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Human Rights

Victor Toro: Next Immigration Hearing Set for Aug. 15

Politics of Immigration | At a hearing before an immigration judge at the New York Federal Building on the morning of Jan. 18, Toro's lawyers said they were seeking political asylum for their client; Toro fled Chile in the 1970s after being imprisoned and tortured by the US-backed Pinochet regime. more...  2 Comments

Persecutions of the Gypsies in Italy (BBC Radio Rokker)

EveryOne Group | On Sunday December 13th, Rokker Radio spoke about the situation of the gypsies in Italy, the European Parliament Resolution of November 15, 2007 – denouncing the racial persecution being carried out against them by the Italian institutions – and the tragedy of the Rrom families after the camp clearances.
more...  0 Comments

State of NYC's Veterans Community‏

Joseph A. Bello | If Mayor Bloomberg (or any other elected official) really cared for veterans as they say they do then why do we (as a community) have to continue to fight tooth and nail just to get anything accomplished? Why doesn't the Mayor and/or Council Speaker meet with us in true partnership, discuss the issues and problems and find honest and open ways to address them instead of black-listing people, saying nothing, forcing it on the community and then saying they support veterans? more...  0 Comments

Lo que Mumia Abu-Jamal nunca aprendió

Carolina | En vísperas de la proyección del documental En Prisión Mi Vida Entera en el Festival Sundance, la batalla por la vida y libertad de Mumia Abu-Jamal se intensifica en los medios de comunicación y en las calles de ciudades lejanas mientras él espera un fallo crítico de un tribunal federal y prepara para publicar su sexto libro desde el corredor de la muerte. Mediactivistas difunden evidencia fotográfica que refuta el caso contra él. more...  0 Comments

What Mumia Abu-Jamal Never Learned

Carolina | On the eve of the United States premiere of In Prison My Whole Life at the Sundance Festival on January 20-25, the battle for the life and freedom of Mumia Abu-Jamal heats up in the news media and the streets of far-flung cities while he awaits a crucial appellate court ruling and prepares to publish his sixth book from death row. Media activists present photographic evidence disproving the case against him. more...  0 Comments

BIRTHDAY JAM! for political prisoners! Tuesday, January 22nd

NYC Anarchist Black Cross | [repost and forward!]
Birthday Card-and-Letter-Writing for Political Prisoners Jonathan Paul, Josh Harper (both born J31!) Jake Conroy (Feb3), and Veronza Bowers (Feb4)-
7pm at 123 Tompkins Ave, Brooklyn. more...  0 Comments

Martin Luther King Jr. - Visionary and Trade Unionist

madhatter | Martin Luther King Jr. - Visionary and Trade Unionist more...  0 Comments

Will Governor Spitzer Embrace the Message of Dr. King?

Mark Dunlea | On Tuesday, Governor Spitzer will unveil his budget proposals. The state budget is the primary policy document for lawmakers, determining how New York invests it resources to meet our needs. If he was alive today, Dr. King would speak out against the failure to once again raise welfare benefits after 18 years of inaction. While he might be heartened by some of the efforts to improve health care, he would be concerned that the Governor still believes it will be a long road to universal health care. “Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane,” Dr. King wrote. And he would be very upset that our state spends more money to incarcerate its citizens, overwhelmingly people of color, than we do to provide a college education to our youth. more...  0 Comments

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Events

NYC IMC | MLK Day March Against Wage Slavery, IAC March Against Racism, 23rd Annual MLK Day Celebration. more...  3 Comments

WNU #930: Colombia Hostages Freed, Mexican Miners Get Injunction

Weekly News Update | This was the second major police attack on striking union members in the past two years; two steelworkers were killed in an operation at Lázaro Cárdenas, Micahoacán, on Apr. 20, 2006. more...  0 Comments

Unite on Martin Luther King Day

Activista | Rally & March from Imus/WABC to Lou Dobbs/CNN
W 32nd St & 7 Ave to W58 St & Columbus Circle
NYC more...  0 Comments

$pread Magazine Reading Event

Sarah Bleviss | On Wednesday February 6th, join $pread staff and contributors for a reading event at Bluestockings bookstore to celebrate the launch of issue 3.4. more...  1 Comments

The Spirit of Democracy

Thomas Riggins | This book appears to be a propaganda offering from the US government funded CIA front National Endowment for Democracy which, among other things, funds terrorist groups which carry out actions that favor US foreign policy. more...  0 Comments

A letter from Guantánamo (by al-Jazeera cameraman Sami al-Haj)

Andy Worthington | Andy Worthington, author of The Guantánamo Files: The Stories of the 774 Detainees in America’s Illegal Prison, tells the story of imprisoned al-Jazeera cameraman Sami al-Haj, and reproduces the text of a recently declassified letter from Guantánamo. more...  0 Comments

Steelworkers SeeksHearings After Mexican Police Attack Miners: Stop Plan Mexico

uthor | The United Steelworkers (USW) today called for congressional hearings on President George W. Bush’s proposed “Merida Initiative” to provide $1.4 billion to Mexican security forces after federal and state police attacked striking workers at Grupo Mexico’s Cananea copper mine in Sonora, where ten union members were injured. A thousand federal police are now occupying the mine and the surrounding area. more...  0 Comments

REMINDER: This Friday - IWW event at Bluestockings!

Antithesis Collective | Please join us with historian Peter Cole and local wobbly organizers for a night of short films and discussion on current and historical organizing efforts! more...  0 Comments

1/17: Screening of "Cocalero" w/ special guest, the Ambassador of Bolivia

Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle of NY | Come watch a film on Evo Morales' rise to power as the first indigenous president of Bolivia - and the first indigenous president in the Americas - followed by a discussion with the Ambassador of Bolivia. This event will take place on Thursday, January 17th at 7 PM at the Venezuelan Consulate, located at 7 East 51st Street, between 5th Ave. and Madison Ave. in midtown Manhattan (across from St. Patrick's Cathedral). The film is in Spanish with English subtitles. This event will be fully bilingual. more...  0 Comments

Correcting reports, Oxfam says no support from Leviev, condemns settlements

Adalah-NY | Adalah-NY spokesperson Ethan Heitner commented, "We are unable to explain why articles praising Leviev and touting his charitable contributions, including an article on the news site of an organization he heads, claimed a link with Oxfam which Oxfam has now verified doesn't exist. We are gratified that Oxfam has reiterated its longstanding opposition to Israeli settlement construction and refusal to accept donations from businesses like Leviev's that are involved in violations of international law." more...  0 Comments

Partisan Defense Committee Fact Sheet Presents Evidence of Mumia’s Innocence

Partisan Defense Committee | A new fact sheet providing massive evidence of the innocence of Mumia Abu-Jamal was released by the Partisan Defense Committee on 31 December 2007. It is online at and provides a detailed, point-by-point refutation of the book Murdered by Mumia (The Lyons Press, December 2007). more...  0 Comments

Help Save Baby X - An IVF created black baby with no rights to a father

Father X | The website was built in order to raise money for
the legal costs for saving this Black Male child named Baby X and to
raise the issue of how child support is being used for sponsoring both
Immigration and Paternity Fraud & destroying Black Families. more...  0 Comments

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