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Human Rights

Public Housing Residents Seize New Orleans Government Office

Mike - Community Voices Heard | Public Housing residents from around the country have just taken over the Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO). The public building that they have occupied has been surrounded by the National Guard, the New Orleans Police, including a SWAT team. It is now two years after Katrina and New Orleans public housing residents are still prevented from returning to their homes. Public housing residents and advocates from Miami, New Orleans, Georgia, Texas, Rhode Island, Chicago, California, and New York have taken over the HANO offices at 4100 Touro St. to demand that public housing, both in New Orleans and around the country, is saved, preserved, and expanded. more...  4 Comments

The Quran remarks of Mr Wilders/Fina breach with human and constitutional rights

Astrid Essed | With his recent hateprovoking remarks, in which he pleaded in favour of a ban on the Quran and also made a comparison between this Holy Book and ''Mein Kampf', the biography of Adolf Hitler, The Dutch right-wing politician G Wilders has declared war on the fundamental human rights, which are the heart of real civilisation more...  0 Comments

Movement to Save Kenneth Foster Wins Historic Victory

Lee Wengraf, Campaign to End the Death Penalty | Family members and supporters of Kenneth Foster, Jr. are jubilant in the reaction to Texas Governor Rick Perry's today's announcement today that he would commute the death sentence of Kenneth Foster, who was convicted under the controversial "Law of Parties" for a 1996 murder in which he had no actual involvement. The Board of Pardons and Paroles had recommened clemency by a vote of 6-1. Foster's execution had been scheduled for tonight. || Houston IMC Coverage || Background From the Indypendent: "Worst of the Worst? Texas Premeditates the Murder of a Man Who Killed No One." || "Welfare Poets Slam Death Penalty: A Review of “Cruel and Unusual Punishment.'" || Indypendent Reporter Renee Feltz on Democracy Now more...  5 Comments

H.I.J.O.S. México: Renombramiento de calle, hagamos de la memoria un verbo

cml-df | Cambiaremos el nombre de esa calle porque estamos convencidos de que ningún genocida merece que los espacios públicos de nuestra ciudad lleven su nombre, así como nadie merece vivir en una vía que rinda homenaje a un delincuente impune. more...  0 Comments

The War on Working Americans - Part II

Stephen Lendman | Part II on how working Americans are losing out. more...  0 Comments

Stop the War Against Women at Home & Abroad

David Dixon | Unite against sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia!
Unite against economic exploitation!
Unite to win everything we need!
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Mumia Abu-Jamal Emergency Protest

Partisan Defense Committee | IF the Third Circuit Court of Appeals rules to uphold the death sentence or denies Mumia's appeals for a new trial or a new hearing, the PDC and LBL call: ALL OUT TO AN EMERGENCY PROTEST! The day after a decision.

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Luis Posada Carriles, the White House terrorist

posted by F Espinoza | In an article published on April 10, 2007, president Fidel Castro declared, “Orders for Kathleen Cardone’s decision could only have come from the White House. President Bush constantly avoided the issue of the criminal and terrorist character of the accused. He was protected and charged with a simple immigration violation.” ... more...  0 Comments

Appalachian Grandfather Seeks Justice in NYC; School children & communities at risk

antrim caskey | West Virginia grand-father Ed Wiley, 49, will arrive in New York City's Rockefeller Plaza at 7:00am on September 1 , 2007, to voice his concerns about the safety of some 230 elementary school children in the southern West Virginia coalfields. Targeting the live cameras of the "Today Show" and the crowds at Rockefeller Plaza, Wiley will stake out his spot to draw the nation's attention to the dirty business of Mountaintop Removal / Valley Fill Coal Mining that is ravaging the Appalachian region and its people.

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Seventy schools without opening, in New Orleans

Francesc Arnau i Arias | Encara hi ha 250.000 veïns i veïnes de New Orleans desplaçats per tots els Estats Units, que no poden tornar a casa seva, perquè no poden reconstruir-la, ni tenen feina, ni cap altre mitjà de recuperar-se. Setanta escoles de la ciutat encara estan tancades. No hi ha hospitals ni serveis psiquiàtrics per a la gent que no té assegurança. Alguns dels desplaçats a altres estats, es troben que la seva assegurança de l’estat de Louisiana no els serveix, allà... Els 1175 bilions de dòlars previstos per subvencionar les víctimes, a partir dels pressupostos federals, encara estan congelats...
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Movement for Justice in El Barrio Marches Against Gentrification

Xavier Tayo | On Sunday over a hundred people gathered to march against gentrification in East Harlem. The Movement for Justice in El Barrio organized the march to call attention to the buying up large tracts of El Barrio and the displacement of long time residents. more...  1 Comments


Ben Davis | Barring a miracle – and miracles are in short order on Texas’ death row – Kenneth Foster is likely to die Thursday. The battle around his case has been a heroic one. Kenneth’s horrifying story of being condemned to death on a misapplication of an already draconian legal monstrosity – Texas’ “Law of Parties,” which enshrines guilt by association – as well as his own clear-eyed and articulate work telling his story and speaking out for others, have won him a host of supporters. more...  3 Comments


Committee DEFEND-NY | Prof. Jose Maria Sison arrested in the Netherlands. Demand his release in front of the Dutch Consulate, NY 29 August, 4pm 11 Rockefeller Plaza, NY

UPHOLD HUMAN RIGHTS!!! more...  2 Comments

Puerto Rican Independence Rally September 23 @ Times Square and UN!! | Puerto Rico is the oldest colony on the planet, first invaded by Spain in 1493, then in 1898 by the United States. After 109 years, it continues under U.S. colonial rule. more...  0 Comments

Providence Protesters Urge 'Justice'

By Mark Arsenault and Lynn Arditi | NORTH PROVIDENCE — Clenched fists raised, close to 200 protesters yesterday denounced the North Providence police and demanded "justice" for a protester seriously injured two weeks ago while demonstrating at an Asian restaurant on Mineral Spring Avenue.
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Pelham Bay Peace | Kenneth Foster was a robber. He was a drug user. He was a teenager making very bad decisions.

He is not an innocent man.

But Mr. Foster is not a killer.

Still, the State of Texas plans to put him to death Thursday.
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HUGO CHAVEZ | Got this email.. pass it along....

Dear students,

On October 8th (3 PM), in Rosenthal Pavilion, Dr. Jorge Castaneda will be hosting an event in the Voices of Latin America Lecture Series, featuring Vicente Fox, former-President of Mexico. We expect about 125-150 attendees, including students, faculty and staff of NYU and members of the press and the general public. more...  1 Comments

Smithfield Raid, Elvira Deported, Detainee Deaths

Weekly News Update | Before dawn on Aug. 22, ICE agents swept up 15 men and 13 women in the area around Tar Heel, North Carolina, in what it called "targeted arrests" for alleged identity theft. Most of those detained were current or former
workers at the Smithfield Foods plant in Tar Heel, the world's largest pork processing plant. more...  0 Comments

NYC Anti-Racist Action Benefit Show! September 15th at Vox Pop!

NYC ARA | After being arrested a few weeks ago at an anti-immigrant rally, local ARA activists need legal support. more...  0 Comments

Mumia Abu-Jamal Emergency Protest

Partisan Defense Committee | IF the Third Circuit Court of Appeals rules to uphold the death sentence or denies Mumia's appeals for a new trial or a new hearing, the PDC and LBL call: ALL OUT TO AN EMERGENCY PROTEST! The day after a decision. more...  0 Comments

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