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Human Rights


Socialist Party USA (NYC) | Provoking, witty, stylish and sweepingly informative, THE CORPORATION explores the nature and spectacular rise of the dominant institution of our time. more...  1 Comments

WNU #929: Mapuche Student Killed in Chile, Mexican Rebels Raid

Weekly News Update | Attorney Jose Aylwin, co-director of the Observatory of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, told the press that Catrileo's killing was "predictable" and "the result of the current government's silence and complicity with the
Carabineros," referring to the government of Socialist president Michelle Bachelet and the militarized police. more...  0 Comments

INB 1/6/08: Ex-Detainee Wins Settlement

Immigration News Briefs | Four days later, medical staff finally took Carranza-Reyes to the Denver Health Medical Center; by then he had developed pneumonia and his legs were black with gangrene. The infection led to a heart attack and coma; doctors reportedly gave Carranza-Reyes a 2% chance of survival. more...  0 Comments

Giving Back And Embracing Gentrification Head On In Bed-Stuy Brooklyn

Tiki Tolliver PR | Actor, director, screenwriter, producer and TOMI film festival Co-founder Ephraim Benton announces the first annual New Leafs For Old Causes Benefit, taking place on Saturday, January 12, in Bed-Stuy at 7PM. The benefit will help raise funds to develop more youth programs at the newly established 123 Community Space in his rapidly changing Brooklyn neighborhood, and honor one young person with an award.

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From CUBA with LOVE

posted by F Espinoza | A School, a Teacher, and a Girl... more...  0 Comments

Mrs. Plummer vs. Speaker Quinn

Amadi Ajamu | On this frigid January morning, hundreds trekked to the U.S. Southern District Federal Court in Downtown, New York City to witness the civil case of Viola Plummer vs. NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn. They soon filled the courtroom to capacity. The overflow watched via satellite from another room, and more filled the halls. Clearly the Sonny Carson street name saga continues to resonate among Black and progressive New Yorkers.
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Interview with John David Kwabili of Kenya Indymedia

John Tarleton | While the international media focuses on shocking stories of ethnic violence in Kenya following a disputed presidential election, activists with Kenya Indymedia ( are working to create a space where their fellow citizens can “voice their thoughts, fears, tribulations and aspirations” and strive toward restoring peace in their society. more...  2 Comments

Building Bridges Radio: Free John White; Civil War in Kenya?

Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash | WBAI Radio's Building Bridges: Your Community & Labor Report
Produced & Hosted by Mimi Rosenberg & Ken Nash
Monday, January 7, 2008, 7 - 8 p.m. EST, over 99.5 FM
or streaming live at
**************************************** more...  0 Comments

Cut Drug Ads from TV!

Dr. Peter Stern | Should the pharmaceutical industry be permitted to reap endless profits at our expense and at the detriment of our children? more...  0 Comments

Racist attack in Rome. 250 Rroms risk being burnt to death

EveryOne Group | 250 Rrom citizens had take shelter in the sheds, living in very harsh conditions. The fire broke out suddenly and spread with unprecedented speed throughout the sheds of the derelict warehouses.
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Joel Kovel: Overcoming Zionism

Revolution Books | Author Event
Joel Kovel

Overcoming Zionism: Creating a Single Democratic State in Israel/Palestine
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Francesc Arnau Arias | when at this crossroads in SE London we see Steve approaching us ( 40 years old, dreadlocks and long beard, a white man, camouflage jacket) immediately we realise he is the man we are waiting for: a friend of Move organisation in England. Later he will explain to us that when he started to locks up people also started to treat him in different ways: sometimes for good, sometimes for bad. more...  0 Comments


Thomas Riggins | A less effective, but cheaper, HIV treatment has been devised for the Third World. more...  1 Comments

BTL:Hugo Chavez and Supporters Reflect on Constitutional Referendum Loss

Distributed by Squeaky Wheel Productions http | BETWEEN THE LINES Syndicated Radio Newsmagazine --Weekly Summary more...  0 Comments

Protest Wrecking of Washington Square Park

rebecca | Tompkins sq park. Park Commissioner talks. more...  13 Comments


Castle | This was one of the most inspiring events I attended in 2007! All the groups doing direct on-the-ground organizing against gentrification in NYC shared their amazing work. Its great to see people who are actually getting down to do the work that needs to been done to stop neoliberalism….. more...  2 Comments

1/31/08 "It's War in Here" Transgender Prison Issues Event

Sylvia Rivera Law Project | Join SRLP for the release of the ground-breaking report, "It’s War In Here" a report on the treatment of Transgender and Intersex People in NY State Men’s Prisons. We will also be sending letters and packages to trans and gender non-conforming people who are currently incarcerated. Show your support and learn more about SRLP's important prisoner rights work! more...  1 Comments

The Case for Socialized Medicine in the United States

Steven Argue | The California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee blasted insurance giant CIGNA for failing to approve a liver transplant one week earlier for 17-year-old Nataline Sarkisyan, who tragically died just hours after CIGNA relented and agreed to the procedure following a massive national outcry.

“CNA/NNOC Executive Director Rose Ann DeMoro called the final outcome ‘a horrific tragedy that demonstrates what is so fundamentally wrong with our health care system today. Insurance companies have a stranglehold on our health. Their first priority is to make profits for their shareholders – and the way they do that is by denying care."

"It is simply not possible to organize major protests every time a multi-billion corporation like CIGNA denies care that has been recommended by a physician," DeMoro said. “Having insurance is not the same as receiving needed care. We need a fundamental change in our healthcare system that takes control away from the insurance giants and places it where it belongs – in the hands of the medical professionals, the patients, and their families."
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Shell Oil/Broadwater in Long Island Sound Shot Down

By Judy Benson , | Still awaiting the final version of a key federal report, the Broadwater Energy project has been told that its application with state-level environmental regulators is lacking in several key areas and that the project could have “significant adverse impacts” on Long Island Sound's fish and lobsters.

Broadwater, a partnership of Shell US Gas and Power and TransCanada Corp., applied in early 2006 to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for permission to locate a floating liquefied natural gas processing, storage and supply barge in New York state waters in the middle of Long Island Sound. more...  5 Comments

Global Call-in Continues Jan 2-4: Hands Off the Uhuru Movement | Execs at the government-funded housing agency, Boley Centers, Inc. are giving money and housing vouchers to their friends and family. Meanwhile, they're also violating freedom of association, due process and workers rights by evicting and firing members of a community organization they don't like. Auditors are saying Boley's missing $1 million - so where's the money? It's not in the African community! more...  0 Comments

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