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Human Rights

Hunger in Abundance

Klaus Fischer | The price explosion has nothing to do with a shortage in grain. After the quasi-collapse of the US financial markets, international investors floated a considerable part of their funds in raw material- and food branches. Corn has climbed 66 percent since last fall and rice has become 75 percent more expensive in the past ten months. more...  0 Comments


Private Health Insurance Must Go! Coalition | America spends 15% of GDP on healthcare yet has hundreds of millions of uninsured and under insured citizens. Taiwan implemented a national single-payer healthcare system in, 1995 that provides coverage to it's entire population for only 5% of GDP. more...  0 Comments

Coalition initiates coordinated blockades in response to Sean Bell verdict

Amy L. Dalton | "If you're not going to lock up the guilty in this town, then I guess you're going to have to lock up the innocent," declared the Rev. Al Sharpton as he and other religious and community leaders, at the request of the family of Sean Bell, announced plans for a series of traffic blockades. In response, people converged on a half-dozen selected intersections, some intent on arrests and others to support. Here are pictures from the action that began at Varick & Houston Streets, marched slowly for a half mile along a route that was not disclosed in advance to those gathered, and stopped to block two adjacent intersections at Hudson & Canal, resulting in nearly two dozen arrests. Representing in colors were the NAACP and SEIU. more...  4 Comments

**5/9 FRI, 4:30 pm - GHI/HIP Protest: "March to Save Our Healthcare."

Coalition Against Privatization | Join the fight to prevent GHI-HIP from converting to a for-profit company & jeopardizing the healthcare of 4 million policy holders, including 500,000 NYC workers (93% of the workforce) & retirees. more...  3 Comments

Tell City Bakery to Honor the Food Chain for the Wild Edibles Workers!

Friends of Wild Edibles Workers | The City Bakery chain enjoys an image of being a "green" and "socially conscious" business. Yet, the City Bakery NY sells seafood from labor rights violator, Wild Edibles, Inc.

Given City Bakery's progressive image, current and former Wild Edibles workers were surprised when owner Maury Rubin refused to even enter into a dialogue regarding the hardships they face. more...  0 Comments

The Brutality of their Control.

William Eon | Repeat after me: No more Lying,
Spying,Torture or
Pentagon Propaganda? more...  0 Comments

Sean Bell's Second Slaying

Mumia Abu-Jamal | The defense utilized the "bad company" argument: that Bell was shot and killed because he was among "the wrong crowd."

That such an argument swayed Supreme Court justice Arthur Cooperman (in New York state, unlike most other states, the trial court is termed the Supreme Court, and the state's highest court is their Court of Appeals.) is a measure of how devalued Black life is, and how easy Black men are to demonize and disparage. more...  0 Comments

VIDEO: Changing the rules to deny Mumia justice

Hans Bennett | On May 1, the day of his book's release, author J. Patrick O'Connor was interviewed at Philadelphia City Hall about "The Framing of Mumia Abu-Jamal." In part two of this interview, he discusses the March 27 ruling by the US Third Circuit Court of Appeals denying Mumia a new guilt-phase trial. In his book, O'Connor felt strongly that Mumia would be granted a new trial, and in light of the contrary ruling, he argues that the court made a political decision and actually went against court precedent to do this. more...  0 Comments

MayDay IWW Press Conference in Grand Rapids, MI

Cole D | Friends and Supporters, has posted the MayDay Press Conference in front of Starbucks in East Grand Rapids. It can be seen here: 050608iww_h.php
more...  0 Comments

May Day: on the current conditions of the struggle of the Palestinian working c

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine | On May 1 of every year, the Palestinian working class marches in its struggle for national liberation. Today, the Palestinian working class, an integral part of the working class of the world, stands steadfast in its struggle for freedom - despite living under siege and occupation, deprived of all rights, including the right to work and the right to seek employment.
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Indigenous Struggles in Asia-Pacific & U.S. Occupation

San Patricios | Dulphing Ogan, an indigenous leader of the Blaan people from Saragani Province, Mindinao, Philippines will speak
on large-scale mining plunder, human rights, right to self-determination in Philippines.
Jesse Lokahi Heiwa, Hawai’I Solidarity Committee will give an update of continuing struggle for self-determination in
Hawaii. more...  0 Comments

May 10 Forum: Mass Black Incarceration in Capitalist America

Spartacist League/Spartacus Youth Club | Spartacist League/Spartacus Youth Club Forum:

From Chain Gangs to the Racist “War on Drugs”
Mass Black Incarceration in Capitalist America more...  0 Comments

Sixty Years of Palestinian Displacement, Occupation and Suffering

Stephen Lendman | On May 14, remember the Nakba. more...  0 Comments

Year 1870: Mothers Day Proclamation

Anna Howe | A copy of the Original Mothers Day Proclamation
by Julia Ward Howe -
more...  0 Comments

MOVE 9 PAROLE: Young Teen Gets Jaded By Justice System

Linn Washington Jr. | Last week’s Parole Board decision involving that MOVE trio (who’ve served time longer than the average third-degree murder case) underscores the pollution of politics in the justice system....The reason why so many people feel racism infects law, from police to judges to prisons, results from so many being jerked by the justice system so often. more...  1 Comments

Brazil: Repressed March of Marijuana.

contra-net | The Brazilian Democracy demonstrates as it is imperfection and as the federal constitution it is not respected in the country. Prohibition of if revealing public in walks are characteristic of an authoritarian country. Legalize-Já! Thus it is the false Brazilian democracy: in first of May militant anarchic (Cob/Ait), the also lesser ones of ages, they had been tortured and threatened of death in a police station of São Paulo. In Rondônia a without-land slaughter (LCP) happened to few days, to put was not divulged na media and the government ignored the occurrence. Now, the march of marijuana was forbidden in almost all country, great them 13 city where it went to occur the march, only four will be able to carry through it, Porto Alegre, Recife, Florianópolis and Vitoria. more...  0 Comments

The Reality of God and the Worldliness of the World

Wolfgang Huber | Bonhoeffer's idea of reality is thoroughly relational. There is no world reality from the view of faith that does not stand in a relation to God's reality. The penultimate does not exist in itself. The ultimate conditions the penultimate. more...  0 Comments

VIDEO interview with J. Patrick O'Connor: "The Framing of Mumia Abu-Jamal" #1/3

Hans Bennett | On May 1, the day of his book's release, author J. Patrick O'Connor was interviewed at Philadelphia City Hall about "The Framing of Mumia Abu-Jamal." more...  1 Comments

Mothers call for Mother’s Day boycott of Israeli settlement-builder Leviev

Adalah-NY | Women distributed the boycott call today at Leviev New York. The call states: M’azuza Abu Rahmeh, a mother from Bil’in, explains, “I hope that on this important day for mothers that no women in the world will have to live through this type of experience and that instead they will live with their families and homes, in security and peace.” Halima Husain, a mother from Jayyous, adds, “I hope that free people around the world will boycott Israel’s occupation and will not support businesses of wealthy Israelis like Leviev who is building the settlement of Zufim, and that they will stand with us to lift this shadow and darkness that hangs over the Palestinian people.” more...  4 Comments

New video from Nahr al-Bared Camp

a-films | The anarchist video collective "a-films" announces its latest short film (10 min.) from the destroyed Nahr al-Bared Refugee Camp in Lebanon called "Traces of Collective Dispossession".
more...  0 Comments

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