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Human Rights

WNU #955: Argentine Senate Kills Export Tax

Weekly News Update | The Brazilian daily O Estado de Sao Paulo had reported before Lula's visit to Colombia that he would give Uribe "explicit support" in the fight against the FARC. more...  0 Comments

Union-busting by Any Other Name...

Authors, The Politics of Immigration | If this had happened in another country, many of us would condemn it as an effort by an authoritarian regime to smash a unionization drive. But it happened in Postville, Iowa, so we call the massive May 12 raid by the U.S. government's Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at the Agriprocessors kosher meatpacking plant a "workplace enforcement operation." more...  0 Comments

Jeff Halper's "An Israeli in Palestine" - Part I

Stephen Lendman | Halper's excellent book. more...  0 Comments

Shadowy corporate group attempting to make Tompkins Square Park private

Pete Dolack | A shadowy corporate group has attmpted to make Tompkins Square Park a private space and explicity seeks to keep squatters out. They will be back on July 30. Self-designated organizers of this corporate group, which is showing a series of outdoor films in the park, have refused to identify themselves in any way, yet have taken it upon itself to decide who is, and is not, allowed into the park's spaces. more...  9 Comments

Naples.On the sand, two starfish...

Roberto Malini - EveryOne Group (Italy) | Two children of the Roma ethnic group drown in Naples. Next to their lifeless bodies people continue to sunbathe, have fun and swim in the sea.

Pictures on: more...  0 Comments

DMX and the Struggle for Health Care

Counterhegemonic | It seems that the legally embattled hip-hop artist DMX was arrested for using the false identity of "Troy Jones" to avoid paying a $7,500 medical bill. The bill was incurred during his visit to the Scottsdale, Az. Mayo Clinic. Most of the major media outlets connect this latest arrest with DMXs recent string of arrests for offenses such as driving without a license and animal cruelty. more...  0 Comments

Call for Flyering on Saturday July 26th

Coalition Against Privatization | The topics of our literature include information about the proposed privatization of GHI & HIP (and how it can be stopped), info on H. R. 676 (National Health Insurance Act) and a flyer announcing our July 30th rally against healthcare privatization and in celebration of Medicare. more...  0 Comments

2001 Italy Genova G8 Diaz - Mark Covell interview

@ | 2001 Italy Genova G8 Diaz - Mark Covell interview more...  0 Comments

Susan Sarandon's Double Standards on Palestine

Omid Memarian on Huffington Post | Susan Sarandon has expressed surprising unwillingness to denounce her support for the Israeli Billionaire, Lev Leviev, who is has been criticized by a variety of NGOs for his involvement in building settlements in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.
more...  3 Comments

SEIU Now and Then: May Democracy Be With You

Bob English | The internal struggle and accelerating debate within the SEIU over union democracy is a positive and encouraging development. While democracy, dissent and member empowerment are on the horizon in SEIU and even in vogue in West Coast locals, it wasn't always so. A reform movement and the uprising of Public Employees for a democratic Union within the former L790 serves as a case study. more...  3 Comments

New Jersey Regional Coalition Wins 3 Year Battle Against RCA Apartheid

Chris White | The New Jersey Regional Coalition has won a 3 year battle to make it the law that even the wealthiest communities must build their share of affordable housing. more...  1 Comments

Slipping Through the Donut-Hole

Counterhegemonic | Problem is that many seniors, whose fixed budgets are already stretched dangerously thin by social security payments which are being outstripped by inflation, are putting off taking their medication until their coverage returns. This has had deadly consequences. more...  0 Comments

GRAN GRAN Concurso Internacional: “Descubra al Héroe”

Taunus | Plazo límite para concursar: 20 de Julio 2008 more...  1 Comments

Colombian Government Admits War Crime in Fake Rescue Operation

Concerned citizens of | Billed as the world's most sophisticated covert ops team, the Colombian military bungled the video documentation of their "rescue" of Ingrid Betancourt and US mercenaries. Now, Uribe must face the world and tell them that his military violated the Geneva Convention and then lied about it. more...  1 Comments

Colombia-Urgente: El bombardeo mediático como ablandamiento previo...

Lucy Roessler | Tendremos que esperar que el bombardeo mediático en torno a la reciente liberación de Ingrid y demás rehenes obtenida con la “Operación Jaque” continúe todavía durante unos días, como si fuera una prolongada fase destinada al ablandamiento previo, después vendrá el “asalto final”. more...  1 Comments

Call For Anarchist Solidarity Actions With Immigrants July 21

a |
Take Nationally-Coordinated Action To Show Solidarity And Fight ICE on July 21st!
We have begun the attack by spraypainting an ICE van with many anti-Migra(ICE) slogans. May our spark spread into a wildfire. more...  1 Comments

Sami Al-Arian: From Exoneration to Criminal Indictment

Stephen Lendman | His long ordeal continues more...  0 Comments

"Hope for more than the established cultural system is willing to grant..."

T | "The death rate for African American men ages 20 to 34 in Philadelphia was 4.37 per 1,000 in 2002, 11 percent higher than among troops in Iraq. Slightly more than half the Philadelphia deaths were homicides.” As an African-American, I have no problem comparing the war on minorities in the USA with the war in Iraq. more...  0 Comments

WNU #954: Peruvian Campesinos, Workers in General Strike

Weekly News Update | "For campesino communities in Peru, communal lands are the material basis of life, an ancestral institution, a space of indigenous peoples' social, economic and cultural identity, where life is organized on the basis of democracy and social justice criteria, and the practice of ancient forms of communal work on the land (minga, aynia)," AIDESEP said in a statement.
more...  0 Comments

INB 7/13/08: 23-Year-Old Dies in Detention; ICE Agent Sentenced

Weekly News Update | Fleury did not learn of her son's death until several days later. "No one from immigration or jail called me when my son died," said Fleury. Fleury said the family found out because a chaplain called Joseph's girlfriend, who then called his family. A letter from ICE stating that Joseph had suffered a seizure came a week later.
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