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Human Rights

Amnesty International Joins Opposition to Bush's Merida Initiative

Jennifer | Left and Right Unite to Oppose Mexico Foreign Policy Scheme

Amnesty International Joins Opposition to Bush's Merida Initiative

Opposition to the President's ebbing "Merida Initiative" scheme to give $1.4 Billion in military aid to Mexico's police and military implicated in widespread human rights violations grew with Amnesty International issuing a statement to Congress.

"Aid for Mexico must not be a blank check for Mexican security forces that have been implicated in crimes like rape and torture," said Larry Cox, executive director of Amnesty International USA (AIUSA). Amnesty International said that any initiative to support Mexico's fight against drug cartels and organized crime must focus on the rule of law and should also press for justice in the unresolved killing of U.S. journalist Bradley Roland Will, and other civilians, in Oaxaca in 2006.
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WNU #946: US Blamed in Reporter's Death in Haiti

Weekly News Update | The family now believes that Ortega and his translator had been in a courtyard contacting the US ambassador to get medical attention for a wounded US reporter. Ortega was shot as he and his translator left the courtyard and headed for the street. Witnesses reported that a soldier in a passing "Hummer"--a US military vehicle--fired the shot, even though there was no sign that the soldiers were in danger.
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VIDEO: May 13 Remembered; Free the MOVE 9!

Hans Bennett | On May 10, the MOVE organization and supporters (many from New York City) gathered at 11th and Market to protest the imprisonment of the MOVE 9, on the 23rd anniversary of the May 13, 1985 bombing of the MOVE's West Philadelphia home. more...  0 Comments

TONIGHT! (5/12): World Food Crisis - Venezuela Responds

Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle of NY | Join special guests Miguel Angel Nunez, a specialist in food and farm issues from Venezuela; Bill Christison of the National Family Farm Coalition, Sean Sweeney of the Cornell Global Labor Institute, and others for a discussion of the World Food Crisis and Venezuela's reponse. Tonight (5/12) at 7 PM at the Venezuelan Consulate, 7 East East 51st Street (btwn Madison & 5th Avenues), Manhattan more...  0 Comments

What the hell is going on in Burma?

Jacob Fahrer | The corporate-sponsored Burmese government has perpetrated terrible human rights abuses in previous decades and in the wake of an extremely powerful cyclone is allowing hundreds of thousands to die. more...  0 Comments

GREECE: Our word about the solidarity to Zapatistas

Solidari@s anarquistas y libertari@s | Enviamos este texto a colectivos y grupos por el mundo que han expresado su solidaridad desinteresada con la lucha zapatista, esperando que el constituirá el inicio de un diálogo sobre la importancia y el sentido que ellos le dan a la solidaridad con este movimiento. more...  0 Comments


Coalition Against Privatization | For those who were not able to attend here is a great way to become part of our growing movement. On Monday May 12th from 12p to 5p, the Coalition Against Privatization is asking supporters to call or email the office NY State Superintendent of Insurance Eric Dinallo and register your opposition to the "conversion plan" for GHI & HIP. more...  4 Comments

VIDEO: MOVE 9 Parole, 'Justice Be Damned'

Hans Bennett | On May 1, the day of his book's release, author J. Patrick O'Connor was interviewed at Philadelphia City Hall about "The Framing of Mumia Abu-Jamal." In part three of this interview, he condemns the recent decision by the PA Parole Board denying parole for the three remaining MOVE 9 women. more...  0 Comments

Mission and Evangelization

Eberhard Juengel | God calls us to resistance and solidarity. The language of proclamation runs crossway to the language of time. The world exists in the light of grace. The eyes of the world must be opened to its possibilities. As the moon has no light in itself, the church does not exist for itself but to be salt, leaven and light in a needy world. more...  0 Comments

Coalition Against Privatization Protests GHI/HIP Privatization

Coalition Against Privatization | On May 9th, a group of determined protesters gathered in front of the office of State Superintendent of the Insurance Eric Dinallo at 25 Beaver Street in Downtown NYC to oppose the proposed conversion of GHI & HIP to a new for-profit company. more...  4 Comments

CUBA: el secreto de la Era de Acuario

envia F Espinoza | Este 13 y 14 de Mayo se efectuará en Bruselas, Bélgica, el encuentro pomposamente titulado: “Quo Vadis Cuba, escenarios de transición en el final de la era de Castro”... more...  1 Comments

Labor Polarization Age-Old Tactic

Zachary Smith | Differences in social status have long been exploited to prevent a functioning labor movement. More must be done to confront these challenges by getting to the root of the problem: the Pursuit of Profit. more...  0 Comments

Tuesday! Delicious Letter-Writing Dinner for PP Tsutomu Shirosaki!

NYC ABCF | Tuesday May 13th!
7pm Political Prisoner Letter-Writing Night at the 123 Community Space!
brought to you by your friendly neighborhood NYC Anarchist Black Cross more...  0 Comments

Ramzy Baroud's "The Second Palestinian Intifada"

Stephen Lendman | The agony continues more...  2 Comments

Civil Disobedience Pray-In Over Acquittals in Sean Bell Killing (photos)

Jonathan McIntosh | MAR/7/08 - Fueled by outrage over the acquittals of NYPD officers involved with the killing of Sean Bell thousands of people staged a dramatic rally and pray-in at One Police Plaza near the base of the Brooklyn Bridge and six other locations in the city. Surrounded by a swarm of reporters and cameras dozens were arrested for civil disobedience while praying in the street including Nicole Paultre-Bell, Joseph Guzman, Trent Benefield and the Reverend Al Sharpton. more...  0 Comments

5/12: World Food Crisis - Venezuela Responds

Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle of NY | As food prices soar and hunger riots rage from one country to another across the globe, the people and government of Venezuela are working proactively to address the food needs of themselves and their neighbors. Come learn more at an evening discussion featuring special guest from Venezuela, Miguel Angel Nuñez, Director International Relations of IPIAT,
the Institute for Production & Research of Tropic Agriculture, Venezuela. When: Monday, May 12, 7 PM. Where: Venezuelan Consulate, 7 East 51st St. (btwn Madison & 5th), Manhattan. Free event - light refreshments provided. more...  0 Comments

SWU Allies Hit Starbucks in Spain on May Day

Worker Freedom | The CNT in Spain made sure to stop by Starbucks on their May Day march: more...  0 Comments

Jewish 'Schlockettes' Denounce Zionism At Radio City Israel Gala

No Time To Celebrate NYC | A small group of anti-Zionist Jews calling themselves "Schlockettes" and their giant Handala puppet provoked stares, anger and intense conversations at Israel's 60th Anniversary Celebration at Radio City Music Hall last night with a high-kicking musical protest. The group of fifteen sang, danced and performed a cheerleading routine in front and at times in the midst of crowds of attendees waiting in line to enter the event while across the street a separate Palestinian solidarity rally was held. The event was the beginning of two weeks of events through out New York City that Jewish activists have pledged to disrupt under the banner of "It's No Time To Celebrate." more...  2 Comments

Radio Program Explores Redevelopment & Displacement

Anti-Displacement Support Committee | Listen now to "World Class City," a Philly-based show featuring interviews & analysis about housing, development & displacement. more...  0 Comments

Congress Holds 3rd Hearing on Mexico Foreign Policy Scheme

Robert Jereski | Congress Holds 3rd Hearing on Mexico Foreign Policy Scheme
Opposition growing to Bush’s Proposed “Merida Initiative”

Will the Democratic Party and inside-the-beltway human rights organizations remain silent about its dangers? more...  6 Comments

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