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Human Rights

Making Gaza "Scream"

Stephen Lendman | Unrelenting Israeli repression causing catastrophic consequences. more...  0 Comments

"Bookin' for Daniel": A Marathon Run for Daniel McGowan

d | A participant in an organized marathon this summer will run its full 26 miles and 385 yards in order to raise funds and show support for eco-defense prisoner Daniel McGowan. All proceeds from this run will go directly to Daniel McGowan’s educational fund. This fund will assist with payment for Daniel’s master’s degree, which he will complete while serving a seven-year sentence in federal prison. more...  0 Comments

Guatemala: Garment Plant Signs Accord

Weekly News Update | On July 5, Fribo, P.A. Group/Regatta, the NLC and the independent Guatemalan NGO CEADEL signed an agreement which the NLC said would "transform the Fribo factory...from an abusive sweatshop into a far better-than-average factory, hopefully on the way to becoming a model operation." more...  0 Comments


AJLPP-New York | On behalf of the Alliance-Philippines (AJLPP), we extend our felicitations and congratulations on the release of ANAKPAWIS representative. Crispin “Ka Bel” Beltran after more than one year and four months of detention and the junking of the cases against progressive party list representatives and other people’s activist leaders by the Supreme Court.

We in the AJLPP and our allied organizations like the International ANSWER, the international anti-war and the anti-racist coalition in the United States, are greatly and deeply inspired by Ka Bel’s determination and the movement’s persistent and just struggle for justice, social and national liberation.

To Ka. Bel annd to all our comrades in struggle, MABUHAY KAYO! more...  0 Comments

US Social Forum: Another world or another mistake?

tiny | Poverty, Race, Disability, Youth and Indigenous Scholars from POOR Magazine travel to the US Social Forum to realize a new world of media production..By Any Means Necessary

more...  2 Comments

A Pound of Flesh: post 9/11 racism at an American university

Sudhama Ranganathan | For three years harassment, discrimination and racism were heaped upon me at a small landscape architecture program I attended at The University of Connecticut. It was all due to the false idea I was somehow an Islamic terrorist in disguise. It's my post 9/11 story. more...  0 Comments


ALEJANDRO CESAR ALVAREZ | Escrito el 23-03-2003 y publicado en el sitio Cuentos Globales (Málaga) el 27-04-2003. Publicado en castellano (español), português e italiano. more...  0 Comments

DOJ Secretary Gonzalez eyes Abu Sayyaf, CPP and NPA for terror listing

AJLPP-New York | Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez listed the bandit group Abu Sayyaf, the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and its armed wing, the New People's Army (NPA), among the groups being considered for inclusion in the terror list to be drawn up under the Human Security Act (HSA), said Tuesday.

The outspoken Gonzalez also said he has already asked the Supreme Court to assign special courts to handle cases against suspected terrorists and terrorist organizations.

Under section 17 of the HAS, which will take effect on July 15 despite the absence of implementing rules and guidelines, the Department of Justice (DoJ) has to apply before a "competent Regional Trial Court" for the proscription of terrorist organizations or individuals.
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Political Crisis Unfolding in El Salvador

U.S.-El Salvador Sister Cities | A political crisis of explosive proportion is looming this week in El Salvador. In an apparent
Effort to decapitate the leadership of one wing of the social movement, Salvadoran national police detained and imprisoned leaders of the Association of Rural Communities for the Development of El Salvador (CRIPDES), a social organization which has worked since the 1980’s with over three hundred organized communities to advocate for their rights. Along with 10 community members, the leaders were placed in “preventative detention” for up to three months pending trial by special tribunal on charges of terrorism.
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The New York Times Sells Cameroon for $250,000

Sofia Jarrin Hurtado | On a silver platter this past Sunday, The New York Times magazine featured no less than eight pages towards the liberalization of the economy in Cameroon. Showing off its excellence in corporate media advertising, the NY Times magazine sold prominent space to Cameroon business traders so they can in turn sell their country’s resources to U.S. investors, no doubt to the demise of many of its citizens. “Cameroon ready for growth, ready for investment,” reads a headline on page 59 which goes on to explain the country’s “quest for sustainable growth...” more...  0 Comments

Victor Toro Fundraiser 07/10/07 @ Sistas on the Rise.... 8pm BRONX NY

La Peña Del Bronx | As many of you may know, my uncle Victor Toro was arrested on Friday.... He is a well known Chilean political activist, Bronx immigrant rights activist, former political prisoner of the Pinochet regime, and a life long freedom fighter! He is also the co-founder of Movimiento La Pena del Bronx.Victor Toro has been detained by Homeland Security..... more...  2 Comments

Hallan restos de desaparecidos en Viejo Velasco, Montes Azules, Chiapas

cml-df | En días recientes se hizo público que en la masacre no solo habría participado un grupo de paramilitares, sino que habrían sido acompañados por 300 policías estatales y agentes de la Agencia Estatal de Investigación . Con lo que se repite el esquema de la Masacre de Acteal y de otras masacres en la región, donde civiles armados paramilitares, respaldados por corporaciones policiacas, masacran a población civil desarmada e indefensa, con el tema de arrebatarles la tierra a beneficio de caciques locales y empresas transnacionales. more...  0 Comments

Viola Plummer Will Not Sign – Federal Case Goes to Trial

Amadi Ajamu | On Friday morning, U.S. District Court Judge William Pauley ordered the case of Viola Plummer vs NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn to trial on September 24. Plummer, Chief of Staff for NYC Councilman Charles Barron, filed the lawsuit against Quinn after receiving a “suspension / termination” letter the previous week. At the hearing, Ms. Plummer refused to sign a revised letter from Quinn agreeing to the terms of her own suspension. Plummer’s attorney, Roger Wareham deemed the revision “superficial.”
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Chilean, Bronx Activist Victor Toro Detained By Homeland Security

Syracuse @ | Well known Chilean political activist, Bronx immigrant rights activist, former political prisoner of the Pinochet regime, and life long freedom fighter Victor Toro has been detained by Homeland Security more...  5 Comments

Lesbians sentenced for self-defense: All-white jury convicts Black women


Lesbians sentenced for self-defense
All-white jury convicts Black women

By Imani Henry
New York
Published Jun 21, 2007 2:58 AM

On June 14, four African-American women—Venice Brown (19), Terrain Dandridge (20), Patreese Johnson (20) and Renata Hill (24)—received sentences ranging from three-and-a-half to 11 years in prison. None of them had previous criminal records. Two of them are parents of small children. more...  20 Comments

NYC screenings of NICE BOMBS, new Iraq Doc

Joaquin | In NICE BOMBS, Iraqi American filmmaker Usama Alshaibi returns to Baghdad..."It's a bomb. A Nice Bomb,".... As one young boy put it, "We're Iraqis. It's normal." more...  0 Comments

"The Canary Effect" Film Screening and Discussion

The Canary Effect | The Canary Effect takes an in depth look at the devastating effect that US policies have had on the Indigenous people of America. Using beautifully crafted imagery it presents a chilling case to what many believe is an ongoing genocide of the American Indian. Featuring interviews with some of the leading scholars and exponents of Indigenous struggles (i.e. Ward Churchill), alongside revealing insight from those who work and live on reservations today. The Canary Effect creates a link between the past and present in a unique way never before explored on film. more...  0 Comments

Butterflies On The Scaffold (Mariposas en el Andamio)

Saturday July 7 3PM at 55 W. 17th St 5th Flr | Buttefilies On The Scaffold (Mariposas en el Andamio)
This is a must-see documentary about transgender performance in a Havana neighborhood known as the "cradle of cross-dressing in Cuba."
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AJLPP-USA | The Anti-Terrorism Act (Republic Act No. 9372 or the Human Security Act of 2007) is part of the global wave of fascist legislation and state terrorism generated by the so-called global war on terror under the Bush regime of the US government. Aside from being a tool of US imperialism, the Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA) is a repressive tool of the Arroyo regime for intimidating and suppressing the people’s democratic movement and the broad range of opposition forces.

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Rally Against Racist Policing with SCARP!

NYC ABC Reposting Service | Join the Student Coaliton Against Racial Profiling (SCARP)
Monday July 9th at 4:00pm
Gather with us for a legal rally in front of the 83rd Precinct
480 Knickerbocker Ave @Bleeker St.
Bushwick, Brooklyn
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