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Human Rights

Ubiquitous Surveillance: Mayor Bloomberg's New Clothes

SCP | denunciation of Mayor Bloomberg's surveillance dreams more...  0 Comments

What Happened to the Katrina Survivors

Big Easy | The contrast between the promised help and the real suspicion is what gives Desert Bayou its initial drama. Numbed evacuees step on dry ground - and their bags are immediately searched. They are taken to Utah’s Camp Williams military base to live inside gates and under a curfew. Tight-faced residents explain that the measures are for the evacuees’ own good, but under their words runs an electric current of fear. more...  0 Comments

INFORME SOBRE CHIAPAS, los síntomas, la enfermedad...

cml-df | El plan según los de arriba funcionaría en tres pasos: primero, acabar con el movimiento zapatista mediante una entrada del ejército; segundo, arrebatarles a las bases de apoyo zapatistas su medio de autogestión y autonomía(la tierra) y tercero, abrir el camino a la inversión para que empresas transnacionales (o nacionales) privaticen y exploten las riquezas de la región. more...  0 Comments

Freedom of expresion banned in Spain

Likiniano | 23 leaders of basque leftist organisation Batasuna inprisoned more...  0 Comments

4 de octubre: Inicia Encuentro de Pueblos Indígenas de América

cml-df | En medio de la peor escalada de agresiones contra las comunidades zapatistas desde 1998, el Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional , a través de su Comisión Sexta, participará y ha co-convocado junto a Pueblos Indígenas del Norte y el Congreso Nacional Indígena. more...  0 Comments

New video shows how government “data-mining” harms privacy

Hope Marston & Ben Grosscup | The 26-minute video "FBI Unbound" is being shown in towns across the U.S. this fall -- especially on October 26, the anniversary of the PATRIOT Act. more...  0 Comments

Picture the Homeless Pushes Citizens Journalism Projects

Sam J Miller | This week, Picture the Homeless takes two big steps forward into the exciting world of new media. We are unveiling a blog, where homeless activists will provide policy analysis and "inside views" of the failures of the system - and we're also proud to finally have clips from our homeless-made documentary films up on YouTube. more...  0 Comments

"Top City Produce" Workers Locked Out

Worker Freedom | October 03, 2007

PICKET PLANNED SATURDAY, OCT 6 AT 5:30 AM more...  0 Comments

October NYC Political Prisoner Newsletter

NYC Anarchist Black Cross | October Newsletter from the Political Prisoner, Prisoners of War, and Anti-Repression Support Communities of New York and Beyond!

brought to you by the NYC Anarchist Black Cross with help from our friends . . . more...  0 Comments

Police State Tactics for a Police State!

Debbie Lewis | What is happening in the United States? Our representatives and those sworn to protect us are negating their oaths of office, in turn, stamping on our Constitutional rights. more...  0 Comments

Second Set of Disappearances Continue

Ted Stein | If extraordinary renditions were the sanitized words used to describe the first set of disappearances, transfer and repatriation are the sanitized words being used to describe the second set of disappearances. Yesterday, the Department of Defense 'transferred' eight more prisoners from Guantanamo to governments where torture and indefinite detentions are common. more...  0 Comments

Stop the Deportation of Malachy Mc Allister

Concerned Group for Republican Prisoners | About the McAllister Family:

The McAllister's are political refugees from Northern Ireland who have been resident in the United States for a number of years, having fled for their lives from their homeland when pro-British loyalists attempted to assassinate them due to their political beliefs. After living and working and raising their family in this country since that time, they now find themselves in danger of being denied political asylum and of being deported to Belfast, where they fear for their lives. more...  0 Comments

The Cuban Five: Imprisoned for opposing Terrorism

posted by F Espinoza | The National Lawyers Guild and several legal and human rights organizations have called on the U.N. Human Rights Committee and the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Torture to launch a formal investigation of the United States government’s continuing violation of human rights of five political prisoners known as the Cuban Five. more...  0 Comments



After a third death in the Houston Street construction zone, Time’s Up! remembers the lives lost and pushes the City to take action.
more...  0 Comments

NYC, the NYPD, the RNC, and Me: Fortress NYC

Nick Turse | Since then, the city's security forces have eagerly embraced an Escape From New York-aesthetic -- an urge to turn Manhattan into a walled-in fortress island under high-tech government surveillance, guarded by heavily armed security forces, with helicopters perpetually overhead. Beginning in Harlem in 2006, near the site of two new luxury condos, the NYPD set up a moveable "two-story booth tower, called Sky Watch," that gave an "officer sitting inside a better vantage point from which to monitor the area." The Panopticon-like structure -- originally used by hunters to shoot quarry from overhead and now also utilized by the Department of Homeland Security along the Mexican border -- was outfitted with black-tinted windows, a spotlight, sensors, and four to five cameras. Now, five Sky Watch towers are in service, rotating in and out of various neighborhoods. more...  11 Comments

Demonstrators demand UN Action on Burma, Condemn China

Alex Kane | In response to the recent military crackdown in Burma, around a hundred people rallied outside of the United Nations, chanting “Free, Free Burma” and “UN Security Council Take Action Now”. The initial protest of two hundred people started at 12 PM in front of the Burmese Mission to the UN, and was then moved to right outside the United Nations on 47th and 1st Avenue. The latter part of the protest lasted till about 6 PM. Given that the protest was for the whole day, snacks and water were on hand for the demonstrators. A lot of people dressed in red, showing solidarity for the Burmese monks who are being violently repressed for protesting the rise in Burmese fuel prices. The majority of the crowd was filled with Burmese exiles and exiled Burmese monks, as well as students and activists. more...  7 Comments

Sign the Petition for Katrina Survivors to return Home!

forwarded by Skinny John | Sign the Petition to President George W. Bush!
please spread the statement and petition as far and as wide as you can to
keep the momentum going and growing. more...  0 Comments

IMF/WB actions info-session, discussion, and training! SUNDAY 10/07

october rebellion | THIS COMING SUNDAY, October 7th, we will be hosting an NYC consulta for the upcoming anti-World Bank/IMF actions in Washington, DC (October 18-21). more...  0 Comments

The Death of the Pursuit of the Dream, by Mumia Abu-Jamal

Mumia Abu-Jamal | From San Francisco, to Brooklyn: from Philadelphia, to Buffalo; in cities on both coasts and in places in between, we are seeing the loss of homes by working families, many of whom have been duped into acquiring, not homes, but the sub prime loans that made home-buying possible.

Many of these loans were made with what's called adjustable rate mortgages (or ARM's). more...  0 Comments

Protest at Burmese Mission in support of Monks Saffron Revolution

Michael Oman-Reagan |
Amnesty International members around the world are holding a series of demonstrations outside Burmese embassies and high profile public locations calling for the Myanmar authorities not to respond with violence, but to respect the human right to peaceful protest. more...  0 Comments

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