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Human Rights

A United Rally for Immigrant Rights and Elvira Arellano in Los Angeles August 25

Echo Park Community Coalition(EPCC) | Despite the hot and humid weather and a lethargic start because of the sound system , thousands of immigrants, advocates and anti-war protestors brought out a united front for Elvira Arellano and immigrant rights.

The protestors marched down the Olympic/Broadway road, snaked through 2nd street and Los Angeles street and ended at the intersection of Temple and Los Angeles Streets to protest the unjust deportation of Elvira Arellano and for full rights for all immigrants.

The protestors massed early at the Olympic intersection as early as 10:00 AM and started late around 12;45 PM.

The 4,000 to 5,000 strong march/rally was led by “We Are All Elvira and Saulito Coalition” led by the April 7 Coalition composed of Hermanidad Mexicana Nacional and the Latino Movement USA led by Juan Jose Gutierrez, Raul Murillo, Angelina Corona and the ANSWER-LA: the March 25 Coalition led by Javier Rodriguez; CHIRLA led by Angelica Salas and the CARACEN.

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Farmers Speak Out: The Global Struggle for Food Sovereignty

World Hunger Year | What do farmers and food activists in the US have in common with farmers around the world? How can we develop a system of fair trade that respects each nation’s right to provide food for its people? What lessons can be learned about organizing for justice across borders?

WHY (World Hunger Year) and The New School invite you to a free evening discussion on global food justice featuring prominent farm leaders from Latin America, the US, and Canada. more...  0 Comments

Photos from the 13th Annual Day of Remembrance for Nicholas Naquan Heyward, Jr.

October 22 Coalition-NY | Community day in the Gowanus Projects in Brooklyn to celebrate the birthday of Nicholas Heyward, Jr., who was killed by Housing cop Brian George in September 1994. more...  0 Comments

oaxaca comic book

ana | graphic interpretation of the events in oaxaca from an antiauthoritarian perspective. Print it out and share it with your friends or use it for your solidarity group! more...  0 Comments

Neo-Nazi that attacked pro-immigration supporters in Morristown, NJ charged

One People's Project | That's right. No more of this "Erick_K_W" crap. His name is Erick Karl Weigel, NOT Frederick K. Williams, as said in other stories. We also have to make a correction. His wife's name is not Annette, as has also been said in past articles. It's Joyce. What else have we learned? Oh just that while everyone was trying to make them out as martyrs because they had a little fight with antifa after the rally in Morristown last month, it turns out that they were probably not the innocent little anti-immigrant activists they were painting themselves out to be. No, Erick caught a charge in that little melee, something that no one knew until now. Now we still do not know what fully happened. We won't know that until it goes through the court system. With that in mind we have to ask: why did so many people with so little facts decide that oh, the Nazis were the good guys in this? We really want to know why Robb Pearson of the anti-immigration group ProAmerica Society and Daniel Smeriglio of another group called Voice of the People felt it necessary to wish the two neo-Nazis well without knowing the full story, but to be honest we don't care. We know what they are about, despite their pronouncements that they are not racist or work with racists. Erick and Joyce are just making it ever more obvious!

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Katrina Anniversary Call to Action (fwded by SkinnyJohn) | A DAY OF PRESENCE! WE MATTER, WE CARE, WE ACT!
Taking to the streets for the People of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. more...  0 Comments

Save Kenneth Foster - Stop the Execution!

Liliana Segura | Delegation of Harlem Death Penalty Abolitionists to Visit Charles Rangel;
Ask Him to Join Campaign to Save the Life of an Innocent Man and Condemn
Texas Record of 400 Executions more...  0 Comments

Bushwick Anti-Gentrification Protest

baku lost | Last week, over 60 Bushwick residents and Make the Road by Walking members descended upon a recent condominium implant in a predominantly low-income and people of color neighborhood on 358 Grove Street, Bushwick, Brooklyn.
Watch the video of the protest. more...  0 Comments

The Lights of Xanica

Carolina | People in the Zapotec community of Santiago Xanica in the Sierra Sur of Oaxaca continue to struggle for their right to choose their municipal president in an assembly by means of traditional practices and customs and to gain the freedom of the first political prisoners of the Ulises Ruiz regime in the face of threats, harassment, and arrest warrants on the eve of the municipal elections of August 26. more...  0 Comments

The lights of Xanica

Carolina | La comunidad zapoteca de Santiago Xanica en la Sierra Sur de Oaxaca sigue luchando por sus derechos a escoger su presidente municipal en asamblea por usos y costumbres y por la libertad de los presos políticos del Comité por la Defensa de Derechos Indígenas (CODEDI) ante amenazas, hostigamiento y órdenes de aprehensión en vísperas de las elecciones municipales el 26 de agosto. more...  0 Comments


Francesc Arnaui Arias | Amb l'ajuda del telèfons mòbils, anem coordinant la visita l'ex-black
panther Marshall Eddie Conway, que està empresonat des de fa uns trenta cinc
anys a Baltimore, estat de Maryland. L' any passat no el vàrem poder veure,
a causa d'uns incidents dins la presó. Hi va morir un carceller. Després, han
dispersat els presos per diferents presons. Veurem si podem entrar a la
nova, que està a unes tres hores de Baltimore... more...  0 Comments

Minutemen Attacked With Water Balloons In Seattle

Annie Nimmity | A Story From Seattle more...  3 Comments

The Empire Tastes an Unprecedented Moral Defeat

posted by F Espinoza | GERARDO, Ramón, René, Fernando and Antonio are still behind bars in the United States, three of them in maximum security prisons, and all of them subjected to the hateful revenge of those in Washington who have made them the target of reprisals against the Cuban Revolution. more...  0 Comments

Rally and Block Party In Brooklyn Against Evictions

SBLS | Fifth Avenue Committee invites you to a block party against evictions, where we ask landlords Deanne Cheuk and Andrew Wiesmayr to be good neighbors and not throw low-income families out onto the street more...  24 Comments

Cop Filmed Killing Unarmed Man in Puerto Rico

Weekly News Update | The video appears to show Caceres Cruz, who was unarmed, on the ground as Pagan Cruz shot him four times at close range. The two other agents watched, and then all three agents left the scene. more...  0 Comments

Ways to Help Immigration Activists Arellano and Toro

The Politics of Immigration | Activists Elvira Arellano and Victor Toro need our solidarity in their struggle for immigrant rights more...  1 Comments

Sao Paulo (Brazil) is under a disguised dictatorship

brazilian demonstrator | It’s a disguised dictatorship, with press freedom, but no freedom for public demonstrations. more...  2 Comments

Philippine Democracy Under Arroyo’s Petty Tyranny

Task Force Detainees of the Philippines (TFDP | The rampant human rights violation under the Gloria Macapagal Arroyo government and her penchant for issuing policies that have curtailed the freedom of speech and assembly have been likened to the tyranny that reigned over our country during the time of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

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Why Teamsters President Hoffa worries Iran's mullahs

madhatter | Why Teamsters President Hoffa worries Iran's mullahs
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Iraq War Veteran begins resistance

John O'Hagan | Aguayo was a medic in Iraq, and what he saw changed his attitude. more...  0 Comments

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