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Human Rights


Anti-Racist Action | This is an emergency request for bail money for people arrested at the
anti-Nazi demonstration in Toledo, OH. Please Western Union money to
Chris Fox in Kent, OH. Call him at 330-389-0891 once the money is
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Letter to NUHS Principal, Dr. Howard Lucks

Vincent La Marca | New Utrecht’s policy, I learned in an e-mail from the Board of Elections, is for “the safety of the School and it’s [sic] students,” even though one would be hard pressed to find any students on either Primary Day or Election Day. I ask that New Utrecht’s policy be modified to allow for voter registration cards to be used instead of photo ID on both Primary Day and Election Day. The polls open in two weeks. The City Council election between Vincent Gentile and Pat Russo, for example, could be close, and this could result in legal challenges. The time to act is now.
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Political Prisoner Harold Thompson attacked by Aryan Brotherhood nazis in Prison

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SWARM the Minutemen - Phone Jam NOW!

worker bee | The Minutemen are really ramping up their media campaign, including a major rally in Sacramento to promote their California Border Patrol initiative, an attempt to further militarize the border and our communities at the cost of more people's lives. Recently, they testified before congress ( ) to ask that congres declare a state of emergency along the entire border. Clearly, they want more policing of our lives and communities, they want unrestricted fascism on the border. Still, resistance to the Minutemen ( ) has been powerful and is still growing, all across North America. more...  4 Comments


CHUCKMAN | THE PRISONER ASKS... more...  1 Comments

Anti-Fascists hack Neo-nazi Voicemail in Toledo! Call now!

anon | Anti-fascists in Toledo, Ohio have hacked a toll-free number voicemail for neo-nazis and replaced it with their own message. more...  3 Comments

Populist #14

Franklin | Deficiencies of Our Current Federal System, continued more...  0 Comments

Thug Life (Indy)

NICHOLAS POWERS | William Bennett, the former Education Secretary, made a case for the pre-natal genocide of Black people. On his radio show Morning in America, he was debating a caller when his thinking took a sinister turn. He said, “If you wanted to reduce crime, you could – abort every Black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down. That would be an impossible, ridiculous, and morally reprehensible thing to do, but your crime rate would go down.” more...  0 Comments

Hip Hop, Bomba Plena, Latin Rock & More! Grassroots Katrina Benefit FRIDAY @ HARLEM

talismana | Shout Out Down South! !Un Grito Al Sur! is a solidarity concert for the People's Hurricane Relief Fund, a grassroots coalition ( that is reclaiming Louisiana & Mississippi from the power grab of multinationals and the Bush regime. Come early (6-8) for a Justice Fair featuring community organizations working for social justice here in NYC and internationally. The concert (8-11) is packed with quality NYC acts that will reverberate from Riverside Church all the way to our peeps down south. Read on... more...  0 Comments

Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Committed by the Bush Administration - October 21 - 22, New York, NY

Not In Our Name - Statement of Conscience | When the possibility of far-reaching war crimes and crimes against humanityexists, people of conscience have a solemn responsibility to inquire into the nature and scope of these acts and to determine if they do in fact rise to the level of war crimes and crimes against humanity. From the Charter of the 2005 International Commission of Inquiry more...  0 Comments

Their lies sold the war

Workers World | Little of political significance has emerged so far from the prosecutor. But there have been important indirect revelations in the capitalist media about the way the conspiracy to go to war was executed. more...  0 Comments

Friday Oct 21 Books Thru Bars Beer & Movie Nite!!

btb | Watch movies, drink beer AND support a books to prisoners organization. more...  0 Comments

Halliburton's New Low in Treachery

by Dave Zweifel | George Bush and Cheney company Halliburton subsidiary KBR has tricked workers into working in the Iraq war zone. Halliburton subsidiary KBR has illegally employed workers from countries who ban their citizens from working in Iraq, and its agents have forged documents. Workers tricked into working for Halliburton KBR who want to leave are forced to stay because of fees charged by broker agents, these people are bonded labor slaves. more...  0 Comments

October 19 MEDIA RELEASE: Prosecution of George W. Bush for Torture & More

by Gail Davidson/CCNWON | I Won't Take The Torture Any Longer more...  0 Comments

NYC Public Housing Residents Protest Compulsory Community Service

Nellie Bailey | NYC public housing residents, supporters and elected officials join together to protest HUD's compulsory community service requirement that mandates all eligible public housing tenants to perform 96 hours of what tenants are describing as "forced labor" or run the risk of losing their homes. Tenants are calling for the the nationwide passage of Harlem's Congressional Representative Charles Rangel's H.R. 1018, "Respect for Tenants Act." more...  3 Comments

10/22: 10th Annual National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality

October 22 Coalition-NY | Rally & March against Police Brutality
Date: Saturday, October 22, 2005
Time: 2:00pm
Location: Southeast corner of Madison Square Park, Madison Avenue, north of 23rd Street
(closest subway stops are the 6/F/N/R/V to 23rd Street) more...  0 Comments

TONIGHT:prisoner support info night-7pm at abc no rio

anon | you know about the crisis.
want to do something about it? more...  0 Comments

OUTFRONT Launches Groundbreaking Anti-Police Brutality Report

Raybblin Vargas | Welcome All to OUTFRONT's Groundbreaking Report Launch Event. OUTFRONT invites all victims, families, and advocates against Police Brutality to learn more about Police Brutality in the United States, and its multiple-devastating effects in the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Two-Spirited Community. more...  0 Comments

Statement by former political prisoner Antonio Camacho Negrón | The FBI has issued an arrest warrant for former Puerto Rican Political
Prisoner Antonio Camacho Negrón, arrested for being a part of the
MACHETEROS in the late 1980s.

Following is a statement that Antonio Camacho Negrón wrote and asked that
ProLibertad read at the Oct. 14th picket in New York City: more...  0 Comments

Minutemen Invade Northern NY State this Weekend

Maslauskas | The Minutemen are invading NY State near the Mohawk Nation this weekend. Anyone want to protest? more...  4 Comments

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