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Human Rights

Elvira Arellano: "I will go to Washington, D.C., on September 12"

The Politics of Immigration | Press release on Elvira Arellano's decision to hold a prayer vigil in front of Congress more...  2 Comments

Police Attack Wobblies March in North Providence

M. | AUG/11/07 - Providence RI, Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) march on Jackies Galaxy, a local restaurant chain supplied by HWH/Dragonland in NYC, a supplier notorious for slave labor conditions and a lack of basic labor rights. A few blocks before finishing the march North Providence police brutally tackled two of the marches after they moved to the sidewalk too slowly, both were arrested and one suffered a badly broken leg in the attack. more...  0 Comments

At It Again in Palestine: Activists Destroy Section of Illegal Annexation Fence

By Palestine Solidarity Project | August 11, 2007 activists met in the Hebron district of the West Bank to again challenge the legitimacy of the Israeli Annexation fence near the village of Beit Mirsim. The Barrier has been declared illegal by the International Court of Justice yet the Israeli military has continued its construction. more...  0 Comments

Vicious Police Attack on IWW Solidarity March in Providence, Rhode Island | I hope someone prints this and sends it to Congressman Patrick Kennedy

This is something he would be very upset over.

PHONE: (401) 729-5600 / FAX: (401) 729-5608

more...  0 Comments

Iraqi Teacher Visits Bay Ridge, speaks of Baghdad horrors

By John O'Hagan | Comments by Jeff Fisher with additional information more...  0 Comments

Diebold Can't Sell Voting-Machines Unit

By M.R. KROPKO, AP Business Writer August 16 | Please read the article and then read what follows.
The links are very informative and its what led to Mr. Rove resigning.
more...  0 Comments

Iraq Trauma: "children grow up, people grow old"

Hussein Al-alak, The Iraq Solidarity Campaign | Another study revealed that US troops returning from Iraq, have the highest rate of psychological problems compared to troops returning from other trouble spots.
more...  0 Comments

A Day at the Ritz-NOT! A brief moment at the Fairmont Hotel-YES!

Ezra Folson | Interpol is behind you always.
more...  0 Comments

Justice NOW for Veterans

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster | I enjoyed this article.

Everyday I am telling more soldiers coming out of Pentagon City that I am going to end this war.
I have six Generals that have told me to not give up.

I will bring home all the boys. NO MORE BODYBAGS!!!!!!

I am also posting further information after the article by Melinda Pillsbury Foster more...  0 Comments

Court Today: Warren & SCARP

have their backs! | Report-back from Michael Tarif Warren's arraignment as well as the second SCARP arraignment. Plus new court dates below. more...  0 Comments

The Cuban Five: Mission against Terror and Hypocrisy

posted by F Espinoza | The allegation of «Conspiracy to gather and to transmit information on National Defense» is the technical charge, according to US criminal law (18USC & 794), commonly called «Conspiracy to commit espionage». It is without doubt the central topic of the legal process against five Cuban prisoners wrongly held in the United States... more...  0 Comments

Indigenous Peoples Message to the U.S. antiwar movement

Turtle Island network | Indigenous Peoples Message to the U.S. antiwar movement more...  1 Comments


Amadi Ajamu | On Tuesday, September 11, a day that New Yorkers recognize the reality of terrorism, community activists will hold a city wide Protest of Police Terrorism. Demonstrators plan to assemble in midtown Manhattan at 33rd Street and 8th Avenue at 3 PM for a “Day of Outrage against Police Terrorism - Shut em Down!” more...  2 Comments

CIA's Bane of Muslims, Rodriguez, Unmasks Self--We strip him naked.

A. Lopez | The CIA's equivalent of Eichmann, when it comes to Muslims, has just unmasked himself. He is Jose A. Rodriguez. He also has been active in Latin America since at least the 1980s in actions against democratic governments. more...  2 Comments

Fascism of the Heart

Thomas Rothschild | Tolerance is learned, not inate. The disabled have practically no lobby. Their interests and their rights are simply ignored. The logic of the National Socialist annihilation policy was the logic of the reduction of the person to his or her economic function. more...  0 Comments

Help One People's Project take down white supremacist Hal Turner

One People's Project | From OPP: We sat on this long enough, and if you like what we do, we are really going to need your help. We are not the richest organization in the world, but that has never stopped us from being effective. Having said that, this is the first time we have ever made a public appeal to raise funds, and you are going to love why. more...  2 Comments

Iraqi Teacher Visits Bay Ridge, speaks of Baghdad horrors

John O'Hagan | Nesreen is a high school teacher from Baghdad who spoke of the violence and chaos that has been left in the wake of the American occupation. She pleaded for the troops to leave, as they have left a civil war in a once secure country. more...  1 Comments

To Whom It May Concern

New Jersey Copwatch | The following is a letter dated August 7, 2007 that was received from a prisoner in the Union County Jail. If any one wishes to assist (especially if they live in Elizabeth or in Union County, NJ) please contact us by email or mail. Please note this is a call for help not judgement. Please distributely widely. Thank You. more...  1 Comments

Film Screening of Malaya Lolas (Grandmothers of Freedom)

FIRE (Filipinas for Rights & Empowerment) | Film Screening of Malaya Lolas (Grandmothers of Freedom)
Tuesday August 21 7PM-9PM
at Solidarity Center (NYC)
55 West 17th Street (between 5th & 6th Avenues) 5th Floor more...  1 Comments

Asheville Activists Need Help!

Southeast Convergence | Police violently arrested five people at a nonviolent direct action at the regional Bank of America headquarters in downtown Asheville. The action was the culmination to the Southeast Convergence for Climate Action. See for press releases and photos. more...  0 Comments

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