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Human Rights

Partisan Defense Committee Fact Sheet Presents Evidence of Mumia’s Innocence

Partisan Defense Committee | A new fact sheet providing massive evidence of the innocence of Mumia Abu-Jamal was released by the Partisan Defense Committee on 31 December 2007. It is online at and provides a detailed, point-by-point refutation of the book Murdered by Mumia (The Lyons Press, December 2007). The PDC fact sheet exposes the book as “a compendium of myths, falsehoods, misrepresentations and omissions—all aimed at the legal lynching of an innocent man, Mumia Abu-Jamal.” more...  0 Comments

No Olympics on Stolen Land! - Great Lakes & East Coast Tour

IPSM Supporter | With the 2010 Winter Olympics scheduled to occur on unceded Coast Salish, St’at’imc and Squamish territory in two years, the spectacle surrounding them continues to wreak havoc on Indigenous people, poor people, and the Earth. In the spirit of resistance to colonialism, with the 2010 Olympics as a main target, Kanahus Pellkey of the Native Youth Movement and Native youth Dustin Johnson are touring throughout the Great Lakes and East Coast in January and February 2008. more...  1 Comments

The Power of Black Music

Mumia Abu-Jamal | For some people, music, the right music, can transform one's way of looking at the world, and even change lives.

By music (as you may have guessed) I'm not talking about bubble gum pop, or rap.
I'm talking about a music form that has been called classical (at least by Black listeners) for generations.

I speak of jazz. more...  0 Comments

INB 12/30/07: Detainee Killed in Workplace Accident

Immigration News Briefs | On Dec. 5, Cesar Gonzales-Baeza, a Mexican immigration detainee at the Mira Loma Detention Center in Lancaster, California, was electrocuted when the jackhammer he was using struck a high-voltage power line. Gonzales-Baeza was transferred to the University of Southern California Medical Center's burn unit, where he died on Dec. 7. more...  0 Comments

Organizing Wobbly Unions: Past and Present

Diane Krauthamer | Join historian Peter Cole and local organizers for a night of short films and discussion on current and historical organizing efforts with the Industrial Workers of the World. more...  0 Comments

Danbury, CT: Protest Plan to Deputize Police as ICE Agents

m(A)tt | Immigrants rights activists state wide believe that
this is a dangerous, and horrendous policy for the
city of Danbury to enter into. Danbury will be the
first city in the State of CT to accept the
implementation of this program, and immigrants rights
advocacy groups from various communities all over the
state realize that what happens here in Danbury as a
result of this program, could easily effect their own
communities in the future. more...  3 Comments

Ethnic purges in France ?

Luc | Adopted black son by French native familly get expelled from France. more...  0 Comments

When News Ain't New

Mumia Abu-Jamal | Recently, headlines blared and news anchors put on their serious faces to announce the startling revelation that the late FBI chief, J. Edgar Hoover had plans and lists for the illegal detention of thousands of Americans, because of perceived threats to US national security. They based their reports on newly released government documents.

I was struck by the reports; not because they were startling, but because I knew that this wasn't news. more...  1 Comments

Federal Grand Jury Target Puerto Rican Independistas in New York

Puerto Rican Independence | The FBI continues its attack against the Puerto Rican independence movement, even as the White House continues to admit that Puerto Rico is a colonial territory of the US, something the independence movement has been condemning for decades... more...  5 Comments

Christmas message 2007: Against racism, war, poverty and exclusion ''illegals''

Astrid Essed | Contrary with the hypocrisy of the traditional Christmas-celebrations and the consumption-hysteria, the message is to work for peace, against racism and exclusion of ''illegals''
To say it shortly: the advancement of human rights, without distinction
more...  0 Comments

New York Human Rights Carolers Renew Protest of Lev Leviev’s Israeli Settlements

Adalah-NY | With upscale Madison Avenue shoppers pausing to listen, and to the tunes of songs like “Deck the Halls,” “Hanukah Oh Hanukah”, and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”, the carolers serenaded Leviev’s staff with lyrics like:

“We wish you a loss of business, we wish you a loss of business,
We wish you a loss of business, and a poor fiscal year,

Apartheid is how, Leviev gets rich,
Screwing workers and Angolans, Through-ou-out the year.”
more...  5 Comments

Still the Politics of Fear

Mumia Abu-Jamal | Few politicians have played the fear card with more deftness than President Bush. No matter what one may think of him today, it took considerable skill to convince folks to fight a country that had absolutely nothing to do with 9-11; to fight it, bomb it, occupy it, and then dare to try to remake it. more...  0 Comments

Video exposes Boley housing agency's crimes against black community | Video exposes Boley's theft of housing resources meant for African community and agency's attack on the Uhuru Movement more...  0 Comments

NYPD terrorize Union Square bicyclists

citizen | For some time now, the New York City Police Department has been targeting bicyclists riding in the Union Square on the last Friday of every month. more...  17 Comments

Families (Unknown Enemies)

Mumia Abu-Jamal | There is an old saying: 'knowledge is power.'

The axiom sprang to mind unbidden, when I read an article recently on a distraught, single, Liberian mother, in fear of the violent drug trade engulfing her Staten Island, N. Y. neighborhood, who promptly shipped her oldest son back to their West African homeland.

She reasoned that even war-torn Liberia, which has been plunged into civil war for at least the last generation, would prove a safer place than a project in a New York borough. more...  0 Comments

WNU #927: Argentine Ex-Officers Sentenced, Uruguayan Ex-Dictator Arrested

Weekly News Update | The 83-year-old Santiago Hoya died on Dec. 21 in the Buenos Aires Military Hospital; military sources said he suffered a heart attack, but Judge Lijo ordered an autopsy to determine the cause of death. On Dec. 10 former navy officer Hector Febres died of a heart attack in the Naval Prefecture while awaiting a verdict on charges of repression. The heart attack had been provoked by cyanide poisoning. more...  0 Comments

Boston Globe: Coal's ascent is igniting a debate

John Donnelly | Even the name of this place speaks of an end ahead.Surrounded by the rubble of mountaintops obliterated to mine coal, several of tiny Twilight's homes have been demolished. King Coal bought and removed them. Now, the town is on the same path as scores of other West Virginia communities that gradually lost their residents and died in the shadow of a vast mining operation. more...  0 Comments

Message from Ramón Labañino, Cuban Five.

posted by F Espinoza | Ramón is in lockdown since December 11 and for that reason he has not been able to send all the letters and salutations for the new year to his friends around the world... more...  1 Comments

FAQs: The Newly Discovered Mumia Abu-Jamal / Daniel Faulkner Crime Scene Photos

Educators and Journalists for Mumia | This new FAQ compilation about the newly discovered Mumia Abu-Jamal / Daniel Faulkner crime scene photos was written jointly by Educators for Mumia and Journalists for Mumia. more...  0 Comments

Encore Performance, Dec 29! Alternative Holiday Caroling to Boycott Leviev

Adalah-NY | Join Adalah-NY and the Palestine Liberation Singing Troupe for some nondenominational holiday caroling outside of Israeli diamond and settlement mogul Lev Leviev's NYC storefront. The tunes are familiar, but the words have been tweaked to highlight the destruction of communities that Leviev sponsors in Palestine, New York and Africa, and the profits Leviev makes from human rights abuses.

700 MADISON AVE, between 62ND AND 63RD

more...  5 Comments

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