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Human Rights



Sunday! Stand Up for Daniel McGowan at Herald Square

@ Friend | Join Friends and Family of Daniel McGowan for a
demonstration as we
commemorate the 2nd Anniversary of Operation Backfire
and resist the
government’s attempts to conflate dissent with
terrorism. more...  2 Comments

Queer. Hearts for Makwan, hearts for a world without homophobie

EveryOne Group | Makwan’s name will now echo throughout the corners of the world calling out for justice; his symbol will be more powerful than hatred, much greater than death. more...  0 Comments

So You Think You are Not A Racist? Racism , Bigotry Growing in Montana

Donald Iarussi | Racism, bigotry against minorities is far from dead in the USA and this writer is starting to make Montana Senate Democrats like Max Baucus and John Tester angry.

Montana Governor Schweitzer has ignored the cries of bigotry and corporate exploitation of workers as he lines his pockets with huge contributions from Companies that do business in Montana and treat employees like slaves and pay chump change

The Hospitality industry in montana and in Yellowstone Park is full of anti minority, anti semitism, anti older worker bigotry,

In A Bozeman Montana Wyndham Hotel a Black employee, a porter named Spirit was mocked by the manager who called her schizophrenic because she had complained about racist comments. I wa stold by the hotel manager that the porter was schizophenic and the hotel was not racist. Yet, this same hotel told me to profile.
more...  0 Comments

THIS WEEKEND: James Baldwin 20th Anniv. Commemoration

Democracy Now! | James Baldwin, the legendary African American writer and civil rights activist, died 20 years ago this week. This Sunday in Harlem, the Schomburg Center for Research on Black Culture is holding a 20th anniversary commemoration. We take a look at Baldwin’s life and his work with his sister-in-law Carole Weinstein, and we hear Baldwin in his own words. more...  0 Comments

SAT 12/8: Support Victor Toro; THU 12/13: Vigil at Immigrant Holding Center

The Politics of Immigration | Victor Toro is a citizen and national of Chile who was jailed and tortured there because of his opposition to the illegitimate Pinochet government (1973-1990). He is seeking political asylum with the help of his legal team.
Victor Toro es un chileno quien fue encarcelado y torturado en ese pais por su oposicion al gobierno ilegitimo del dictador Pinochet (1973-1990). Busca asilo politico con ayuda de su equipo legal. more...  0 Comments

"Big Box Living Wage Ordinance"

madhatter | "Big Box Living Wage Ordinance" more...  0 Comments

Tuesday Political Prisoner Letter-Writing Dinner for Veronza Bowers at 1-2-3!

NYC Anarchist Black Cross | Greetings! Once again it is time for Political Prisoner Letter-Writing Dinner with NYC Anarchist Black Cross. Tuesday 7pm at 1-2-3 (and every other Tuesday). more...  0 Comments

The death sentence of Makwan has been carried out


more...  1 Comments

Demo Against HR 1955 and S. 1959

R. Adical | Monday December 10th
(International Human Right's Day)
12 noon to 1:30 PM

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton
780 Third Ave @ 48th Street
New York, NY 10017

Demand she Stop HR 1955 & S.1959
"The Violent Radicalization and
Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act" more...  24 Comments

Honor the Fallen, Remember the Snitches, Resist the Greenscare!

Potomac Earth First | On December 7, 2005, The F.B.I. and local law enforcement began a round up, of alleged environmental and animal rights activists. This attack was not just on radical environmentalists this attack was on the entire environmental movement and American people. Like the Red Scare in the 40's, 20's, and turn of the 20th century the radical left was attacked in the same way which lead to an over all weakening of the progressive movement. more...  0 Comments

NYS Action Alert: Leglislation for Humane Psychiatric Treatment in NYS Prisons

repost | As you know, the Governor and legislature have reached an agreement
on the SHU bill, and the Senate passed the amended bill in July.
However, before the Governor can sign the legislation into law, the
Assembly must pass the amended bill (A.9342/S.6422). Please take
action this week to urge Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver to call the
legislature back into session before December 31, 2007, and pass the
amended SHU bill.
more...  0 Comments

Oaxaca police kidnap and beat Woman freedom fighter

jlaw | The dirty war against the Oaxacan people and their struggle for justice continues. Ever since the federal government occupied Oaxaca City in November 2006, the state government has carried out kidnappings, beatings, harassment and arrests against members of the popular movement that demands the destitution of Oaxaca's governor, Ulises Ruiz Ortiz. more...  1 Comments

Today Show Update: Mumia's lawyer and new photos set to appear | Journalists for Mumia has just recieved word that the Dec.6 Today Show is set to feature the newly discovered crime scene photos, and a pre-taped interview of Mumia's lead attorney, Robert R. Bryan. more...  0 Comments

Stop the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007.

Anne Lewenberg | Since September 11th, every time we turn around it seems as though the government is using the word terrorist to terrify people into cooperating with legislation that is annihilating our civil liberties. From the Department of Homeland Security, to the Patriot Act, to the Animal Enterprises Terrorism Act, to the latest Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007. We have seen the toll that this has taken on the anti-globalization movement, immigrant's rights, the Muslim community in the U.S, and the environmental justice movement. more...  1 Comments

Beloved South Bronx Activist Passes Away

Alex Kane | Hernandez, through the Freedom Community Center, worked on helping residents in the low-income Mott Haven neighborhood of the South Bronx. The center focuses on improving housing, helping with substance abusers, job placement and other vital social services. more...  2 Comments

"Murdered By Mumia?" press conference featured by Reuters! (audio) | Read the Reuters article on our press conference. You can also listen to the audio now. The video footage will be available very soon!

The press conference featured a presentation of the new crime scene photos, David A. Love, Dave Lindorff, Linn Washington Jr., and Pam Africa of ICFFMAJ. View/download "Murdered By Mumia?" flier! more...  0 Comments

Court Decision Looms--Mobilize to Free Mumia! Media Blitz Targets Mumia Abu-Jama

Partisan Defense Committee | The International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal, Journalists for Mumia and Educators for Mumia have initiated a “media-activist” letter-writing campaign calling on the Today show to allow Mumia’s supporters to counter the lies of Faulkner and Smerconish—a request that has to date been rejected. The Partisan Defense Committee and Spartacist League will be joining a protest called by the Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition on December 6 outside the Today show at 7:15 a.m., at 48th St. and Rockefeller Plaza. We urge Mumia’s supporters, fighters for black freedom and opponents of the racist death penalty to be there to demand: Mumia Is Innocent! Free Him Now! more...  0 Comments

BALOCHISTAN : Herbiyar Marri detained by British authorities

International Friends of Baloch People | Exiled Baluch Patriot Herbiyar Marri has been arrested by British authorities, his house and the entire neigbourhood in London has been cordoned off. The property is being searched and his family has been evacuated. This incident has been prompted by the Pakistani authorities to pressurise and curb Baluch human rights workers. more...  0 Comments

Gujarat Polls 2007 - Is the Congress throwing in the towel ?

Indian | By attacking Modi and the BJP with rhetoric borrowed straight off the Islamist Theasaurus, Sonia Gandhi and the Congress are sending two signals. The first is that the Congress has thrown the towel in Gujarat. It can no longer hope to attract the majority vote in Gujarat and hence its leadership has given up on appealing to the Hindu Majority. The second signal the Congress is sending is to the Muslim Vote Bank across the rest of country that when it came to the crunch in Gujarat it took on Modi and hence it can still pander and appease despite Nandigram and Taslima more...  0 Comments

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