince

Ytzhak | I'm still a Muslim. That is, my religion is still Islam. My religion is still Islam. I still credit Mr. Mohammed for what I know and what I am. He's the one who opened my eyes. more...  0 Comments

What's Posada Carriles hiding?

posted by F Espinoza | Robert Kennedy's suspicions about the involvement of gangs of Cuban and Italian origin at the service of the CIA in his brother's assassination sheds new light on the Bush family protection of international terrorist Luis Posada Carriles... more...  2 Comments

Lo que Posada Carriles pretende ocultar...

envia F Espinoza | Las sospechas del extinto Robert Kennedy sobre el asesinato de su hermano John, arrojan hoy nueva luz en Cuba sobre los vínculos de la familia Bush con el terrorista Luis Posada Carriles... more...  0 Comments

Hawai'ian Independence NYC forum Mon May 21 7PM

Lokahi Kanawha | Hawai'ian Independence Movement NYC forum
May 21, 2007 Monday 6:30PM doors open 7PM program
at the SOLIDARITY CENTER 55 West 17th Street 5th Floor (btwn 5th & 6th Av)
donations accepted/No One Turned Away more...  1 Comments

More Trouble in Latte-Land [The Nation]

Liza Featherstone | Today Starbucks faced legal and political trouble from its own workers. On the third anniversary of the founding of the IWW Starbucks Union, baristas in Chicago marched into a shop and told the manager they were signing up. (Starbucks workers have chosen to organize without government-mediated elections, through an interesting model called "solidarity unionism.") Meanwhile, baristas in Grand Rapids, Michigan announced that they were filing a legal complaint against the company for violating their organizing rights through unlawful surveillance and other questionable tactics. All over the world -- Austria, England, Spain and Australia, as well as the United States -- Starbucks workers demonstrated in front of stores to protest the company's union-busting practices more...  0 Comments

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