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Human Rights

Wear Red on October 31, 2007 (Ending Violence Against Women of Color)

forwarded by Skinny John | We are asking for community groups, grass-root organizations, college campus students and groups, communities of faith, online communities, and individuals to join us in speaking out against violence against women of color. more...  0 Comments

Showdown at Columbia

Michael Gould-Wartofsky | When David Horowitz returns to Columbia University next Friday to mark his organization’s much-hyped “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week” (IFAW), he will find a determined and “dangerous” opposition, coming from a coalition of concerned students and up to nine of Horowitz’s “101 Most Dangerous Professors.” more...  5 Comments

The Siege of Gaza - Israeli Apartheid, US Imperialism: Monday at Columbia

Adalah-NY | Laila El-Haddad, Darryl Li and Toufic Haddad will discuss realities on the ground in Gaza, the Hamas-Fateh conflict, and Israeli/US efforts to install friendly regimes in the Middle East, and to overthrow those who oppose their efforts to dominate the region. more...  0 Comments

Oct. 26 - Take Action: Speak Out Against "Islamo-Facism Awareness Week

forwarded by Skinny John | From the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation. For more info, see more...  0 Comments


Thomas Riggins | The war waging Congress gives "humanitarian" praise to DL more...  0 Comments


Lee W. | Join the Campaign to End the Death Penalty at the NYC Tour stop: more...  0 Comments

N.Y. failing to act on wrongful convictions: study

peace fem | Mainstream Media report about DNA evidence ignored. Note: Presidential candidate Giuliani has private business intests in a big DNA-bank company. He held back DNA evidence on rape cases for his entire mayoral stewardship. Victems and investigators had the samples but prison inmate DNA samples were NEVER matched up to the samples. This promotes rape. more...  0 Comments

Iraq Moratorium events taking place tomorrow, the third Friday of the month.

John O'Hagan | Tomorrow will see three events being held for the Iraq Moratorium. One by Military families speak out, the second by New School SDS and the third by Harlem residents asking for peace. more...  1 Comments

Friday for Andy Stepanian!

backhaver | What:
Benefit Show for Andy Stepanian!
of the SHAC7

1087 Broadway (between Lawton and Dodworth Streets, above Goodbye Blue Monday), Bushwick, Brooklyn more...  1 Comments

Response to Attacks on Israel Boycott

New York City Labor Against the War (NYCLAW) | It is no more unfairly selective or one-sided than the isolation of apartheid South Africa, a campaign in which we and many others actively participated. This boycott -- many of whose supporters are Jewish -- DOES NOT target Israel for its ethnicity, but for theft and colonization of Arab lands, denial of equality to Arab-Palestinians in Israel, and violation of Palestinian Refugees' right to return home. more...  1 Comments


forwarded by Skinny John | March Purpose: To bring national and statewide support to Charleston
resident Megan Williams, the Williams Family and victims of other hate
crimes nationwide. more...  0 Comments

Native Americans/Hemp/Sustainability "Standing Silent Nation" film screening

White Plumes | Tue Oct 23 7PM film "Standing Silent Nation" at Solidarity Center 55 West 17th Street #5C (5th/6th Ave)
Debra & Alex White Plume will be at screening for Q & A (Question & Answer)

more...  1 Comments

Columbia says no to racist acts on campus

John O'Hagan | Columbia students and faculty rallied against a series racist events that have recently occurred on their campus. Wearing orange, a diverse crowd of 40 people stood in front of Dodge Hall on campus and
heard speakers. more...  2 Comments

Mumia on Senator Clinton: "The Aura of Inevitability"

Mumia Abu-Jamal | Hillary R. Clinton is running on a record of failure. For, while she is admittedly a popular Senator, who has paid due attention to some of her constituents, she is part of a Congress that has been woeful in its failure to rein in a power-mad presidency on the big issues, of war and peace, of torture, secret prisons, wiretapping, and the like.

Millions of people went to the polls in November 2006 with a message in the bottle: end this damned war.

They have been frustrated because their apparent victory has been as hollow as a hula-hoop. more...  0 Comments

Beyond the Wall: Sources of Iran’s Terror Campaign in Balochistan

Belaar Baloch | At present, the Baloch are suffering a “second revolution.” Under the leadership of Khomeini’s faithful followers, there are those who vow to take the revolution back to its roots. This new generation of followers has recently renewed their hostility towards the Baloch and other ethnic groups, particularly those concentrated in bordering regions. more...  1 Comments

Expanding the Frame: The Holy Land Foundation Case

Beth Freed | The Holy Land Foundation was the largest Islamic charity in the nation. Its trial has serious repercussions for domestic issues, such as the right to face one's accusers in court and domestic wiretapping, as well as international concerns, like Palestine and the so-called "War on Terror." Cut through the propaganda and get informed. more...  2 Comments

Racist Torture Victim Megan Williams Speaks

forwarded by Skinny John | Interview with a victim of an unspeakably brutal hate crime. more...  5 Comments

Government Sanctioned Bombing of Appalachia from

antrim caskey | From Full Article can be viewed here: more...  1 Comments

Case of Iraq Humanitarian Traveler Goes the the Full Federal Court

Judith Karpova | In the penultimate step before considering whether to take her case to the Supreme Court, Judith Karpova of Kerhonkson, NY, has challenged the 3-member Second Circuit Federal Court of Appeals in their August 28th ruling against her for travel to Iraq prior to the 2003 war. more...  0 Comments

Join us Tuesday for Political Prisoner Letter Writing Dinner at 123!

NYC Anarchist Black Cross | Tuesday October 16th (and every other Tues.)
7pm Political Prisoner Letter-Writing Night at 123!
brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Anarchist Black Cross more...  1 Comments

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