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Human Rights

Mayaguez Students Occupy ROTC Building

todd, forwarding | Students joined together in the Filiberto Ojeda Rios Contingent to occupy an Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) building in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. Umbrella group named for Independista leader and here recently assassinated by FBI.
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NYU Union-Busting, Anti-Union Propaganda

Sean Nortz | The NYU administration continues with its union-busting campaign after the announcement of a strike by the graduate students union several days ago, to begin Wednesday, November 9th. The attitude displays leads one to believe that the battle will be long and hard, with a harsh and even violent response to the strike action. more...  1 Comments

"Fire The Boss" Tour Comes to NYC

Green Worker Cooperatives | 5PM, Sat. Nov. 12th - Argentinian workers that have taken over their factories, clinics, and hotels will be in the South Bronx to share their experiences building a new democratic and worker-controlled economy. The evening will feature a special One-Night-Only screening of "The Take" a truly inspiring film for workers and unemployed people everywhere, by Avi Lewis & Naomi Klein. more...  0 Comments



WHERE: US Military Recruitment Island,
44th and Broadway, in Times Square

WHEN: Tomorrow, Friday, November 4th, 5:30pm

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Warren Andersen of Union Carbide: Licensed to Kill

David Roknich |
"I'm going to stay out to expose the inequality - corporate executives don't go to jail for high crimes and little citizens go to jail for misdemeanors."

Diane Wilson isn't responsible for the painful deaths of 8000 people in a flaming holocaust like the one that has brought down an indictment on Warren Andersen of Union Carbide. Disasters of the sort created by Andersen's negligence in Bhopal India are beginning to occur up and down the coast of Texas, thanks to a wink and a nod from their well-funded congressional delegation led by Tom Delay. more...  0 Comments

Neo-Wilsonism Dead in Iran

David Roknich |

"Usama, iranians do not want a theocratic state,religion should be put aside, and democracy take hold.and no we dont need america's help."

"Iranian Girl" Blog

A new secular Iran is evolving from the cocoon of its traditional culture. The cocoon serves a purpose, until the new creature casts it aside and takes wing.
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Hot97 Bans Paid Ad for World Can't Wait Walk-outs

the burningman | As if the Tsunami song wasn't bad enough, the corporate parent company of Hot97, where "hip hop rules the world" has forbidden a paid public service announcement by Boots Reily of the rap group The Coup from going out on the airwaves today. more...  6 Comments

Call to Action- Road Trip for Relief! Reclaim the Gulf! (Week of Thanksgiving)

Kimberly | Come lend a hand over the week of Thanksgiving until November 27th. That's less than four weeks away!
The folks at Common Ground invite you to join an estimated 300 volunteers from around the continent to converge in New Orleans the week of Thanksgiving.We want to encourage those in attendance to arrive with building & clearning supplies, donated equipment and, if possible, funds that can apply directly to help rebuild and the 9th Ward.

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NYU Grad Student Union Authorizes Strike

Sean Nortz | NYU Graduate Students, through GSOC/Local 2110 UAW, have authorized a strike this morning which will result in a complete stoppage of work by graduate students in response to the administration's refusal to renew their contract, which expired on August 31, 2005 (the National Labor Relations Board, composed largely of apointees from a reactionary Bush administration, determined, contrary to a 2000 ruling, that universities do not have to negotiate with graduate student unions). A contract "offered" to the union by the administration in August was "little more than a public relations stunt" which acquiesced to none of the principal demands in an acceptable fashion.

The graduate students and their union have the overwhelming support of undergraduate students, faculty, and the rest of the NYU community. The administration must now show what its priorities are through its response to the strike.

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Wolf in volunteer's clothing

F.P. (Free Person) | Please read and repost..... more...  4 Comments

GABNet Holds Emergency Candlelight Vigil to Protest Crimes Against Humanity in the Philippines

GABRIELA Network | Women’s group GABRIELA Network commemorates Philippine Women’s Day of Protest, holds emergency nationwide candlelight vigil to protest human rights violations perpetrated by Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and US President Bush’s so-called War on Terror. more...  0 Comments

We Can Win; Now When We Take a Stand for Human Rights It Means More. .

Eric LeCompte | With legislation on the verge of passing to close the "School of the Assassins", the time has come this November to stand up against violence, torture, and war! This Nov. 18-20 we ask that all those who stand for justice and democracy join us at the gates of The U.S. Army School of the Americas (SOA/WHINSEC), in Fort Benning, Georgia. In November of 1989, 14-yr old Cecilia Ramos, her mother, and 6 Jesuit Priests were murdered by a Salvadoran Death Squad attempting to instill fear in anyone who raised their voice against El Salvador's military. This November - as the 15th anniversary of the SOA Watch movement and support for legislation HR 1217 on the verge of closing the school - we need YOU, your family and friends, to join us at the gates in Fort Benning to end the violence and demand justice and freedom. more...  0 Comments

Filipinos Rally in NYC to Denounce Recent Political Killings in Philippines; Condemn Killer Arroyo Regime From Historic

NYCHRP | Indignation rally following an emergency public forum on rising state terror in the Philippines. Organized by the NY Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines (NYCHRP) and the national alliance of Filipino-American organization BAYAN USA. more...  0 Comments

The Mindless American: A Tragedy In The Making

populist | shameful is the fact that there are people who seem not to care that such things are taking place in our country more...  0 Comments


Rebekah Hedrick (via One People's Project) | Article From the One People's Project Website. more...  0 Comments

Democracy Denied: Haiti's Endless Revolution

Derrick O'Keefe |
A few precious voices have been working overtime to reveal
the grisly reality of Haiti today, now under UN occupation in the
wake of a February 29, 2004 coup d''tat. Nicolas Rossier's new
documentary, Aristide and the Endless Revolution, featured at the Vancouver International Film Festival(VIFF), marks an
important contribution to the struggle to disseminate the truth about
Haiti's hard struggle for self-determination. more...  0 Comments

Images: Critical Mass

fred askew | Photographs from the October 2005 NYC Critical Mass more...  0 Comments

London: Bike cops outnumbered 100:1 at first mass since attempted criminalisation

wheeee | In a huge (for London) show of defiance after cops attempted to classify the mass as an 'unauthorised demonstration', giving them powers to arrest any participant, 2000 riders, including a now-mobile samba band and a couple of soundsystems flounced both the police's ban ( and the mile-wide protest exclusion zone around Parliament ( more...  1 Comments

Halloween Critical Mass After Party: with Free Valet Bike Parking!!

X^ | If you are riding tonight and you feel like you need to take a break: at 49 east Houston st, there will be free secure VALET BIKE PARKING and you can come at anytime after 7pm. There will also be lawyers available and information about your friends and loved ones who were also on the ride. Times Up will also be collecting any and all photography and video you have for future use.
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Police Crack Down on Cyclists Day Before Critical Mass.

Sebastian C. | One biker notes: "Heads up everyone! Looks like the crackdown is starting a day early this month... I wasn't privy to any ticketing myself, but it looks like they're itching to ticket any and all cyclists this fine day."

[Another Report of Aggressive Ticketing] more...  8 Comments

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