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Human Rights

INB 1/12/08: ICE Says It Won't Sedate Deportees; Raids in TN

Immigration News Briefs | US immigration authorities say they will no longer involuntarily sedate detainees without a court order. The policy change follows lawsuits by detainees who say they were drugged as agents tried to deport them. more...  0 Comments

1/22 Event on 35th Anniv. of Roe v. Wade

Center for Constitutional Rights | Recent restrictions on abortion rights and access to contraception at the federal and state levels, including the Supreme Court’s recent decision concerning the federal abortion ban, have further rolled back women’s right to self-determination. In the face of these persistent attacks on our rights, what strategies and analysis are useful in our work to try to defend and advance the struggle for women’s ability to control their reproduction? This event brings together activists, attorneys and allies to discuss victories and set-backs in the fight for reproductive rights. more...  0 Comments

Bauhaus Launches Social Housing Architecture Award

Ulrike Knofel | 900 million people on earth live under dramatically adverse conditions today. Where are the celebrity architects who are interested in fighting poverty? more...  0 Comments

Freedom of Assembly day of action 12th January 2008 in UK.

Doug | Unauthorised demo in London, England, against SOCPA legislation which criminalises freedom of expression and freedom of assembly within a zone around Parliament. This legislation is currently under review and fears are that it might be extended.
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“Black Diamonds” Selected for Screening in MoMA’s Documentary Fortnight Series

Black Diamonds Documentary Movie | Filmmaker Catherine Pancake recently announced that her documentary film, Black Diamonds: Mountaintop Removal and the Fight For Coalfield Justice (2006) will have its New York City premiere at the prestigious “Documentary Fortnight” series” at the Museum of Modern Art on February 14th, 2008. The MoMA series showcases 32 nonfiction films and videos from around the globe that address a range of contemporary national and international issues. Pancake is a native of the state of West Virginia and now resides in Baltimore, MD. more...  0 Comments

Endangered Immigrant Women Find Safe Harbor (Indypendent)

Renee Feltz | Safiya Allette, an undocumented Trinidadian immigrant, endured five years of escalating abuse from her husband as she waited for him to file paperwork that would allow her to become a U.S. citizen. He never did. more...  0 Comments

Homeless Face A Cold Fight (Indypendent)

Alex Kane | Prevention Assistance and Temporary Housing (PATH) intake facility for homeless families in the Bronx was home to the “sleep-out” protest Dec. 13 against the Department of Homeless Services’ policy of denying people emergency shelter. Frigid temperatures did not keep homeless families, community leaders and activist groups from voicing opposition to the Department of Homeless Services (OHS) policy in the form of a candlelight vigil, defiant chants and a press conference. more...  0 Comments

Guantanamo on the Seine

Hoipolloi Cassidy | A French support group for immigrants claims American officers brutally beat an immigrant being deported to Africa. more...  0 Comments

New York Must Reject Real ID

NYCLU | The New York Civil Liberties Union calls on Gov. Eliot Spitzer to protect American values and reject the federal Real ID Act – a law that would create the first national identification system in American history and endanger New Yorkers’ privacy rights. more...  0 Comments

Starbucks Emails Describe Efforts to Stop Unionization [Wall Street Journal]

Worker Freedom | A series of emails by Starbucks Corp. managers sheds light on the company's efforts to thwart union organizing among its baristas.

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Judge Enjoins Retaliation Against Plaintiffs Seeking Overtime

Worker Freedom | A Manhattan federal judge has ordered a New York City seafood purveyor not to retaliate against workers who are suing the company for allegedly violating state and federal labor laws. more...  0 Comments

CODEPINK's "Most Wanted" Campaign Targets Luis Posada Carriles for Terrorism

posted by F Espinoza | Call for Notorious Terrorist to be put on FBI Most Wanted List and Arrested more...  1 Comments

Lawsuit against NYPD grows

NYCLU | The New York Times, the Association of the Bar of the City of New York and a group of 21 academics from across the country plan to file briefs in support of the New York Civil Liberties Union’s lawsuit challenging the NYPD’s refusal to disclose an electronic database detailing police stops of hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers, most of whom were black and Latino. more...  3 Comments

Free Leonard Peltier in 2008!

Indigenous Dialogue | Free Leonard Peltier in 2008! more...  1 Comments

Jan 18th - Organizing Wobbly Unions: Past and Present

Diane Krauthamer | Join historian Peter Cole and local organizers for a night of short films and discussion on current and historical organizing efforts with the Industrial Workers of the World.
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Solidarity with the Puerto Rican People Against Grand Jury Repression

Latin America Solidarity Coalition | This statement is issued by the Latin America Solidarity Coalition in solidarity with the people of Puerto Rico in their struggle for independence and against the use of the Grand Jury process as a weapon of intimidation. more...  1 Comments

NYCLU Unveils New Advocacy Department

NYCLU | The New York Civil Liberties Union has launched an advocacy department to lead public advocacy campaigns to defend and promote civil rights and civil liberties throughout the state. more...  3 Comments

Iraq: Hail Caesar?

Hussein Al-alak, The Iraq Solidarity Campaign | Angered by the actions, it has been reported that Caesar opened fire on the US troops and killed two soldiers and a captain but now, like many other Iraqi’s in the “democratic” country, Caesar is languishing in a Government prison, although his actions have not gone unnoticed.
more...  6 Comments

Close Guantanamo!

NYCLU | This Friday, Jan. 11, the NYCLU, ACLU and other human rights groups join together to call on all people opposed to torture and indefinite detention to wear ORANGE to symbolize their sadness and disgust with the national shame that is Guantanamo Bay. more...  0 Comments

Crimes of State

Mumia Abu-Jamal | Alberto K. Fujimori (once affectionately nicknamed 'El Chino' for his Asian features) faces a slew of criminal charges stemming from his years in power as president.

The former president faces charges from his 10 - year reign over Peru's version of a "dirty war" against virtually all opponents of the State. From armed combat against Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) and the Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (known as the Tupamaros), to massacres of students and leftists by secret government death squads, the former president left behind him a legacy of blood. more...  0 Comments

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