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Human Rights

Group To Protest Child Welfare Agency Failures At New York City Hall

Eugene Weixel | Last week New York City's Department of Investigations (DOI) issued a report blasting the Administration for Children's Services (ACS) case practice regarding ten children who were known to the agency who died violently. Concerned citizens, including parents and former child protective workers have been trying to bring the problems cited in this report to the attention of the authorities for years. Because the report neglects the thousands of unjustifiable removals of children from their homes and because this issue is being ignored by the press these concerned citizens are protesting at New York's City Hall Friday, August 28, 2007 at 2:00 pm more...  0 Comments

Barak on Cuba: A Liberal Republican

Juan Antonio Ocasio Rivera | Barak Obama is not so special. He is just another American who has succumbed to the messages and imagery of the Cold War propaganda machine. more...  2 Comments

Barak Obama on Cuba

Barak Obama | When my father was a young man living in Kenya, the freedom and opportunity
of the United States exerted such a powerful draw that he moved halfway
around the world to pursue his dreams here... more...  0 Comments

Green Scare Contin ues - Grandy Jury in Minneapolis!

budroux | Two men issued subpoenas for a Grand Jury in Minneapolis more...  0 Comments

Nicholas Heyward, Jr. Day of Remembrance Saturday

Nicholas Heyward, Sr. | Date: Saturday, August 25, 2007
Place: Nicholas Naquan Heyward Jr. Park
Wyckoff Street between Hoyt and Bond Streets
Time: 2:00pm more...  0 Comments

Kickoff Mtg Wed for this yr's National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality

October 22 Coalition-NY | First mobilization meeting for this year's National Day of Protest to stop police brutality, repression and the criminalization of a generation. more...  0 Comments

Canadian innocent Khalid Awan , Please Save The Life Of Innocent .

Mohsin Gondal | A Bogus,Preplaned ,Fabricated ,Modified for special interests, more...  0 Comments

Canadian/Pakistani Khalid AWan Facing Injustice,Bogus,special modified case.

Khalid Q Awan | He is facing a bogus case ,there is no any recording,no any witness,no any documentry prof,no any aiding proof,he has no any crime and crime behaiviour in his life with any body even in whole the world include india,pakistan,canada,usa . he loves all kind human even hindus,muslim,sikh,cristien,jues,every body .he has nothing any crime in his whole life because he hate,and dislike these bad deeds.He loves all Americans ,Canadians and even every body,we know he has become a target because of race and religion. We beleive in God and all human rights departments to help us in this matter.Khalid awan is agood-natured,God-fearing man,good behavoured man . His whole life is rememberable with friends and with every body.he did not give any hurt ,any bad words to any body in the world. he thinks every time positive . please ; save the life of khalid awan innocent canadian. more...  1 Comments

US Hides the Truth on Cuban Five Case

posted by F Espinoza | "Someday the truth will prevail; meanwhile, we must persevere in our struggle to make the case known," more...  0 Comments

IWW continues organizing and free speech fight in Providence

Worker Freedom | I.W.W. Victory: Jacky's Galaxy Discontinues Business With Dragonland Trading Inc. more...  0 Comments

UK action aganst Starbucks

Diane Krauthamer | On August 18, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and No Sweat held a successful National Day of Action against Starbucks, with demonstrations in ten cities throughout the UK, including Glasgow, Leeds, Edinburgh, Leicester and London. more...  0 Comments


Fraqncesc Arnau | Noam Chomsky afirma que la ideologia anarquista, el pensament llibertari, no és de cap manera un catecisme al qual s'hagi de guardar fidelitat sinó que, al contrari, compta entre les seves característiques un estat de vigilància permanent pel que fa a la vigència de les idees... more...  0 Comments

Photos from Ulises Ruiz protest at the Mexican Consulate

Dave Cuomo | A symposium on immigration brought Ulises Ruiz, Governor of Oaxaca, to New York Saturday where he was to appear at a press conference at the Mexican Consulate. Protestors surrounded the restaurant where he was eating lunch and made sure the press conference didn't happen. more...  4 Comments

Alleged CIA/CIA Proxy Torture-The 1950's revisited-The Generation of a Cult

Dr. Robert Spanswick | This article is based on the memory of a single individual-a tale of mass psychopathic psychosis, paraphilia, torture beyond the Third Degree, the Mass Media, the CIA, the Churches and the generation of a cult. Improbable as it may seem (and improbable it should seem to anyone of sound mind)-these are the transcripts of some communications to date. more...  0 Comments

Ulises Ruiz Welcoming Committee Action in Midtown

Alex Nathanson | On Saturday August 18, about 50 people gathered outside of the Mexican Consulate to protest Ulises Ruiz, the governor of Oaxaca. more...  1 Comments

NYC Confrontation with Ulises Ruiz

For the Ulises Ruiz Welcoming Committee | Ulises Ruiz, governor of Oaxaca, attempted to make an appearance at the Mexican Consulate of New York City on Saturday. Dozens of protesters made sure he never got further than Salute! Restaurant. Images from the action below.

More Photos: 1 2 more...  8 Comments

Time to flood the Rhode Island Attorney General's office with Emails!

recreate68 | The AG of Rhode Island has issued a meaningless press release in reponse to the outrageous acts of police violence against citizens who were expressing their right to free speech. Send your protests to the email addresses listed in this article. more...  0 Comments

Father of injured protest marcher speaks

Worker Freedom | The father of a 22-year-old who was injured Saturday during a labor union protest in North Providence has flown in from Nebraska and says his daughter is doing “as well as can be expected.”
more...  0 Comments


leijia | until an official call-out goes up, here are the basics for tomorrow: more...  3 Comments

“Bookin’ For Daniel” Marathon Fundraiser Breaks Finish Line

Bookin' for Daniel | Of the thousands of runners who participated in the 2007 San Francisco Marathon on Sunday, July 29, many were running to raise funds for good causes. One runner in particular had a compelling cause propelling her towards the finish line: all of the pledges that had been made for eco-defense prisoner Daniel McGowan’s education fund. more...  0 Comments

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