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Human Rights


E. SAN JUAN, Jr. | Colluding with U.S. & Filipino reactionaries, Dutch fascist authorities arrested Jose Maria Sison, the world-renowned left activist, and raided the National Democratic Front International Information Office in Holland. This is a clear example of State Terrorism in the service of predatory imperialist capital. Progressives and democrats everywhere should protest this outrage and support the Filipino people's struggle for justice, equality, and true independence. more...  0 Comments

The Speech of the Chief - Documentary about indigenous peoples and nuclear power

marcia gomes | The Speech of the Chief - Nuclear Energy on indigenous lands:
this is a new documentary DVD which we made together with the Chief of the Guarani Mbyá village Sapukai, close to the Nuclear Power Stations Angra 1, and Angra 2 in Brazil.

more...  0 Comments

Medical Imperialism

Borko Amulic | A review of The Body Hunters: Testing New Drugs on the World’s Poorest Patents by Sonia Shah

The New Press 2006
more...  3 Comments

Where is NYC IMC Coverage on the Taxi Drivers Strike

tw | Here is a link to Philly IMC's coverage of the taxi Drivers Strike in Philly. It is important that NY IMC figures out a way to counter the dominant message out there which disempowers some of the most exploited workers in the CITY. DO YOUR JOB! more...  5 Comments

Environmental Justice vs. Mining

jade | environmental ecocide and social injustices perpetrated on developing and 3rd world countries. more...  1 Comments

Saving Iceland workshop @ Times up!

jason | Learn how people are taking action to stop the envi-ronmental and social injustices perpetrated by multinational
aluminum corporations in Iceland, leading up to international demonstrations on Sept 12. more...  1 Comments

SISON: Sights & Sounds of a Hero

DEFEND NY | Join us for two nights of sights and sounds (films and poetry) in NYC celebrating Joma's life's work and to amplify the international campaign to release him from detention in the Netherlands. more...  0 Comments

Pan Africanist Congress of Azania on U.S. Tour

Uhuru Tours | While much of the world believes that freedom has been won in South Africa, the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC) is exposing to the world that conditions for Africans today are worse than under the apartheid system! more...  0 Comments

NYC anti-IMF interest and planning meeting--- TOMORROW

leijia | the international monetary fund is meeting october 19th-21st in
washington, DC. wanna go to the anti-IMF actions? wanna know more about
what's being planned? wanna get in on the organizing and meet other
curious people? more...  0 Comments

September NYC Political Prisoner Newsletter

NYC Anarchist Black Cross | September Upcoming Events, News, and Updates from the Political Prisoner, Prisoner of War, and Anti-Repression Support Communities of the New York area and Beyond!

brought to you by the NYC Anarchist Black Cross and our friends. . . more...  0 Comments

Happy Work Day!

Trotsky the Horse | "Labor under Capitalism is the absence of Work as surely as Vanilla is the absence of Chocolate." more...  0 Comments

The 9/11 Asbestos Poisoning: A Waiting Nightmare in NYC

Franklin's Focus + Henk Ruyssenaars | The 'inside job' of 9/11 and the WTC drama probably also had unknown millions of people poisoned by asbestos clouds: "Either this is the most horrific story I’ve ever heard in my life, or those people are completely crazy. It couldn’t have happened." - Quote from The New York Times. - But it did... more...  0 Comments

NYC September Political Prisoner Newsletter

NYC Anarchist Black Cross | September Upcoming Events, News, and Updates from the Political Prisoner, Prisoner of War, and Anti-Repression Support Communities of the New York area and Beyond!

brought to you by the NYC Anarchist Black Cross (nycabc[at] and our friends. . . more...  0 Comments

Hector Cerezo: Prisoners Today, Forever Free

cml-df | One day they dragged them out of their house illegally without a search warrant. The Cerezo brothers were tortured and then were subjected to a gigantic media montage and thrown into maximum security prisons. The news media and bureaucratic inertia found them guilty although none of the charges against them have ever been proved and all the evidence has vanished. more...  0 Comments

Worldwide support for Cuban Five grows

posted by F Espinoza | The Cuban Five—Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando González and René González—were prosecuted for defending Cuba from U.S.-backed terrorists. They were arrested in Miami Sept. 12, 1998 by the FBI and charged with espionage conspiracy, murder conspiracy and failure to register as foreign agents—a total of 26 counts... more...  1 Comments

King Coal Thanks Bank of America

antrim caskey | A small group of activists performed a hilarious street theatre piece in front of a large Bank of America branch on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue Friday evening, September 31, 2007. The costumed activists represented a gloating "King Coal," who gleefully thanked patrons walking in and out of the branch for their money, and several other coal- smeared opponents, who stood for the land and people of Appalachia. more...  1 Comments

New Orleans Relief Work: Stagnant? Affirmative? Effective?

Izzy Jagninski | A look into a New Orleans Relief Organization more...  0 Comments

August NYC Critical Mass report

roger m | It was the 3rd anniversary of the mammoth (5000 est.) Republican National Convention Critical Mass. The police presence at Union Square was substantial and intimidating. But for the 3rd month in a row the eventual ride was inspiring, cop free and without incident. more...  2 Comments

Cyclists CAUTION - beware Union Square on Friday

citizen | The NYPD has conducted a nasty campaign of harassing cyclists passing though the Union Square area on the last Friday of the last few months. more...  6 Comments

911 General Strike Gains Momentum

Michael Collins | Strike activities are growing by the day. Formal events are listed below but there’s more. Every citizen is empowered by this essentially leaderless, egoless movement. This is one case where the people will actually lead if they choose. The impact of major public participation would shock those in power who ignore what they see as a passive public. more...  2 Comments

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