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Human Rights

July 27 FRI, July 28 SAT: Dialogues on Immigration in NY & NJ

Weekly News Update | Have you heard an anti-immigrant argument that you feel is wrong, but need the facts to contest? Bring these arguments and concerns to the dialogue, and we'll work together to develop responses using facts, reasoning and personal experiences. more...  0 Comments

¡Amnistia Ahora! Victor Toro Fundraiser: July 26, THU

Weekly News Update | Bronx community activist Victor Toro, who was tortured under the Pinochet regime in his native Chile, faces possible deportation from the US, where he has lived for the past 23 years. Come to a cultural event and help support his legal defense fund. more...  0 Comments

March with Bushwick Workers!

get together | Sunday, July 29
Workers in Action/Trabajadores en Acción, the workers group of Make the Road by Walking, will be having a march in support of Bushwick workers on Sunday, July 29th at 12:30. The march will begin at Make the Road's office:
301 Grove Street
Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY 11237
t: 718-418-7690
f: 718-418-9635
e: more...  0 Comments

Stop the Execution of Kenneth Foster

Lee W | Kenneth Foster is scheduled to be executed August 30 on Texas' death row. Social justice activists and abolitionists are mobilizing in Texas, YC and elsewhere to stop the execution. more...  0 Comments

SUPPORT the REVOLUTION NEXT DOOR! Oaxaca Speakout MON July 23 from 12-2

Solidarity | SOS! Solidarity for Oaxaca Speak out! SUPPORT the REVOLUTION NEXT DOOR!

WHEN/WHERE: Monday July 23, from Noon to 2PM in front of the
Mexican Consulate on in New York at 27 East 39th. Street between Madison & Park Avenue more...  2 Comments

Anti-fascist Call to Action for Morristown, NJ - July 28

ARA | Take a stand against racism and the State that supports it. Call to action in Morristown, NJ more...  2 Comments

Filipino Workers will continue fight against the terror law

Alliance of Progressive Labor (APL) | The Alliance of Progressive Labor (APL) today called on labor solidarity against the anti-terrorism law, which takes effect today and declared support for moves to bring the Constitutionality of the law to the Supreme Court.

more...  0 Comments

Mexican State Surrounds Oaxaca

translation from indyOax (by braulio) | Boycott the Commercial Guelaguetza more...  1 Comments

NYC ARA Organizing Meeting 7/21 7PM!

Lauren | NYC Anti Racist Action will be holding its first organizing meeting on July 21st at 7pm, immediately following the NYMAA GA. We'll meet at Judson Memorial Church and go from there. more...  0 Comments

New York Premier of Oaxaca Human Rights Documentary | New York Premier of Oaxaca Human Rights Documentary
"Compromiso Cumplido" (True to My Pledge) Duration: 70 minutes
Monday, July 23rd @ 7PM - $5 to $10 Suggested
Bluestockings Bookstore
172 Allen Street between Stanton and Rivington :: 212.777.6028 more...  8 Comments

Press Release :: DWU Protest :: Tomorrow

DWU | Roslyn, NY – On Saturday, July 21, 2007, nannies, housekeepers and
supporters will demand justice for Marina, a Colombian domestic worker
where she was employed as a live-in worker in 2000. Marina faced
deplorable conditions while working with the family. Marina was hired
to care for Carmela's disabled son. more...  0 Comments


AJLPP-New York | An URGENT call to all Just, Peace-Loving & Freedom-Fighting People
A National Day of Action by the Alliance for Just & Lasting Peace in the Philippines


Monday, July 23 @ 6:15 pm
Philippine Consulate General
556 Fifth Avenue, between 45th & 46th Street, New York, NY 10036
Subway: 7 train to 5th Avenue-Bryant Park or F, V, B, D to 47-50th Rockefeller Street

more...  0 Comments

Celebrate First Amendment before Critical Mass

savitri d | Join us. Demonstrate a fierce and convivial spirit of non cooperation with New York City’s laws and “regulations” regarding meeting, filming, shouting, biking, parading, and dancing which, taken together comprise a serious threat to our freedom as well as our ability to defend that freedom. more...  3 Comments

'In Oaxaca, Because There’s Culture, There’s Resistance': The Battle for Oaxaca

Kelly Lee, Michael GW, James Kautz | On the morning of July 16, 2007, the people of Oaxaca poured into the Zocalo, intent on reclaiming their annual cultural celebration known as the Guelagetza. By late morning, the “People’s Guelagetza” had become a “megamarcha” with thousands taking to the streets. By early afternoon, it had become a battle for the city, after police attacked the peaceful march. Pictures 1 || 2 || 3 more...  2 Comments

Domestic Workers United Protest :: This Saturday

***Domestic Workers Rally in Roslyn at an Abusive Employer's Residence***
Marina is a domestic worker who was exploited by Carmela Meluzio.

7:30PM-9:00PM more...  0 Comments

Editorial Cartoon: "Deportation: the Day After"

Mike Flugennock | Seems a bunch of yahoos in various state and county legislatures seem bound and determined to rid the place of "illegal" immigrants -- "illegal", that is, in the sense of legality randomly pulled out of some racist politician's ass about a century or so ago. Prince William and Loudoun Counties, in Virginia's DC exurbs, have become the latest and the worst.

So, Fine. Just fine. Go ahead, make life so miserable for them that they leave. Hell, why not just deport 'em while you're at it, if it'll make you feel better...? more...  7 Comments

Washington Heights Community Forum on Free Trade & Colombia

NYC People's Referendum on Free Trade | The Dominican Community of Washington Heights with The Coalition Against The Free Trade Agreements, invite you to a forum to to stop the approval of the treaties with Colombia, Peru, Panama y Korea. *** Organizaciones de la Comunidad Dominicana de Washington Heights en union con la Coalición en Contra de los Tratados de Libre Comercio, los invita a un foro para que los Tratados de Colombia, Peru, Panama y Corea con Estados Unidos no sean aprobados por el Congreso Estadounidense.

more...  0 Comments

NY Fil-Ams Hit SC Summit, Gears for State of the Nation Address

Filexpress | NEW YORK - The New York Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines (NYCHRP) criticized the Supreme Court's (SC)National Summit for Extra Judicial Killings and Enforced Disappearances in Manila as hypocritical and a desperate attempt of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA) to smokescreen her regime's crumbling record on human rights. more...  0 Comments

Protest In Front Of The Israeli Consulate - Today And Every Thursday

adalah | Don't allow the Quartet and Israel to continue their policy of destruction towards the people of Palestine. Come to the protest and learn how to get involved in the movement to boycott, divest from and sanction Israel. more...  0 Comments


Gregory A. Butler | Union carpenter and labor writer Gregory A. Butler leads a discussion on workers of color in the New York City construction industry more...  0 Comments

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