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Human Rights

US Social Forum Report Back

brecht forum | 7:30 pm

US Social Forum Reportback

The Brecht Forum invites all who participated in the first US Social Forum in Atlanta, June 27-July 1, and those who would like to hear about it, to come together for an open discussion. more...  0 Comments

Action ALERT: Urge Indonesia to Remove Indicted Officer from West Papua

ETAN | The presence in West Papua of Col. Burhanuddin Siagian, a senior Indonesian army officer indicted for crimes against humanity charges in East Timor (now called Timor-Leste) endangers human rights defenders and political activists. Recently Col. Siagian threatened to “destroy” peaceful dissidents in the contested region. more...  0 Comments

The brain drain

posted by F Espinoza | Our world order appears to have been designed to foster the egoism, individualism and dehumanization of humanity... more...  0 Comments

Fresh & Easy: A Wal-Mart Clone?

Daithí | An open letter to Fresh & Easy, the US subsidiary of Tesco (UK), set to open operation this coming November.... more...  0 Comments

Daniel's First Outbound Communication

Daniel McGowan (reposted) | UPDATE: Daniel will be leaving MDC Brooklyn soon. Please hold off on sending letters until we have a new address for him. Following sentencing, we put up some information regarding the background of the site on more...  4 Comments

Police Attack Oaxaca Guelaguetza-One Person Confirmed Dead, 62 Detained, Disappe

Barucha Calamity Peller | July 16th, 2007- Today in Oaxaca City, Oaxaca, a confrontation between the APPO (Popular Assembly of The Peoples of Oaxaca) and security forces of the State of Oaxaca as well as Federal Preventive Police has left at least one movement participant dead as a result of police violence, at least 62 detained, and an unknown number of people disappeared. more...  0 Comments

Police violence in Oaxaca today - urgent action needed!

nyc supporter | New Police violence in Oaxaca today - Radio Planton is reporting one dead and several injured (not confirmed).
more...  1 Comments

Domestic Workers Take US Social Forum By Storm; Form National Alliance

Brent Perdue | During the US Social Forum, New York-based Domestic Workers United (DWU) and over ten other domestic worker organizations from California to Maryland founded a historic national network of domestic workers to link their struggles and more effectively agitate for change. As Celeste Escobar of DWU commented, "We need it more now than ever…"

Stemming from the history of slavery, domestic workers are excluded from most basic labor protections US workers enjoy. And that legacy continues as nearly the whole workforce is foreign-born women of color, who are forced to migrate to the United States in search of viable employment opportunities. more...  0 Comments

EU Court: Sison is NOT a Terrorist

News | In a landmark ruling this week, the European Court of First Instance (ECFI) in Luxembourg annulled the Council of
the European Union (EU) decision blacklisting Prof. Jose Maria Sison as a "terrorist". more...  0 Comments

Bush, health and education

posted by F Espinoza | I will not refer to Bush's health and education, but to that of his neighbors. It was not an improvised declaration. The AP agency tells us what his opening words were: "Tenemos corazones grandes en este país" (We have big hearts in this country); he said this in Spanish in front of 250 representatives of private and religious groups, foundations and NGOs who had come to Washington with all expenses paid by his government... more...  0 Comments

PREAPPRENTICED discrimination and deunionization in NYC construction

Gregory A. Butler, local 608 carpenter | After 40 years, the City of New York has returned to racist tokenism in it's so called "minority worker training programs" in the construction industry. Why do the City and it's contractors they think they can get away with this? And what can construction workers of color - and our allies in other industries - do about this? more...  0 Comments

(Myth #1) “Five eyewitnesses saw Mumia shoot officer Faulkner.”

Steven Argue | The following is the first in a series of ten articles I have written answering the top ten myths being circulated by those who advocate execution or continued prison for Mumia Abu-Jamal. more...  0 Comments

Desperate Plight of African Refuges - Wednesday Talk in Manhattan

Felton Davis | Sr. Amelie who works with refugees in Africa will give a talk this coming Wednesday at the Holy Name Center in Manhattan. more...  0 Comments

The Power of Dignity: Rethinking Globalization

Reinhard Hoppner | Globalization is a creative challenge, not a fate.. People conscious of the power of their dignity gain freedom to create more just living conditions.. Only when my enemy has a dignified place can I live in peace. Whoever relies on the power of the stronger humiliates the weaker and reaps violence. more...  0 Comments

The Beating of Black Lawyers

Mumia Abu-Jamal | Well-known human rights attorney Michael Tarif Warren, and his wife, Evelyn (also a lawyer), were driving down Brooklyn's Vanderbilt Avenue, when they spotted a Black youth being chased by cops across a McDonald's parking lot. more...  0 Comments

Remembering the Maestro - Music Master, Anti-Fascist

Stephen Lendman | Honoring Arturo Toscanini more...  0 Comments



NIFC Statement regarding the Twelfth

National Irish Freedom Committee | For over three centuries, the nationalist/republican community has dreaded The Twelfth as the high noon of fury. The annual terror onslaught of countless acts of intimidation including murder, burnings of homes and forced relocations (ethnic cleansings) under British rule more...  0 Comments

CUBA’s self-criticism

posted by F Espinoza | In Cuba, the Special Period has abated; but the world has fallen prey to a very special period, and we must wait to see how it will come out in the end. Billions of dollars are wasted in fuel. Not just as professional wastrels, that’s a natural tendency, but also out of necessity to exchange thousands of ancient Soviet motors, from a time when there was gasoline aplenty...

more...  0 Comments


E. San Juan, Jr. | Of distinguished progressive lineage, Senator Jamby Madrigal of the Philippines takes a principled stand critical of the Arroyo regime's bloody and brutal repression of the people backed by the Bush neocons. This article provides the historical context for the Philippine crisis and Senator Madrigal's views on U.S. imperialism in the neocolony and its complicity with State-terrorist repression of citizens by extrajudicial political killings and forced "disappearances." more...  0 Comments

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