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Human Rights

Italy's census of Roma camps is racist

Roman | The rightwing government's intention to fingerprint all Roma reflects the country's unresolved problem of racial discrimination more...  0 Comments

"Stop the Biofuel Madness!"

Felix Lee | "The high oil price and the food crisis threaten the existence of over a hundred million people." (Walden Bello) "People in poor countries must starve so the rich can continue driving their cars." Growing plants for biofuels is a crime against humanity. more...  0 Comments


Douglas Field |

more...  0 Comments

RNC/DNC Know Your Rights workshop

JustUs Legal Collective | Monday, July 14 - 7pm at Bluestockings, 172 Allen Street
Sunday, July 20 - 12pm at 123 Space, 123 Tompkins Avenue, Brooklyn
Monday, August 11 - 7pm at Bluestockings, 172 Allen Street more...  1 Comments

Newsday: Long Island Food Not Bombs fosters sharing food with the needy

Jennifer Barrios | Every Sunday afternoon, Food Not Bombs sets up a small folding table near the parking lot at the Hempstead train station, a site chosen because of the large number of people who walk by. The group brings not only food, but also new shoes, clothing, seedlings and vitamins -- all of it obtained through donations -- to distribute to people who need it. On this particular Sunday in June, 40 people holding empty plastic grocery bags waited patiently as the volunteers carried the food to the table. more...  20 Comments

Spiritual Counsel by Frei Betto

Frei Betto | Spirituality is a new consciousness and allegiance based on interdependence, a way of resistance to militarism and greed. Resistance is part of our nature as antibodies are part of our bodies. As carrots and beans grow togehter, people can coexist. Diversity is not a threat. The other is not only a projection surface for our needs and desires. more...  0 Comments

Solidarity for US War Resisters In Canada, From L.A. To NYC

Alex Kane | 60 people gathered outside the Canadian consulate on Avenue of the Americas July 9 to call for the Conservative Party-led government of Canada to honor the House of Commons measure that calls for asylum and residency for United States war resisters living there. more...  0 Comments

International call for solidarity actions against G8 repressions

July5th Relief Association for Sapporo Sound | 3 of our friends unjustly arrested at the demonstration against G8 summit on
5th July. One of the arrested is actually an indymedia activist who is orga
nizing sound actions and a member of G8 Media Network which is organized by
non-profit and non-govermental various grassroots media. more...  0 Comments


AJLPP | The Alliance-Philippines (AJLPP) expresses militant solidarity and support to compatriot Marichu S. Baonan and the Damayan Migrant Workers Association based in New York on the case filed by Ms. Baonan against former United Nations Ambassador Lauro Baja, Jr., Norma Castro Baja, his daughter Maria Elizabeth Baja Facundo and the Baja-owned Labaire International Travel Inc;

The case filed last June 24 exposes the hypocrisy of the US-Arroyo regime and its policies and its bureaucracy in its failure to protect Filipino workers abroad and the sad fact that its instrumentalities who are supposed to safeguard their rights are the ones who oppresses them and take advantage of them like in the case of Marichu Baoanan from New York..
It is also a hard fact to note that Baja Jr, a holdover from the US-Marcos regime owned the travel agency and like other DFA and Philippine government officials and oppresses and exploit their country mates with impunity.

more...  1 Comments

Call-In Monday for Leonard Peltier!

NYC ABCF | On Monday July 14th there will be a concentrated 'call in' and 'emailing' to get Leonard Peltier his Diabetes testing kit and diabetic shoes. more...  0 Comments

Homophobic Attack in West Queens

Marisa Ragonese | In aftermath of Monday’s assault on Father Braxton, Director of Carmen’s Place, a homeless shelter for LGBT youth, participants gather to discuss hostility they face daily in school and in the streets of Queens more...  0 Comments

Colombia, urgente: Crónica de un montaje anunciado

Lucy Roessler | En solo unas horas más, Hugo Chávez y Alvaro Uribe se reunirán en territorio venezolano, al parecer en Paraguaná. Como punto principal y quizás único de la agenda, figurará sin lugar a dudas, la propuesta uribista de que el presidente de Venezuela Bolivariana se haga cargo del “jaque mate” que a la actual dirección de las FARC el régimen colombiano le tiene preparado. more...  1 Comments

4 Years After ICJ Ruling, Call to Bring Settlement-builder Leviev to Justice

Adalah-NY | Thirty human rights advocates held a spirited protest in the rain outside the Leviev jewelry store on Madison Avenue today, demanding that Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev be brought to justice for his companies' construction of Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land. Many protesters held signs featuring a large cartoon mug shot of Leviev emblazoned with the words, “Wanted, Lev Leviev, For Violating International Law.” more...  2 Comments

Colombia: Pax Romana

posted by F Espinoza | I have honestly and strongly criticized the objectively cruel methods of kidnapping and retaining prisoners under the conditions of the jungle. But I am not suggesting that anyone laid down their arms, when everyone who did so in the last 50 years did not survive to see peace… more...  0 Comments

Tuesday July 8_the 15_Second Annual New York Roma / Gypsy Human Rights Film

Indy Gypsy | Civilian attacks, fervent segregation, police brutality and an appalling lack of legitimate representation in art and media all conspire to marginalize the Roma. We at the New York Gypsy Film Festival hope to counteract these forces by exposing the public to the art, music, history, culture and above all humanity of the beautiful Roma people. more...  0 Comments

WNU #953: Latin American Pride, Mexican Torture Training

Weekly News Update | On June 30 El Heraldo de León, a newspaper based in León in the central Mexican state of Guanajuato, released two graphic videotapes showing police agents from León's Special Tactical Group (GET) torturing other agents during training sessions.
more...  0 Comments

INB 7/5/08: Raid at Maryland Painting Company

Weekly News Update | Attorney Liza Zamd also said a four-year-old girl saw ICE agents handcuff her father and force him to kneel in their home while they searched for two workers from the painting company who live there. Zamd said the girl's father is a US citizen and wasn't charged.

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Native Americans Walk 3,600 miles, arrive in DC July 11, to protect environment

Longest Walk 2 | The Longest Walk 2 is an effort to bring national attention to the harms being perpetrated against Mother Earth, the effects of environmental devastation on Native Americans and all peoples, plants and animals and the need to protect and preserve sacred sites as a means for cultural survival. The walkers began their trans-continental journey on Feb. 11 in San Francisco, and are stopping in communities all across Turtle Island to listen to Native and all people’s concerns, document them and deliver them to U.S. officials upon arrival in Washington D.C. on July 11, 2008. They walk behind the banner, "All Life is Sacred – Save Mother Earth.” more...  0 Comments

Arrested at the World Economic Forum 2003? Claim your $$.

repost | In late January and early February 2003, the World Economic Forum meetings were held in New York City. In a class action lawsuit later brought by demonstrators arrested at the meetings, it was alleged that the NYPD attempted to show the world it was in control by illegally arresting and detaining 215 persons. more...  1 Comments

WANTED: Lev Leviev, For Breaking International Law (July 9 Protest!)

Adalah-NY | On July 9, 2004, the International Court of Justice at the Hague ruled that Israeli settlements and the West Bank Wall illegally annex Palestinian land, violate Palestinian human rights and must be dismantled. In violation of the law, billionaire diamond merchant LEV LEVIEV and his sometime partner, SHAYA BOYMELGREEN, have used the Wall to grab more land to construct illegal Jewish-only housing worth hundreds of millions of dollars. At the same time, they are attempting to drive out families in New York so they can create more luxury condos. more...  2 Comments

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