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Human Rights

Rumsfeld: Adelaide (Update)

cleaves | Activists asserted their democratic right to protest Rumsfeld’s visit outside the heavily guarded Adelaide Town Hall regardless of Dr. Bob Such granting ‘permission’ to protest outside South Australia’s Parliament House. Let’s not miss a ‘subtle’ point; the right to protest is fundamental to a democratic society, let that right act as a barometer in any society that purports to uphold democratic values. more...  0 Comments

Designer shoes made for border-crossing

Elliot Spagat | Illegal immigrants now have some bling more...  2 Comments

Starbucks Union Member Tina G.: "Some Form of Survival"

Worker Freedom | Tina G. is a New York City poet, barista, and member of the IWW Starbucks Workers Union. Tina G., along with her fellow union co-workers, marched on the Boss at a New York City Starbucks on Friday, November 18th to announce their membership in the Industrial Workers of the World. "Some Form of Survival" is one of her latest poems:

more...  19 Comments

A Patriot's Letter

Anonymous PublicDomain | A call to action to Americans from an American. Please distribute as much as possible by any means. more...  0 Comments

Hicksville Counter-Recruitment

resist | On November 19th in Hicksville, NY, we staged a protest in front of the local military recruitment center. We handed out flyers on the myths that recruiters tell youth, brought signs and banners, and there was little police interference. We got cheers and honks of support as well as a guy who was so proud of us he bought us coffee. Here are some photos taken at the protest... more...  4 Comments

Unions mobilize in Puerto Rico

Tom Soto | On Sunday, Nov. 6, thousands of teachers wearing bright yellow T-shirts identifying their union, the Federation of Teachers marched militantly through the narrow streets of Old San Juan, gathering at the Plaza de Colón, marching to the capitol building where the Puerto Rican Legislature is housed, and then to the governor’s seaside mansion. more...  0 Comments

Patriot Act reauthorization stalls

madhatter | Patriot Act reauthorization stalls
more...  0 Comments

Rape of a Filipina committed by 6 US marines

Laban ng Masa - Pinay | We demand that the Philippine Government pursue all means necessary to immediately prosecute the six U.S. servicemen charged with raping a Filipino woman in Olongapo City. The Philippine government should do no less. The government owes it to all Filipino women.

- Laban ng Masa - Pinay (Fight of the Masses/ Filipino Women's groups) more...  0 Comments

Internet Summit Claims Success in the Midst of Protest

David Roknich | Tunis,(11-18-05)DOGSPOT The World Summit on the Information Society has just released a statement of their resounding success in Tunisia, where they maped the course of the internet toward a goal of global connectivity by 2015. Meanwhile, the "digital divide" was demonstrated throughout Tunis, where internet sites were blocked and civil society organisations experienced a police crackdown. more...  0 Comments

11th Annual Michael Flannery Testimonial Awards Dinner

National Irish Freedom Committee | Cumann Na Saoirse Naisiunta will hold its 11th Annual Michael Flannery Testimonial Awards Dinner on Friday January 27th 2006 at the Astorian World Manor in Astoria to recognize and honor Irish Americans and others for their contributions to the promotion of Irish history, literature, human rights and Irish freedom more...  1 Comments


The Campaign to End the Death Penalty, Harlem | The Campaign to End the Death Penalty, New York Chapter, and the NYC Free Mumia Abu Jamal Coalition is putting out a call for all NY area anti-prison and anti-death penalty organizations and individuals to come together and strategize avenues for action to save Tookie Williams (see description below). All are welcome more...  1 Comments

CKUT: "An Hour with Noam Chomsky"

Joe Broadhurst | A special conversation with Professor Noam Chomsky. Members of CKUT's news collective spoke with Professor Chomsky for an hour about the role of media, torture and imprisonment in liberal democracies, on the prospects of free trade agreements in the Americas, the upcoming elections in Haiti and the occupation in Iraq. more...  0 Comments

Battered by Katrina, Gulf Coast workers stand up

Terrie Albano/People's Weekly World | NEW ORLEANS — Gail Andrews, a quiet, unassuming African American woman from New Orleans East, found her mother two weeks after Hurricane Katrina. Six weeks later, she lost her again. This time forever. At age 68, Andrews’ mother died. more...  0 Comments

Critical Resistance Fundraiser Nov 19th: Party For Your Right to Fight III

CR NYC | Critical Resistance and Restless Produxns present a benefit party for CR. Celebrating our community and our struggle, in the years since CR's space and the APOC party and party-goers were attacked by the NYPD on Nov. 15th 2003. more...  1 Comments

Populist #16

Franklin | On Defects in our System of Elections more...  0 Comments

KLAN RALLY in Kingston 11/19 - We Need Your Help

Wynter | Saturday November 19th , Noon
Kingston Highschool
403 Broadway, Kingston NY

for more info contact more...  5 Comments

US Didn't Use Phosphorus Bombs on Civilians Because It Called All Civilians Insurgents

Dave Lindorff | Caught in a lie when it initially denied using phosphorus bombs in the assault on Fallujah, the Pentagon had to concede it used the weapons. It fell back on the claim that it only used the incendiary defices on militants, not civilians--but then, in that assault, the Pentagon trapped all males in the city, considering them all insurgents. more...  0 Comments

Art of War : Fallujah

Larmee | Fallujah more...  0 Comments

NYU Strike: Nov. 16 Pictures

Diane Krauthamer | Including the noon march, the town hall meeting, and the afternoon picket at Bobst Library. more...  1 Comments

NYU Strike and Town Hall Meeting

Rubble | The Town Hall teach-in was held for hundreds of students in a packed, standing room only auditorium. Faculty and students presented their case eloguently. Undergraduate students asking intelligent, pointed questions about why a strike is necessary, why they should be involved in supporting this strike, and what rights and responsibilities are present to accomodate their classroom education while the strike proceeds. While unionists have been very outspoken about labor-busting, students demanded that activists move beyond the pitched rhetoric both sides have presented, and explain the situation more completely. Exapmles were given describing a nationwide assault on the quality of higher education and student rights. [Full Strike Coverage || Pictures From Today's Protest] more...  1 Comments

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