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Human Rights

Pass the Equity Bill NOW -JFAV

Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) | For us in the Filipino American community , the passage of the H.R. 760 , the Filipino Veterans Equity is of the utmost importance.

This issue continues to be the most urgent and longest standing injustice our community has faced for decades. Thank you for your continued leadership and support in fighting for the enactment of the Filipino WWII Veterans Act of 2007, H.R. 760. As a faithful constituent, we recognize that you are an ally in this campaign and ask that the Filipino WWII Veterans Equity bill be made a priority in your already historic role as Speaker of the House.( As a congressperson from ____)
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Free the Cuban Five!

posted by F Espinoza | A three-judge panel of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals of Atlanta upheld Wednesday the guilty verdicts of the Cuban Five, prisoners in the United States since 1998... more...  4 Comments

An Open Letter on US Policy for Cuba

Weekly News Update | With the world’s highest imprisonment rate and one of its most monopolistic and self-censored media systems, the United States has little moral prerogative to speak of “political prisoners and freedom of the press” in Cuba.
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INB 6/6/08: ICE Raids Bakery; 1,800 Arrested in "Fugitive" Sweeps

Weekly News Update | "They closed the streets. There were cops and guns and badges and everything all over the place," said Rod Coon, vice president of the French Gourmet. According to French Gourmet officials, the agents turned around security cameras, presumably so their actions wouldn't be filmed. more...  0 Comments

Labor for Palestine: Report on NYCLAW Picket at NYC 6/5 Israel Celebration

New York City Labor Against the War (NYCLAW) | On Thursday, June 5, some fifteen union members and other activists participated in an emergency picket line for more than two hours outside a "Celebration" of the "60th Anniversary of Israel" held at AFSCME District Council 37, the largest city workers' union in New York. more...  0 Comments

July Delegation to Venezuela: Human Rights, Food Sovereignty & Social Change

By Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle of NY | 10-day trip to Venezuela (July 11-21) examining advances in food sovereignty and other initiatives for social change. Meet with farmers, community leaders, and government officials. Sightseeing and visits to some of the country's beautiful natural areas will also be included. Anyone interested should email cbalbertolovera@ as soon as possible. Space is limited. **For students and folks in their 20's-30's **
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Sean Bell Summer

Aman Gill | More than a month after the notguilty verdict in the Sean Bell case, community organizations are trying to build momentum to implement NYPD reforms, including establishing an independent prosecutor’s office and reducing the presence of armed police in schools, while starting neighborhood initiatives to film police activities. more...  0 Comments

From the Acteal Massacre to the Merida Initiative

Rafael Landerreche | Ten years after the Acteal massacre, Felipe Calderón's government tries to impose an agreement with President Bush on the country so that he would bestow upon Mexico, amongst other things, military guidance in questions of security. With precedents like Acteal and others that we've cited, there are more than enough reasons to be worried. Therefore, getting to the bottom of what happened in Acteal is important not only for the Las Abejas in Chenalhó, but also for all Mexicans. more...  1 Comments

State Aggression Escalates Against Mexican Rebel Communities

John Gibler | This past Wednesday, June 4, 2008 a military convoy of about 200 Mexican soldiers and federal and municipal police attempted to enter indigenous Zapatista villages under the pretext of searching for marijuana plants; something patently absurd in communities that have maintained a self-imposed "dry law," prohibiting all drugs and all forms of alcohol throughout Zapatista territories for nearly fifteen years. With slingshots, machetes, and an international movement of support behind them, the indigenous rebels are ready to refuse entrance to their communities to the soldiers and federal police. more...  0 Comments

Prison Population at 2.3 Million

From ABC News | DOJ Report Reveals Record Numbers in Prisons Last Year,
With Huge Economic Impacts
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NYC Anarchist Black Cross | Tuesday, June 10th: Political Prisoner Letter-Writing Dinner for Greenscare Prisoners more...  0 Comments

Starbucks Fires Outspoken Michigan Barista for Union Activity

Worker Freedom | Grand Rapids firing comes in the midst of Unfair Labor Practice charges being investigated by the NLRB against Starbucks more...  1 Comments

FREE SCREENING - Howard Zinn Movie - Sunday 1:00 pm

SP-USA (NYC) | Zinn may be one of the few famous Americans alive who's better known for his work than his face. more...  0 Comments

Sierra Leone Movement Under Attack! | Slanderous news media has appeared in a government linked newspaper and a campaign of rumors has been initiated, obviously designed to undermine and isolate the Africanist Movement and its director, Chernoh Alpha M. Bah. Sierra Leone’s neocolonial government is apparently moving to criminalize the Africanist Movement in order to justify jailing and/or otherwise destroying these courageous leaders of our struggle for African self-determination. more...  0 Comments

NYC Book Signing: "The Framing of Mumia Abu-Jamal," June 24 | TUESDAY, JUNE 24TH, 6PM -----BOOK-SIGNING FOR "THE FRAMING OF MUMIA ABU-JAMAL" WITH AUTHOR J. PATRICK O'CONNOR ---at THE BRECHT FORUM 451 WEST STREET (between Bank & Bethune Streets) ---Bring your questions and ideas to author Pat O'Connor; MOVE's Minister of Information Ramona Africa; head of International Concerned Family & Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal, Pam Africa; surprise guests--& YOU, who have the power to release Mumia now! more...  0 Comments

Zapatistas denounces the military incursion of 200 soldiers and police

Enlace Zapatista | The Road to the Future Good Government Council denounces the military incursion of 200 soldiers, along with local, state and judicial police into the Zapatista towns Hermenegildo Galeana and San Alejandro, in La Garrucha Caracol. more...  1 Comments

Zapatistas denuncian incursión de 200 soldados y policías

de Enlace Zapatista | La JBG El Camino del Futuro denuncia la incursión militar de 200 soldados, así como policías y judiciales, en los pueblos zapatistas de Hermenegildo Galeana y San Alejandro, del Caracol de La Garrucha. more...  0 Comments

CUBA: Posada Carriles, un asesino en serie

envia F Espinoza | Y cabría preguntarse entonces a qué obedece esa impunidad que impermeabiliza hasta hoy frente a la Justicia al representante más siniestro de los terroristas conocidos. more...  0 Comments


Campaign to End the Death Penalty | Join the Campaign to End the Death Penalty at this event about harsh sentencing in New York. more...  0 Comments


Savitri D | Reverend Billy, Savitri D and Mark Read unfurled a banner down the face of the Union Square Park Pavilion Wednesday evening to draw attention to the threat of privitization. Come out Thursday at 5. more images at more...  0 Comments

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