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Human Rights

To Ángel's Baby in Heaven

Philip Stinard | My little brother Ángel, who's locked up in the Illinois correctional system, sent me this drawing and poem. It explains a very traumatic event in his life, and how his faith in God is helping him overcome his pain and straighten out his life. I will let Ángel's words speak for themselves. more...  1 Comments

Contra Costa Homeless Told To Leave (SL Streets)

Scott Sowle | This past week saw law enforcement in Contra Costa County California evict the homeless from their camps. more...  0 Comments

29 day of hunger strike for Turkish conscientious objector in military jail

Payday | Turkish gay conscientious objector Mehmet Tarhan, now on 29th day of hunger strike in military prison, after being sentenced to four years for refusing to serve more...  3 Comments

Fire exposes lack of safety on subways

G. Dunkel | Several hundred thousand New York City commuters were delayed getting to work on Friday morning, Oct. 21, by an electrical fire in the West 4th Street station. Instead of dealing with the conditions that created this fire, however, the city is planning to spend hundreds of millions on a new surveillance system in the subways. more...  2 Comments

Teachers for a Just Contract

G. Dunkel | Several independent organizations of teachers are organizing a “vote no” campaign against the contract negotiated by the United Federation of Teachers with the New York City Department of Education. Over 200 teachers demonstrated outside the UFT headquarters on Oct. 21 urging the “no” vote. more...  2 Comments

Fighting national oppression: Road to anti-war unity

Fred Goldstein | To be sure, a few slogans were added on. A New Orleans speaker was included in the program. But what was needed was to embrace the struggle of New Orleans for dear life. The Black leaders fighting for the cause of New Orleans should have been offered the opportunity to convene and discuss with the organizers, reshaping the program without sacrificing the struggle against the war. more...  0 Comments

Who's Behind the Minutemen?

Alex Gould |
Contrary to the official story, the USA is not one nation of many immigrants, but a prison of oppressed nations, including Latin@s. In the year 2004, another racist threat emerged against Latin@ and other immigrant workers: the Minutemen. more...  1 Comments

A Critical Mass is more than You

bringer | still we ride more...  13 Comments

Religious Right - From Tim LaHaye to Tom DeLay

yezbok drahcir | Not long after the Iraq invasion, Vice President Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld attended a council meeting. more...  1 Comments

New York City Smoker's Unite!

Jim the cigar man | Smoking and Dancing are going to be outlawed in NYC soon. more...  30 Comments

Weds 10/26 Stop Killer Coke - Global Tour & NYC Press Conf, Rally,March

UNITED STUDENTS AGAINST SWEATSHOPS | Pressure Mounts on Coca-Cola in Murder of Workers at its Bottling Plant in Colombia
Lea sobre la accion en Nueva York este miercoles y luego la gira norteamericana - Read about NYC Action first this Wednesday and then the North American Tour also below: more...  0 Comments

This Wednesday 7pm: Activist forum on "The Revolution Will Not Be Funded: Non-Profits, NGOs & Social Movements"

Max Uhlenbeck |
Please come out this Wednesday night for an important movement discussion with activists & organizers from around New York City. Also this is a magazine release event and fundraiser for Left Turn magazine & Sista ii Sista, come out and support! more...  0 Comments

When The Levee Breaks…

David van Deusen | A full account of the New orleans/Katrina crisis. From police murdering citizens, to the National Guard on night patrol, to the Ninth Ward, to Whiskey in the French Quarter. more...  0 Comments

100,000 RINGS: In Remembrance of the Iraqi Dead

Voices for Creative Nonviolence | New York -- Beginning at 12 noon on October 24, bells will toll in remembrance of the more than 100,000 Iraqis who have died as a consequence of the occupation in Iraq. A bell will toll each minute to memorialize the Iraqi fallen. We want to send a message to our Iraqi brothers and sisters that we are not indifferent to their grief. As the bell sounds, we also grieve for every deceased and wounded Iraqi, for every person tortured and detained and disappeared. We grieve for every orphan and widow. more...  0 Comments

More thorns in Bloomberg's side....

Peter B. | Already chilling the champaign and practicing his acceptance speeches, Mike Bloomberg is still being probed, prodded and hounded about on the web. All this, as a welcoming into his 4th complete year as a public servant (?) and his ferver of being re-elected as mayor of NYC. Questions are now being asked as to the validity of Bloomy's "press releases" and mayorial goings on about the city over the last 4 years. more...  0 Comments

Victory as Tito Kayak walks free

Arturo J. Pérez Saad | The U.S. wanted to criminalize Kayak’s action. The district attorney hoped to give him 90 days in prison. But this hearing came soon after the cowardly assassination of independence fighter Filiberto Ojeda Ríos in Puerto Rico by an FBI hit squad. The Puerto Rican community was angry and activated, and came out in large numbers to the Manhattan court. more...  0 Comments

Amiri Baraka Monday

todd | ~~ more...  3 Comments

Photos from the 10th Annual National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality

October 22 Coalition-NY | Despite a forecast of pouring rain, about 100 stepped out to the streets to mark the 10th Annual National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation in New York City.
more...  4 Comments

Photos Prove: CIA Undermined New York Times Reporting

David Roknich |
Photos and transcription of evidence against the CIA: 51 years of undermining the New York Times. more...  1 Comments


t | - more...  0 Comments

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