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Human Rights

Brian D. Steckel Execution- Report Back!

Vincent Fischer | It’s been a week since I protested the execution of Brian Steckel by the State of Delaware. I worry, and greatly, that my words will neither do justice to, nor adequately convey, the horror of that night, one which will forever be seared into my memory. Paradoxically, because it is a traumatic memory, I worry too that I will not be able to access all I heard and saw that cold moonless evening in a provincial backwater. more...  0 Comments

NYU Strike: Day 2

Diane Krauthamer | Today’s campus-wide picket marked the second day of a graduate student worker strike at New York University—a strike that will continue until the school administration begins negotiating with the graduate employees union. more...  3 Comments

'Mort pour Rien'

Ivan Boothe | Had French society allowed for nonviolent social movements to form and flourish, violence would have seemed politically inefficient. Because immigrants and the working-class are so effectively shut out of French society, they have no other way to effect change than to violently demand it. more...  1 Comments

IN remembrance of Ken Saro Wiwa

Judith Atiri | In remembrance of Ken Saro Wiwa and the Ogoni struggle for self-determination. more...  0 Comments

France: Racism, poverty fuel rebellion

Fred Goldstein | The working class leadership in France has been weak on this question and downright reactionary at times. Right now they need to stop retreating. They must not confine themselves to mere protests against reactionary measures of repression. They need to demand that all the cops be withdrawn, that the emergency decrees be revoked. They need to come out for the justified rebellion.

The rebellious youth must be embraced as part of the working class. They may be unemployed, underemployed and/or unorganized, but right now they are potentially the greatest allies of the organized workers. They have overwhelmed a part of the state. They are mobilized and if they were to be joined by a solidarity strike against racism, poverty and oppression, the entire working class could push the ruling class offensive back.

It would be a mirror, but on a grander scale, of when the French workers in 1968 followed the students with a general strike and shook the ground under French capitalism. It is the lack of understanding of the national question, of the colonial question, of the importance of coming out against national oppression, that now stands in the way of a united struggle against capitalist exploitation itself. This must be overcome. more...  1 Comments

Why is France Burning?

Doug Ireland | As someone who lived in France for nearly a decade, and who has visited those suburban ghettos, where the violence started, on reporting trips any number of times, I have not been surprised by this tsunami of inchoate youth rebellion that is engulfing France.
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The Problem with Frenchness

Juan Cole | A lot of the persons living in the urban outer cities (a better translation of cite than "suburb") are from subsaharan Africa. And there are lots of Eastern European immigrants. The riots were sparked by the deaths of African youths, not Muslims. Singling out the persons of Muslim heritage is just a form of bigotry. Moreover, French youth of European heritage rioted quite extensively in 1968. As they had in 1789. Rioting in the streets is not a foreign custom. It has a French genealogy and context. more...  1 Comments

The Trials of Miguel Malo

On August 15, 2001, Miguel Malo, a student of Hostos Community College in the Bronx, soft-spoken Vice President of the Student Government, and recent immigrant from Ecuador, walked on to his campus holding up a sign protesting budget cuts directed at the college’s ESL programs.

Two weeks ago, over four years after his one man protest, Malo left a Bronx courtroom in handcuffs, convicted of reckless assault and disorderly conduct. As he was escorted away by two bailiffs, he shouted bail instructions in Spanish over his shoulder to his mother. more...  1 Comments

NYU Strike: Day 1

Diane Krauthamer | More than 1,000 people rallied outside of New York University all day today in support of the graduate student workers, who plan on continuing their strike and thereby disrupting the daily functioning of the school itself until a simple demand is met— to be able to work under a contract. [Open Letter to NYU Undergrads and 2nd Strike Report || More at NYU Inc]. more...  2 Comments

Learning From Rosa Parks

KAZEMBE BALAGUN | For the mainstream media, Parks is simply “the bus lady” who refused to give up her seat because she was tired from a long day’s work. This version of history robs the complexity of Parks’ life and the civil rights movement as a whole. more...  0 Comments


CITIZENS FOR FAIR LEGISLATION | Italian state sponsored television broadcaster, RAI released a report on 11/8/05 stating that the United States used white phosphorus and a substance similar to napalm against Iraqis in Fallujah in November of 2004. This report included interviews with two American soldiers who also acknowledged use of these chemical weapons against civilians in Iraq. To see the report in its entirety click here:
(the middle link is in English.)
more...  2 Comments


October 22 Coalition-NY | In yet another attack on Juanita Young, police arrested and later tortured the outspoken police brutality activist during the World Can't Wait march on November 2, 2005. more...  0 Comments

En fins (clichy sous bois): zone d’injustices ?" dub

Ytzhak | ...le pute/il trip sur la/et voila!!!...Check ca!!!/Tous les gars/Son!!!/lookin for talkshow clammers/You bangin naw/We a go clappin/applausibility/drownin out the vorticist/Capitalist et Schizophrenie/Reversionism/Deleuze comme Guatarrie/Cee/Si je jeux/dis/Vox/Isa/The sublime poundin
the concrete of amerikkka
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Federal Medical Relief not Reaching Katrina Victims

Michelle Chen | Many low-income survivors don’t qualify for assistance
by Michelle Chen (bio)
Healthcare advocates say the current plan for addressing the needs of hurricane survivors falls far short, while some propose – and try – alternatives. more...  0 Comments

The Palestinian Cinema Invasion Continues! "PRIVATE" Opens Nov. 18th in NYC

Suneel(a) Mubayi | * W I N N E R *
FIPRESCI Jury Award - The International Federation of Film Critics
Golden Leopard Award, Best Director - Locarno Film Festival
Bronze Leopard Award, Best Actor, Mohammed Bakri - Locarno more...  0 Comments


todd | NYU graduate workers made history forming a union at a private university. Now Sexton, NYU and the Bush labor board want to make an example of them. more...  0 Comments

Global Capitalism: the Scourge of Democracy

populist | global capitalism is an economic Colt 45 for the times more...  0 Comments

ARISTIDE and the endless revolution

Baraka Productions | An hour south of Miami, the elected president of the Western Hemisphere's poorest nation has twice been forced from office with the complicity of the international community. "ARISTIDE and the Endless Revolution" investigates the tragic events that led to the second violent expulsion of Jean Bertrand Aristide from Haiti. This documentary reveals the tangled web of hope, deceit, and political violence that has brought the world's first black republic to its knees. more...  0 Comments

Christopher St. Crackdown?

FIERCE! | Hey everyone, check out the new resident proposal on the table to blockade the entrance to Christopher St. once the Pier closes at 1am. The proposal is looking to force LGBT youth to walk up or down the West Side Highway (similar to corralling cattle) to 14th St. or to Houston St. to get to the nearest train. This is because residents dont want LGBT youth walking through the residential area of the West Village once the Pier closes. more...  11 Comments

Protest to Support the Guantanamo Detainees

Suzaka | Since early 2002, the men held at Guantanamo Bay have waged desperate and at times life-threatening hunger strikes to protest their detention without trial and their inhumane treatment. more...  4 Comments

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