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Human Rights

Irish activist elevated to Senate

Dan Connell | Eoghan Harris has been made a Senator by Irish prime minister Bertie Ahern. A follower of the political ideas of Wolfe Tone Harris has played a key role in Irish political life over the last 40 years more...  0 Comments

Vicious Police Attack on IWW Solidarity March in Providence, Rhode Island

anarkid | Providence IWW organized a march on Jackie's Galaxy, which is a restaurant chain that is being
supplied by HWH in New York City, a supplier who is notorious for its slave labor conditions of up to 110 hours per week without basic labor rights (minimum wage and overtime). They were met with brutality by local police. more...  17 Comments

UK National Day of Action for Starbucks Employees- Aug. 18

Worker Freedom | Starbucks exploits its workers and the farmers who grow the coffee beans it uses. Worldwide it has over 12,000 stores and employs over 100,000 people. In Britain , it has over 500 stores employing 5,000 workers.
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A Day at the Ritz-NOT! A brief moment at the Fairmont Hotel-YES!

Jeff Fisher | Dedicated to Julia Wolfe...A woman who represents
the Five Stars of Respect and Honor for Mr. Fisher
and the Fairmont Hotel more...  0 Comments

A Day at the Ritz-NOT A brief moment at the Fairmont Hotel-YES

Jeff Fisher | Dedicated to Julia Wolfe...A woman who represents the Five Stars of
Respect and Honor for Mr. Fisher and the Fairmont Hotel more...  0 Comments

Wobblies March on Jackie's Galaxie; Solidarity Needed in Providence

Stephanie B | The Providence IWW organized a march in solidarity with NYC warehouse workers. Police brutality ensues, but the march still pushes through. more...  1 Comments

This Sunday! Support the New Jersey 4!

have their backs! | SUNDAY, AUGUST 12TH
7PM - Free
Meetup: Letter-Writing for the New Jersey 4
at Bluestockings Books.
172 Allen Street between Stanton and Rivington :: 212.777.6028 more...  3 Comments

At It Again in Palestine: Activists Destroy Section of Illegal Annexation Fence

Palestine Solidarity Project | August 11, 2007 activists met in the Hebron district of the West Bank to again challenge the legitimacy of the Israeli Annexation fence near the village of Beit Mirsim. The Barrier has been declared illegal by the International Court of Justice yet the Israeli military has continued its construction. more...  4 Comments

Solidarity Picket to Support New IWW Food Warehouse

Skip - NYC IWW | Support the latest shop to join the IWW Food and Allied Workers Union as it fights for recognition and better conditions for the food industry workers of Bushwick. more...  0 Comments

Independence Movement Demands FBI leave Puerto Rico

El Nuevo Dia | The widow of the late machetero leader Filiberto Ojeda Rios reappeared today to demand that the FBI leave Puerto Rico.
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Puerto Rico FBI Intervention is condemned

AP | Roberto Viqueira Rios, who works in the [Dry Forest] of Guanica, indicated that the FBI was helped by local police who "kept me at a distance detained and handcuffed" while the federal agents searched his vehicle and seized his planner and cell phone. more...  0 Comments


Justice for the Filipino American Veterans | Different Filipino World War II veterans and community organizations in Los Angeles today condemned the harassment perpetrated by the Philippine authorities against GABRIELA Network (GABNet) USA National Chairperson Dr. Annalisa Enrile.

Dr. Enrile was barred from boarding her return flight to the United States. This act of harassment occurred on the culminating day of the 10th bi-annual Women’s International Solidarity Affair in the Philippines, a conference that draws hundreds of women from all over the globe and covers issues such as sex trafficking and other international human right violations.

The Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV), the Society of Guerillas and Scouts Inc (SGSI) and other community organizations like the Echo Park Community Coalition (EPCC), Philippine Peasant Support Network (Pesante)-USA and other groups were outraged by the violations of Dr. Enrile’s rights.

Commander Peping Baclig and Jack Vergara, both veterans and community leaders were appalled that the Philippine government will subject one of the rare doctorate degree holders in the Filipino community in the Untied States to such inquisition. Dr. Enrile is a very staunch supporter of veteran’s recognition, equity and justice in the United States even when she was still a student. more...  0 Comments

Mexico: Students arrested- urgent solidarity needed

IDOM-cort | solidarity with the Mexican revolution more...  0 Comments

4 citizens of Spanish nationality are stopped arbitrarily in Oaxaca and retained

solidarity | We are four persons with Spanish nationality that were having a walk, last 5th of august 2007, in the centre of Oaxaca, in the street Independencia. After 21h30 we have been suddenly surrounded by parapolice elements, some of them were carrying weapons of long calibre and they were dressed with deep blue uniforms and anti-balistic protection elements. more...  0 Comments

Oaxaca: 4 ciudadanos de nacionalidad española detenidos en Oaxaca y retenidos

madrugada | Se les robó sus pertenencias y documentación. Sufrieron violencia física, psíquica y sexual por parte de la policía estatal de Oaxaca que practicó la detención more...  0 Comments

Ypioca attempts to intimidate and silence social movements

Social movement | Professor Jeovah Meireles of the Geography Department of the Federal University of Ceara (UFC) and the journalist Daniel Fonseca have been called by the justice system to respond to questions related to the fact that they divulged information, in the public domain, which was contrary to the business's interests of Ypioca Agroindustria[1]. The company's attitude was a reaction to the repercussion of an article by the German journalist, Nobert Suchanek (entitled "Hypocrisy in Bio-quality" with international repercussions), through a talk given by Jeovah Meireles during the 1st National Seminar on Environmental Racism (Rio de Janeiro, November 2005). The principle question refers to Ypioca's responsibility for environmental injustices and human rights violations of the Jenipapo-Kaninde indigenous people of Aquiraz, Ceara. more...  1 Comments

New York City Foodstuff Workers Industrial Union 460 organizing activities

Worker Freedom | Two year report on New York City Foodstuff Workers Industrial Union 460 organizing activities more...  0 Comments

Voluntary family planning

Hakan Andersson | On February 25, 2006 world population reached 6.5 billion.

By, 2050, our human numbers are estimated to reach 9.1 billion, but they could rise as high as 12 billion people.
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New “Surge” For Immigrant Rights in the Senate in the Offing?

Coalition in Defense of immigrant Rights | The Echo Park Community Coalition (EPCC) and the Coalition in Defense of Immigrant Rights (CDIR) warmly welcomes the statement of Senator Alan Specter, ranking Republican supporter of immigration reform that he and six other lawmakers are ready to reopen and start the debate on immigration reform when the Senate opens September. In an interview with CNN today, August 7 at 2:00AM with anti-immigrant anchor Lou Dobbs, Specter laments that the comprehensive immigration reform act was not passed in the Senate this year. He said he was hopeful that the debates will rekindle the interest and will make the lawmakers informed about the need to pass this law. more...  0 Comments

Baltimore Sun on struggle for living wages at Camden Yards

Greg Rosenthal | The United Workers was covered today by the Baltimore Sun as we prepare to ramp up pressure for a living wage at Camden Yards. more...  0 Comments

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