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Human Rights

Betrayal of the Filipino World War II Veterans

Perry Diaz | Just as the U.S. House of Representatives was about to vote on S.1315 -- known as the "Veterans' Benefits Enhancement Act of 2007" -- a group of Filipino-Americans from San Francisco drove a polarizing wedge that could potentially impede the passage of the bill. Indeed, what was almost a certainty two weeks ago is now in jeopardy.

Sixty-two years after the infamous Rescission Act of 1946 was signed into law denying benefits to more than 200,000 Filipino veterans of World War II, the surviving 18,000 aging veterans came within arm's length of finally getting the recognition and benefits that they deserved. Last April 24, 2008, S.1315 was overwhelmingly passed by the Senate on a 96-1 vote. On May 22, 2008, the House of Representatives was scheduled to vote on the bill. The game plan was to get 290 bipartisan support to ensure passage under "suspension of rules," which means that a "killer" amendment could be stopped from being introduced on the floor; thus, averting any attempt to remove the benefits for Filipino veterans.

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Working people relying on stimulus checks, coins and lotto

Stewart A. Alexander | Millions of working people are waking up to the harsh reality that the Bush stimulus package is not working and that the U.S. economy is already in a recession. Many economic indicators are revealing that the economy is in serious trouble. Just last week the U.S. Labor Department reported the lost of 49,000 jobs for the month of May, it was the highest lost of jobs since 1986; and as inflation continues to spread, the cost of energy and food will continue to weaken the U.S. economy. more...  0 Comments

Toni Kasim 1967-2008

C Murray | The Monthly We! Publication from Isis Women, which I would encourage
all activists to read and subscribe to announces the death at 41 of Toni Kasim,
an eco and gender equality activist of twenty years experience. more...  0 Comments

Siegel and Sen. Adams continue call for special independent prosecutor

Jonathan Shannon | Civil rights attorney Norman Siegel and State Senator Eric Adams D-Brooklyn continued to argue for a special independent prosecutor at an 80-strong community forum June 12, in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. The pair have been calling for reform since the verdict of the Sean Bell trial in April. more...  1 Comments

Meeting Tonight: The Fight Against Harsh Sentencing

Campaigg to End the Death Penalty | A meeting June 16, 2008, with activist Tony Papa and the Campaign to End the Death Penalty takes up the issue of harsh sentencing, and building a movement against it with activists, prisoners and family members at its center. more...  0 Comments

Grand Rapids Starbucks Union and Spanish CNT Announce a Global Day of Action!

Worker Freedom | The Union of Comerical and Hotel workers CNT-AIT in Sevilla, Spain along with the Grand Rapids Starbucks Workers Union (IWW) have announced a Global Day of Action scheduled for July 5th. The two groups are asking social organizations, unions, and individuals from around the world to promote and participate in this day of action. more...  0 Comments

Kosher Distributor Faces Labor Court Hearing

Worker Freedom | June 13, 2008

From The Forward:

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Italian crystal nights...First the gypsies, what's next? Is this Europe 1938?

Hans Ceustermans | A few nights of raids with baseball bats and molotov cocktails have done the job…
Why didn`t we see the sensational images of burning gypsy camps, terrified and crying children and desperate people in our European press?
Who or better WHAT controls the European media?
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Silvio berlusconi: A threath for European democracy

Hans Ceustermans | In the media I read that Berlusconi’s company mediaset mid 2oo7 has taken over Endemol: one of the biggest mediaconcerns on the world market…
Do we have to worry in Europe?

If you want to know WHAT won the Italian elections and who controls OUR media.
Read and shiver…

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Help Europe:Sivio Berlusconi takes over the European media

Hans Ceustermans | Did you know that Berlusconi’s media imperium has been expanded with
one of the major media concerns(Endemol ) in the world?
Endemol was already owner of the Spanish Telefonica.
Why didn’t we read anything about that in our media?
This happened mid 2007.
Did you notice that latest years investigative journalists are a dying race?
Maybe it’s not a bad idea to draw a clear map of the current media concentrations in the world.
Who or better what controls the European media?
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Che Guevara, mensaje de aniversario

envia F Espinoza | El 14 de junio Che Guevara cumpliría ochenta años. Su militancia entre nosotros terminó a los treinta y nueve. more...  0 Comments

Ontario Radioactive Waste Dump Threatens New York

Great Lakes United Nuclear-Free/Green Energy | Since the proposed Ontario Deep Underground Dump for radioactive wastes would be only 50 miles from Michigan across Lake Huron, leakage of radioactivity from the dump could directly affect tens of millions of residents in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York, and contaminate the drinking water in Port Huron, Sarnia, Detroit, Windsor, Toledo, Cleveland, Erie, Buffalo, Toronto and countless other communities downstream. more...  0 Comments

SCOTUS Ruling on Guantanamo Bay Restores Right to Challenge Detention

NYC IMC & AP | The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that foreign terrorism suspects held at Guantanamo Bay have rights under the Constitution to challenge their detention in U.S. civilian courts. more...  0 Comments

Week Without Borders (June 9-16, 2008): Chronology Under Construction

@-Repost | Actions in Portland, Lyon, Paris, Geneva, Moscow, Tacoma and Grenoble. more...  0 Comments

FRIDAY The 13th Prisoner Support!

- 9:30 AM Picket Against Grand Jury Harassment Against Puerto Rican Independence Movement

- 7pm Listening Party for Emergency Info on POW Russell Maroon Shoats with Live Performances

- 8pm Green Scare benefit show and dance party for eco-prisoners Jeff Luers and Eric McDavid

TUESDAY- Book Signing for, “The Framing of Mumia Abu –Jamal”
With Author, J. Patrick O’Connor
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Daniel McGowan Transferred - Threat of Madison Grand Jury

Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan | Daniel McGowan has been moved to the Columbia County Jail in Portage, Wisconsin. The reasoning for his move is unknown, but could be related to an as yet to be convened grand jury in nearby Madison. more...  0 Comments

anti-Raytheon protesters acquitted in Belfast

D. Talbert | McCann and his co-defendants had occupied the Raytheon plant in Derry to protest Raytheon's complicity in Israeli war crimes in Lebanon. more...  1 Comments

PROTEST human rights abuses of sex workers in Cambodia (Wed. 6/11)

Women's Network for Unity Cambodia | WEDNESDAY - JUNE 11, 2008
327 E 50TH STREET NEAR SECOND AVENUE more...  2 Comments

ONU: EE UU debe permitir independencia de Puerto Rico

Agencias | La Organización de Naciones Unidas (ONU) reafirmó nuevamente este lunes el derecho de Puerto Rico a la autodeterminación e independencia y pidió a Estados Unidos que permita al Estado libre asociado ejercer ese derecho libremente. more...  0 Comments

Stop ACS Attack on Black Families

Amadi Ajamu | The protest will take place on the International Day of the African Child, Monday, June 16, 2008 at 12 PM in front of the Administration of Children’s Services Headquarters, 150 William Street, Downtown, New York City.
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