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Human Rights

Turkish Forces Shell Northern Iraq

Reuters, The Iraq Solidarity Campaign | Iraq said Turkish forces shelled a mountain stronghold of Turkish Kurd rebels in the north of the country on Sunday, a day after it urged Turkey to use diplomacy to resolve rising tensions in the region.

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Monday, June 4th Await Daniel McGowan's sentence at Bluestockings Books

Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan | The nitty gritty: June 4th, 12-?, Bluestockings Books, 172 Allen Street, Free.

Local activist Daniel McGowan will be sentenced today in Oregon Federal Court in Eugene, Oregon for two arsons claimed by the Earth Liberation Front that hurt no one. Come out and await the phone call from Daniel's family about what sentence Daniel gets and have some coffee and snacks. more...  6 Comments

France urges RP to back disappearances treaty

AJLPP-New York | France appealed to the Philippine government to sign and ratify an international treaty on forced disappearances in view of the pending assistance of local authorities by human rights experts from Europe in solving the unabated political killings in the country.

French Ambassador to the Philippines Gerard Chesnel yesterday stressed the need for all democratic governments to support the treaty on disappearances, which will criminalize and put an end to rampant state-sanctioned abductions. more...  0 Comments

IndyKids Copy Editing Meeting On Friday

IndyKids | IndyKids is a newspaper and teaching tool that aims to inform children
on current news and world events from a progressive perspective and to
inspire in kids a passion for social justice and learning. It is geared toward kids in grades 4 to 8 and high school English Language Learners. more...  0 Comments

If you can’t beat ‘em...

AJLPP-New York | Rene Sarmiento’s complete transformation from a respected human rights lawyer to what the public perceives today as an alleged lying and cheating stooge of Gloria in the Commission on Elections (Comelec) is the most astounding reality that has cropped from the just recent elections.

Sarmiento, vouching for Comelec officials in Lanao prior to being shown video footage of apparent cheating operations due to the election returns (ERs) being brought to the hotel in Iligan City, made short rift of his descent into being among those now speculated to be partial to the administration’s candidates and closing his eyes to the alleged cheating machinery, from being a beacon of hope in the highly-suspect elections body.

The biggest letdown on Sarmiento, to those who knew him during the days of martial law, was that he was caught lying through his teeth on national television yet still tries to justify what was patently an anomalous situation as a normal course of events in the Lanao elections.
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Victory for IWW Barista Against Pregnancy Discrimination at Starbucks!

worker Freedom | Victory for IWW Barista Against Pregnancy Discrimination at Starbucks! more...  3 Comments


Thomas Riggins | Dobbs seems unconcerned with the truth when it comes to bashing immigrants and peddling a nativist ideology with racist roots. more...  18 Comments

Cuban 5 Picket Outside the New York Times

Izzy Jagninski | On May 30th, 2007, a dozen picketers outside the New York Times building on 42nd between 9th Avenue and Broadway to end the newspapers silence about the Cuban 5. more...  2 Comments

Rochester Airport Screeners Reject Unions; One Union Plans to File Objections

Michelle Amber | Daily Labor Report Organizing News

Passenger and baggage screeners employed
by McNeil Security at the Greater Rochester [N.Y.] International Airport May 24 rejected union representation by competing unions, but one of the unions SPFPA plans to file objections to the election.

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The G-8 Meeting...

posted by F Espinoza | Perhaps someone with one of those new computer programs developed by Bill Gates could calculate the resources being used for war expenses at the cost of education, healthcare and culture for humanity... more...  0 Comments


AJLPP-New York | Three US warships arrived here yesterday to participate in naval war exercises with the Philippine Navy, officials said. The USS Harpers Ferry from Sasebo, Japan; USS Ford from Everett, Washington; and the USS Jarett from San Diego, California arrived and anchored off Zamboanga City near the Naval Forces Western Mindanao (NFWM) base early yesterday to help upgrade the Philippine Navy’s counter-terrorism capability. more...  0 Comments

Campaign for Roisin McAliskey develops

Tom Mooney |
International help is desperately needed to pressure the British Government not to extradite Roisin McAliskey to Germany. The link gives details. more...  1 Comments

El Salvador: One Year after CAFTA

CISPES | Reportback from the recent New York delegation to El Salvador and photo presentation of 2006 delegation more...  0 Comments

Ideas cannot be killed.

posted by F Espinoza | More than 600,000 people have lost their lives in Iraq and more than 2 million have been forced to emigrate since the American invasion began... more...  0 Comments

Video from Iraq Veterans Against the War: Operation First Casualty

Meerkat Media Collective | Over Memorial Day weekend, members of Iraq Veterans Against the War brought a small piece of the war home with Operation First Casualty. more...  0 Comments

May NYC Critical Mass - 1st 'parading' tickets

roger m | This a re-cap for those that were away over the weekend. The NYPD began enforcing their new unconstitutional 'parading regulation' during the May 25 NYC Critical Mass. The new 'law' affects everyone, not just bikers/skaters. The Five Borough Bicycle Club is currently in court against it. more...  1 Comments

Join Robina Suwol at 25th National Pesticide Forum

California Safe Schools | Changing Course in a Changing Climate: Solutions for health and the environment, at Loyola University (Water Tower Campus) in Chicago’s Magnificent Mile neighborhood

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Whale slaughter in Southern Oceans

moby | Why is a Northern Hemisphere nation, JAPAN, permitted to flagrantly slaughter whales in Southern Hemisphere waters? Perhaps widespread inaction in the face of blatant Japanese smugness, arrogance, contempt for the environment, the International Whaling Commission and other nations is related to the world’s toleration of criminal wars resulting in hundreds of thousands of innocent human casualties! What chance do whales have if innocent HUMAN BEINGS are treated as expendable? more...  1 Comments

Bush expects everything to be solved with a bang.

posted by F Espinoza | Bush is an apocalyptic person. I observe his eyes, his face and his obsessive preoccupation with pretending that everything he sees on the "invisible screens" are spontaneous thoughts... more...  0 Comments

Trust and Betrayal: PAUL KRUGMAN - Misled Into War; MAUREEN DOWD, FRANK RICH

PAUL KRUGMAN - THE NEW YORK TIMES | KRUGMAN: Future historians will shake their heads over how easily America was misled into war.

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