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Human Rights

Middle East Showdown in Union Square (Indypendent)

Clementine Gallot | Every Saturday afternoon amid shoppers, skaters, tourists and passers-by at Union Square, a small group supporting Palestinian self-determination an even smaller pro-Israel group face off on a small patch of land across from Virgin Megastore on 14th Street. more...  2 Comments

WHYY asks Maureen Faulkner about new Mumia photos

Hans Bennett | Today, Maureen Faulkner was a one-hour guest on the WHYY show "Radio Times" in Philadelphia. Regarding Forbes' handling of the guns, Faulkner said: "I don't know if his hands are actually on the grip of the gun, it seems like he has his finger holding the gun through the actual trigger part, but not on the handle of the gun. At that time, I'm sure the evidence was somewhat contaminated." more...  1 Comments

IWW organizing to tame Wild Edibles

Diane Krauthamer | Wouldn’t it be a real travesty to spend $50 on a wonderful lobster dinner at New York City’s highest rated restaurant, only to find out after your meal that the food was rotten? But it’s actually the company which supplies seafood to some of the city’s favorite restaurants that’s rotten; that systematically treats its workers rotten—they’re called Wild Edibles. more...  0 Comments

Anti-Leviev protest at Tel Aviv Critical Mass

Israeli activists | On December 8, Israeli activists held a critical mass protest against Israel's occupation of Palestinian territory, and against capitalism. About 50 bicycle-riding activists rode to the David Intercontinental hotel where the Israel business conference was taking place. One of the sponsors of the event was Africa-Israel, a vast holding company controlled by Israeli diamond and settlement mogul, Lev Leviev, whose jewelry boutique in New York City was the target of a protest by 60 people the same day. Activists in Tel Aviv held aloft signs that read in English, "Africa-Israel & Lev Lebaiev Build on Robbed Lands," and "Lev Lebaiev & Africa-Israel: Land Theft Incorporated."
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Harlem Tenants Fight Yuppie Takeover (Indypendent)

John O'Hagan | Built in the late fifties, the Delano Houses have historically been a bastion of affordable housing for the working class of Harlem. The seven buildings of the Delano houses contain 1,800 apartments, spread over the three blocks between 139th and 142nd streets and Fifth Avenue and Malcolm X Boulevard. The famed Savoy Ballroom used to be located here, the jazzera Cotton Club was just around the corner, and King Tim III — whose “Personality Jock” predated “Rapper’s Delight” as the first hip-hop record — grew up there. more...  2 Comments

PHILIPPINES: Gloria Arroyo is a Human Rights Violator!

Philippine Alliance of Human Rights Advocates | Hers is a Morally Bankrupt Government with Distorted Human Rights Values!

Malacañang’s (Presidential Palace) cash gifts, for whatever fabricated excuses and delayed explanations, has exposed the governance of Ms. Gloria Arroyo as morally bankrupt.

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Sarandon exploring request that she cut ties w/ Leviev over Israeli settlements

Adalah-NY | New York, NY, Dec. 10, 2007 – Oscar-winning actress and UNICEF goodwill ambassador Susan Sarandon has told a New York City activist group, Adalah-NY, that she is exploring Israeli diamond magnate Lev Leviev’s construction of Israeli settlements in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and exploitation of marginalized communities in other parts of the world. Sarandon was responding to a letter from Adalah-NY requesting that she boycott Leviev. According to The New York Post, Sarandon attended the November 13 gala opening of Leviev's Madison Avenue jewelry boutique LEVIEV New York, as Adalah-NY protested Leviev’s illegal activities outside.
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ueser | The Myanmar Mission on the upper east side woke up to some surprising Human Rights Day activism this morning. On the symbolic day as the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon publicly condemned the Myanmar government, which changed its name from Burma during this current military regime, by stating that international community's patience with the junta is "running out fast," stark red paint resembling blood was thrown on the door of the embassy and the sidewalk of the gated entrance was spray painted with an image of two saffron monks and the words "PEACE IN BURMA" in red, symbolizing the colors of the Saffron Revolution, the term coined for the protests against the country's military junta led by Buddhist monks. more...  4 Comments

The Cuban Five: Leonard Weinglass Interview

posted by F Espinoza | With an energy belying his age, the lawyer has just completed a hectic 10-day tour of the UK in order to mobilise international support for the five Cubans, who are currently languishing in prisons scattered across the US. more...  0 Comments

Candlelight Vigil on Dec. 17: Intl. Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

SWANK | New York, NY-- SWANK [Sex Workers Action New York] announces a candlelight vigil to be held December 17th, 5-7 PM, on the steps of Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Square Park South, calling attention to the global hate crimes committed against sex workers for International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. more...  0 Comments

Irish Allies of US Stoptorturenow Show: CIA CAN'T KEEP A SECRET

Firefox | Pity the poor CIA. What use is a secret service that can't keep a secret? Agents of other secret services should be aware the the loose lips and poor tradecraft of the Americans put the foreigners at risk of arrest and worse.
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Protesters Counter "Murdered by Mumia" Media Blitz, Demand Freedom Now for Mumia

Partisan Defense Committee | Chants of “Mumia is innocent! Free him now!” resounded outside NBC studios in New York on December 6, as Maureen Faulkner and right-wing radio broadcaster Michael Smerconish appeared on the Today show with Matt Lauer to push their book, Murdered by Mumia. The book rehashes police and prosecution lies used to falsely convict Mumia Abu-Jamal of the killing of Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner on 9 December 1981. With a decision on Mumia’s case by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals due any day, the book makes its purpose clear by placing front and center the call to execute this innocent man. more...  0 Comments

Update on The Today Show and Mumia; Smerconish and Faulkner outraged

Hans Bennett | According to a new Counterpunch article by Linn Washington Jr, Today Show guests Michael Smerconish and Maureen Faulkner (authors of "Murdered By Mumia"), were reportedly outraged by the show, which entailed several challenging questions from co-host Matt Lauer. Please contact The Today Show ( to thank them for their fair and balanced report. more...  1 Comments

"Facing Fascism: New Yorkers Remember the Spanish Civil War”

SP-NYC | The Socialist Party USA (NYC local) invites you to a viewing and discussion of a recently produced documentary entitled “Facing Fascism: New Yorkers Remember the Spanish Civil War.”
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Socialist Party NYC Local - Monthly Meeting - Tuesday 7p

SP-NYC | Whether you're a dues-paying member, a voting member,
or someone who's never even been to a meeting and are
just interested about what we're up to and how to get
involved, now's the time to check out a meeting. Bring
your ideas, comments, questions, and energy. See you
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Friends and Family of Daniel McGowan Mark 2nd Anniversary of Green Scare

Alex Kane | Around two-dozen members of Friends and Family of Daniel McGowan and others braved the cold and held a demonstration on Herald Square, at West 34th Street and 6th Ave., marking the two year anniversary of Operation Backfire and the Green Scare. The protest started at 1 pm and lasted till about 2:30 pm, and was held in the middle of a shopping mayhem atmosphere, with hundreds pouring into Macy’s. more...  1 Comments

Building Bridges Monday: New Orleans Evictions; MTA Hike Fair?; James Baldwin

Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash | WBAI Radio's Building Bridges: Your Community & Labor Report
Produced & Hosted by Mimi Rosenberg & Ken Nash
Monday, December 10, 2007, 7 - 8 p.m. EST, over 99.5 FM
or streaming live at
**************************************** more...  0 Comments

Despite Protest, Dershowitz Funds Occupation.

Adalah-NY | New York, NY, Dec. 8 - Wealthy Madison Avenue holiday shoppers were greeted Saturday afternoon by boisterous music and dancing, as 60 New Yorkers protested in a growing campaign to boycott Israeli diamond magnate Lev Leviev over his settlement construction in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. Participants performed a joyous dabke, a traditional Palestinian dance, and chanted to music from the eight-piece Rude Mechanical Orchestra. During the protest, Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz entered LEVIEV New York and emerged to jeers as he displayed a LEVIEV shopping bag to the crowd.
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EPCC and JFAV Marks 66th Pearl Harbor Day in Los Angeles

The Echo Park Community Coalition (EPCC) based in Los Angeles Chair Arturo P. Garcia and the Justice For Filipino Veterans (JFAV) leader Faustino Baclig vehemently condemn the US Congress most especially the Republican party for opposing the veterans equity bills that resulted for its no-passage this year. “This is the most blatant form of racism and discrimination. For more than sixty-one years the veterans continued to be treated as second-class American veterans. They continued to be denied the rights and the privileges that should be accorded to them as American World War II veterans” Garcia exclaimed.

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Stop Police Murder in New York - live interviews on this Sunday | gives voice to the African working class. This week tune in for interviews with organizers from the Brooklyn and Queens branches of the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement. They're working to end police attacks on their communities and for a public policy of genuine economic transformation. more...  0 Comments

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