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Human Rights

North American New Humanist Forum in New York City, November 16-18, 2007

Humanist Movement | The North American New Humanist Forum is being formed to encourage thinking beyond borders in order to help forge a new regional consciousness in North America, an important intermediary step in the formation of the future Universal Human Nation to which we aspire.

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NYC activists head to Fort Benning, Georgia for anti-militarization mobiliation | Join NYC area activists at the gates of Fort Benning, Georgia at the vigil and help support nonviolent direct action to close the SOA and to change U.S. foreign policy. more...  0 Comments

From the Indy Archives: Reporting From Pakistan

Sarah Stuteville / The Common Language Project | As turmoil engulfs Pakistan, the Indypendent takes a trip back through its archives for recent firsthand coverage of the country.

(from the June 29, 2006 Indypendent): "Walking Out of Slavery: For Pakistan’s Bonded Laborers, Freedom Is The Beginning Of A New Struggle."

(from the January 10, 2007 Indypendent): "Reflections from Pakistan." I was in Pakistan for a little over a month last year reporting on the issue of bonded labor and debt slavery in the country. Though Pakistan was only one of the ten countries I visited in an eight-month tour, it looms the largest in my memory. I was fascinated by this country so at odds with itself: as feudal as it is modern, as isolated from as it is harassed by the international community, as hospitable as it is hostile. But the real reason Pakistan is still on my mind is because America won’t let me forget it.

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National Lawyers Guild supports Campaign to Free Ahmad Sa'adat

Campaign to Free Ahmad Sa'adat | The 70th convention of the National Lawyers Guild, a national progressive legal
organization in the United States, passed the following resolution in support
of the Campaign to Free Ahmad Sa'adat on November 2, 2007, on the eve of Ahmad
Sa'adat's next hearing. more...  0 Comments


NLG-NYC | The National Lawyers Guild, NYC-NLG Chapter, Center for Constitutional Rights, Society of American Law Teachers ( SALT), Alliance for Justice, have called for demonstrations at Pakistani Consulates in New York City , Washington, D.C., Chicago, San Francisco , Los Angeles & Boston in solidarity with Lawyers in Pakistan on Tuesday, November 13th at 1:00pm.
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Harold Pinter: Free the Cuban Five

posted by F Espinoza | British dramatist and political activist Harold Pinter, recipient of the Nobel Prize in literature in 2005, added his voice to the demand for liberation of the antiterrorist Cuban Five imprisoned in the US for more than nine years. more...  0 Comments

16 year old Anti Fascist Killed by Nazis in Madrid

antif@ | Reports are coming in that a 16 year old anti fascist named Carlos was stabbed and killed this morning by a Nazi as Carlos was on his way to an anti nazi demonstration. The attack occurred on the subway in Madrid, Spain. Two other anti fascists were injured in this same attack. In response demonstrators blocked streets in Madrid and attacked banks.
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Border Patrol Brutalizes No Borders Camp Demonstration

ayr | At the end of a bi-national march from the site of the No Borders Camp and rally at the Mexicali/Calexico port of entry, around 100 Border Patrol officers and attacked a group of about 30 demonstrators on the u.s. side and with pepper gas pellets, tazers, and batons. more...  0 Comments

Harlem Protest on Columbia U. Sends Clear Message

John O'Hagan | Protestors marched on Harlem to protest the planned expansion of the Columbia campus into working class neighborhoods in Harlem, as well as the concern for the safety of a planned biological research laboratory. Student hunger strikers joined the protest as well. more...  4 Comments

Nov. 13 Protest Demolition of New Orleans Public Housing

forwarded by Skinny John | Activists nationwide stand in solidarity to save
public housing expose and corruption
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Venezuela: Reforms take away what is gained through the struggle

El Libertario, Venezuela | *This is the editorial of the latest edition of El Libertario(Venezuela, #51, November 2007, now available -in spanish- in in which this mouthpiece of Venezuelan Anarchism set outs its position with regard to the Constitutional Reforms which the current Government seeks to impose on this country.
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Benefit for Lynne Stewart

Pat Levasseur | A benefit for the Lynne Stewart Defense Committee.

A Concert Reading by Norman Thomas Marshall co-author and actor of JOHN BROWN: TRUMPET OF FREEDOM.

"Even in heaven it seems, Karl Marx is a troublemaker. But in the deft and loving hands of activist/author/historian Howard Zinn, the historical figure... is also a father, a husband and a futurist possessing a grand sense of humor." -ForeWord

When: Saturday, November 17 @ 8:30 PM
Where: St Marks-in-the-Bowery Parrish Hall
East 10th St. at Second Ave.
Reservations 212 - 625-9696
Suggested Donation $10.00

Hosts for the event: Lynne Stewart, Mario Fratti, playwright Vinie Burrows, performer, activist Panama Vicente Alba, activist Martha Swan, John Brown Lives Tim Wise, Eugene V. Debs, David Walker, William Hayward, Elijah P. Lovejoy ,
Howard Zinn and Karl Marx

Q&A and reception after the performance.
(Reception means we will all mill around and exchange business cards.)

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VIDEOS: Tom Morello for Mumia, McMahon Training Video on Racist Jury Selection

Journalists for Mumia | We have just started our own Journalists for Mumia You Tube Page , are releasing two new videos, and have created a VIDEO section at, which features films about Mumia, COINTELPRO, The Black Panther Party, militarism, media censorship, and more. CHECK IT OUT! more...  0 Comments

Washington, DC Advocacy Trip a Success for Friends of Brad Will!

Friends of Brad Will | Washington, DC Advocacy Trip a Success for Friends of Brad Will!

Planning to Stop ‘Plan Mexico’

While Friends of Brad Will joined Brad’s family in D.C. to lobby for justice for his murder and for other people murdered in Oaxaca, Atenco and elsewhere, the Mexican authorities which Bush would like to lavish with ‘drug war’ money were busy arresting activists and mourners in Oaxaca.

Here is the report on our convergence on D.C. more...  2 Comments

Community March on Columbia On Saturday, Nov. 10

columbiawatch | Following is some more information about this Saturday's March on Columbia University, which will end with a rally at Columbia University's illegally-gated West 116th Street entrance at 12:30 p.m.. more...  0 Comments

Columbia Students Hunger Strike For Racial Equality: Rally Thursday At Noon

students for equal justice | Yesterday, Wednesday November 7, five Columbia University students commenced a hunger strike at noon with the support of their peers in hopes of changing their university for the better. This strike will continue indefinitely until their demands are met. more...  0 Comments

Everyone's Downstream: Tar Sands Realities and Resistance | Everyone’s Downstream will be a conference designed to explore the links between oppression and self-determination on many levels: indigenous land rights, gender, ecological rights, workers democracy, anti-racism and anti-border perspectives as they relate directly to the tar sands of Northern Alberta. Speakers from a multitude of indigenous nations, social justice groups, and environmental organizations will discuss the social impacts of the tar sands on workers, women, indigenous nations, ecology, migrant populations, homelessness, and the anti-war movement.
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Sean Bell: 1yr anniversary

forwarded by Skinny John | Please consider coming out. more...  1 Comments

2001 Genova G8: We are history! - call to mobilization november 17th 2007

bb | 2001 Genova G8: We are history! - call to mobilization november 17th 2007
It's been years we have asked everybody to take responsibility as
collectively as possible for what the mobilizations against G8 in Genoa
were. more...  0 Comments

National Conference of US Lawyers Approve Resolution in Favor of the Cuban Five

posted by F Espinoza | The 70th Annual Conference of the National Lawyers Guild which took place from October 31 to November 4 in Washington, DC approved "Resolution Endorsing the Call for an International Investigation into the Failure of the United States Government to Address and Remedy the Denial of Justice in the Case of "The Cuban Five", and for Further Education and Related Actions". more...  0 Comments

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