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Human Rights

Kosovo constitution needs to provide more guarantees for Roma, NGOs say

Romano Them | In a letter sent to the Constitutional Commission and representatives of the international civilian administration in Kosovo, Roma NGOs ask for substantial improvements of the draft constitution which has been prepared by the Constitutional Commission. more...  0 Comments

URGENT: April 19 – Philly – All out to free Mumia now!

Partisan Defense Committee | Saturday, April 19 in Philadelphia
PDC/LBL bus leaving from NYC - Get your tickets today!
The Partisan Defense Committee and Labor Black League are mobilizing a class-struggle contingent for the National Demonstration called by International Concerned Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal. more...  0 Comments

Boycott Beijng 2008 Olympic Games: Sign Petition Now!

EveryOne Group | EveryOne Group ( is promoting a petition ( and an international campaign to ask for an immediate halt to the harsh sociocultural repression underway in Tibet, a repression perpetrated by the Chinese authorities towards thousands of innocent people. more...  4 Comments


Come join Movement for Justice in El Barrio on the steps of city hall at the first action to launch our

International Campaign in Defense of El Barrio

12:30 PM

more...  0 Comments

TODAY: Internet Forum by Cuban Students about the Cuban Five

posted by F Espinoza | The main purpose of the forum will be to discuss what Cuban university students and those in the rest of the world could do to help the release of the Five Cuban men, who were arrested for having infiltrated Miami- based anti-Cuba groups and trying to prevent criminal actions against the island. more...  0 Comments

Piden a gobiernos votar en ONU por independencia puertorriqueña

envia F Espinoza | El Comité Permanente de Trabajo por la Independencia de Puerto Rico clausuró hoy el Encuentro Internacional efectuado aquí llamando a los gobiernos latinoamericanos y caribeños a apoyar esa causa en las Naciones Unidas. more...  0 Comments

Piden a gobiernos votar en ONU por independencia puertorriqueña

envia F Espinoza | El Comité Permanente de Trabajo por la Independencia de Puerto Rico clausuró hoy el Encuentro Internacional efectuado aquí llamando a los gobiernos latinoamericanos y caribeños a apoyar esa causa en las Naciones Unidas. more...  0 Comments

Inmigración: Eventos 3 y 6 de Abril/Immigration: Events April 3 & 6

The Politics of Immigration | El 3 de abril, Jane Guskin, co-autora de un libro sobre inmigración, estará en la librería Calíope en el Alto Manhattan para facilitar un diálogo en español con respecto a este tema controvertido. more...  0 Comments

WNU #941: Crackdown on Peruvian Leftists

Weekly News Update | Former interior minister Fernando Rospigliosi said García's government was exaggerating the influence of the ALBA centers and the CCB "to make the public believe that the social movements which are being created by other causes are coming from a foreign influence." more...  0 Comments


Worker Freedom | It isn't Tibet and China and no one is paying attention, but maybe the media should be looking at the response of Turkish police to unrest in Kurdish regions of the country. more...  0 Comments

Pics from PDC Free Mumia rally, March 28, downtown NYC

Aman Gill | A demonstration called by the Partisan Defense Committee on March 28, 2008, near City Hall in Manhattan rallied support for activist Mumia Abu-Jamal in the wake of a recent court decision against him. On March 27, 2008, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia upheld Mumia Abu-Jama's conviction of murder. The ruling, should it withstand appeal, disallows further challenges to the conviction despite a preponderance of evidence pointing to Mumia's innocence and to a police misconduct in investigating and prosecuting the case. It leaves Mumia facing two stark choices: life in prison or death by execution. more...  5 Comments

10/10 Mobilization for Political Prisoners and POW's!

10/10 Coalition | SAVE THE DATE!

FRIDAY OCTOBER 10th, 2008 more...  0 Comments

London Critical Mass UK visits the Chinese Embassy on its March 2008 ride.

Doug | Video more...  0 Comments

INB 3/29/08: H-2 Workers Sue, March; Detainee Deaths Protested

Weekly News Update | On Mar. 18, over 100 of the workers launched a nine-day journey by foot and bus from New Orleans to Washington, DC, to demand a meeting with Indian ambassador Ronen Sen and call for an end to abuses of the H2B guestworker program. They described their protest as a satyagraha, a word used by Indian independence leader Mahatma Gandhi to describe a nonviolent battle against injustice. more...  0 Comments

Ruling Against Mumia Shows: No Justice in the Capitalist Courts

Internationalist Group | On March 27, the U.S. appeals court in Philadelphia reaffirmed the frame-up conviction of Mumia Abu-Jamal, the former Black Panther Party spokesman and world-renowned radical journalist who has been locked up on Pennsylvania’s death row for more than a quarter century. After previously rejecting Mumia’s request to present evidence of his innocence, as well as a host of issues showing that he was railroaded by a racist court, the Court turned down Mumia’s request for a new trial. It upheld the 2001 ruling by a federal district judge that ordered a new hearing on the sentence, but limited the “choice” to the living hell of life imprisonment without parole ... or execution. Mumia is innocent. He was declared guilty and sentenced to die because of his revolutionary politics and because for years he had been a thorn in the side of the racist rulers of the misnamed “city of brotherly love.” Around the world, millions have come out in defense of Jamal. This latest ruling, like all those that preceded it, shows that the exploited and oppressed must have no faith in the racist injustice system. We call on the workers movement to mobilize its power to free Mumia now! more...  0 Comments

Self-Determination for Tibetans

Josephine Pizzino | Friday night's vigil for a Free Tibet was outstanding in many ways. Shockingly, one was the absence of support from traditional leftists. Why? more...  14 Comments

NYers protest Leviev's Israeli settlements, commemorating Palestinian "Land Day"

Adalah-NY | Forty New Yorkers commemorated the Palestinian national holiday Land Day Saturday with the eighth protest at the Madison Avenue jewelry store of Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev. The protest included songs, theater and testimonials from villages threatened by Leviev’s settlements. Land Day marks Palestinians' ties to their land, in defiance of Israeli efforts to displace them.
more...  10 Comments

Statement from Pam Africa re. Mumia court decision and April 19 Philly Demo

Hans Bennett | Last week’s court decision was not a victory. While we obviously prefer to have Mumia alive, instead of executed, life in prison without parole is an unacceptable sentence for an innocent man that was convicted with a blatantly unfair trial. more...  0 Comments

Pass the Equity Bill First Before Talk About Tibet- JFAV

Justice for Filipino Veterans(JFAV) | Compensate the Filipino World War II veterans. Pass the Equity Bill first and do Justice to the Veterans, before you speak of justice and freedom in Tibet.” This was the suggestion the Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV), a California based alliance of youth, veterans and community groups pushing justice and equity to Republican Senator John McCain and Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and the U.S. Congress. Arturo P. Garcia, JFAV Coordinator said: “When the leaders of the US Congress speaks of freedom in far-away countries like Tibet in China, while perpetuating injustice in America, it is just playing plain politics. Tend to your own first. Give justice to Filipinos who were marginalized for 62 years and then speak for the freedom for others later. “ more...  0 Comments

Decade of Dedication to Kids Health & the Environment

California Safe Schools | Robina Suwol Founder & Executive Director of California Safe Schools & Los Angeles Unified School District Honored more...  0 Comments

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