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Human Rights

Intelligence Report On The fbi And the cia Crimes In The Financial Markets.

geral | INTELLIGENCE REPORT ON THE fbi AND THE cia, reflecting criminal activities as the fbi and cia obtain illegal funding; the cia probably does the same little dance globally. more...  0 Comments

Free Filipino Political Prisoner Randall Echanis Now

AJLPP-USA/ANSWER-LA | he Alliance-Philippines (AJLPP) and all its allied organizations in North America expresses deep and serious concern over the continued detention of a ranking officer of the Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP)or the Peasant Movement of the Philippines- Randall Echanis and demand his immediate release.

On Tuesday, KMP Deputy Secretary for internal affairs Randall Echanis was transferred from the Palo Provincial Jail in Leyte to the Camp Crame Detention Center.

An AJLLP coordinator commented that “members are happy that at least he was transferred to Camp Crame in Manila from Hilongos Leyte.” Updates were received that at around 7 a.m., some 30 supporters of Echanis, peasant activists including his wife Erlinda, son Ramill and daughter Amanda, and other relatives and friends, trooped to the EDSA gate of Camp Crame to greet his arrival.”

The AJLPP seriously believes that Echanis, was falsely charged for murder in connection with mass graves discovered in Hilongos, Leyte. Like other NDF peace consultants who are languishing in jail, they are being unjustly targeted by the US-Arroyo regime. AJLPP fully supports position of the KMP chair Paeng Mariano and the Echanis family that the imprisonment of Echanis, was meant to “preserve the illegitimate, immoral and evil reign of President Arroyo.” more...  0 Comments

Con Fernando Lugo, ¿habrá justicia para Orlando Letelier?

Luis Agüero Wagner | Hace un par de semanas el obispo Fernando Lugo pidió perdón a Nicaragua porque el Paraguay hospedó a Anastasio Somoza Debayle. Queda por disculparse con Chile y hacer justicia con Orlando Letelier more...  0 Comments

After suicide, feds consider closing anthrax case: So They Want to Close z Case

AP writers with help from General Joe | ""Ivins' lawyer, Paul F. Kemp, asserted the scientist's innocence and said he would have proved it at trial. Kemp said his client's death was the result of the government's "relentless pressure of accusation and innuendo." Or did they just kill him?" more...  0 Comments

Obama says he opposes slavery reparations, apology

forwarded by Skinny John | Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama opposes offering reparations to the descendants of slaves, putting him at odds with some black groups and leaders. more...  2 Comments

From the Caravan of Observation and Solidarity with the Zapatista Communities

Solidarity Without Borders-NYC | A report from the Solidarity Without Borders delegation of the National and International Caravan of Observation and Solidarity with the Zapatista Communities. more...  3 Comments

Slavery: Apology Not Accepted

forwarded by Skinny John | "I believe that this apology is way over due and it was just done strategically at a time when Congress is at an incredibly low approval rating. I think its a step in the right direction, but since slavery without a doubt built up the capital for capitalism [in America], there needs to be a discussion in Congress about some sort of reparations. That and the social, religious and educational mechanisms that facilitated the justification for slavery and the modern form of racism, that was born from it." -Immortal Technique to more...  0 Comments


forwarded by Skinny John | Props to whomever caught it on video & hope the cops didn't attack you for recording it. more...  1 Comments

Lower East Side wins victory over private searches in Tompkins Square Park

Pete Dolack | No private security guards were seen on July 30 after community challenges to illegal searches. more...  5 Comments

Bergen County NJ Skill Share/ Meet-Up

Greg Pason | August 2, 2008- Summer 2008 Bergen County SKill Share & Progressive Meet-up from noon until 6 pm @ Van Neste Park off Ridgewood Ave in Ridgewood PLUS critical mass ride @ 6pm!
Share skills * Eat Food * Ride Bikes more...  4 Comments

Did hate speech lead to murder of Mexican immigrant?

Authors, The Politics of Immigration | The hate is being whipped up by right wing, mostly Republican politicians who have absolutely nothing to show for eight years in power except an illegal war and a tanking economy, and who therefore have to find red herrings to distract the voters. This is being facilitated by irresponsible media personalities like Lou Dobbs who retail slanderous information about Latinos, Mexicans and immigrants for hours every week. more...  2 Comments

Land grabs & lawsuits - Bil'in's suit vs. NYC developer Boymelgreen's companies

Jesse Rosenfeld in the Montreal Mirror | “Green Park and Green Mount—as part of the Boymelgreen group—subcontracted to Danya Cebus, with the [Israeli] government’s approval in awarding contracts,” says a Danya Cebus spokesperson. “Boymelgreen was the group that won the contract and Danya Cebus is acting as the subcontractor.” A subsidiary of Africa Israel Investments LTD, Danya Cebus is owned by Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev. (Note: Israeli billionaires Leviev and Boymelgreen are major NYC developers and the target of a boycott campaign by Adalah-NY). more...  0 Comments

Francis Boyle's "Palestine Palestinians and International Law"

Stephen Lendman | Boyle's powerful case for Palestinian self-determination. more...  0 Comments

Statement of Brandworkers on Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filing by Wild Edibles

Brandworkers International | Brandworkers would like this labor dispute come to an end that is agreeable to both parties. Instead, Wild Edibles has done everything possible to evade its responsibilities. more...  0 Comments

Strike Benefit for Bronx health care workers--Showing of SiCKO 8/1 5 pm

Bill Linville | This is a benefit for nursing home workers in Kingsbridge who have been strike for over 5 months. There will be a showing of the movie SiCKO and an update from the strikers. Come and show your support and find out how you can help. more...  0 Comments

French Government's Deception on Deadly Tricastin Spill

Bob Nichols, Project Censored Award Winner | There is now more deadly uranium in the Drome and Rhone River basin than ever polluted the waters surrounding Chernobyl! more...  0 Comments

CUBA: los fantasmas de la "disidencia" y algunos reporteros cazafantasmas...

envia F Espinoza |
El deseo inconfesado con el que buena parte de los reporteros de las agencias internacionales de información arriban a Cuba, es el de poder ser testigos directos de alguno de los innumerables hechos represivos y demás atentados a los Derechos Humanos con los que la guerra mediática ideada por el imperio estigmatiza a la isla revolucionaria more...  0 Comments


Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) |
We are writing to you on the matter of the pending House version of SB 1315 pending at the House of Representatives.

We hold you, as the Speaker and the leader of the Democratic Party, responsible for not passing the bill in the house You have the responsibility to answer why the bill has not been discussed or have not been put into vote despite several promises.

Time is of the essence for these American veterans who were victims of the unjust Recession Act that was passed on February 18th, 1946. Of the 250,000 Filipino soldiers who served under the American Flag during World War II, only 18,000 are still alive with more veterans dying everyday. more...  0 Comments

Restaurateur drops seafood seller over labor violations

Reprinted | Another famed restaurant drops Wild Edibles due to its current labor dispute. Labor advocacy group Brandworkers International has been communicating with restaurants about Wild Edibles' labor violations.
more...  0 Comments

WNU #956: Mexicans Start PEMEX Referendum; Colombian Unionist Killed

Weekly News Update | "[T]he facts demonstrate that, contrary to the official propaganda, there still aren't sufficient guarantees on the part of the state" for leftists in Colombia "to exercise constitutional rights to life, liberty and union organizing and participation." more...  0 Comments

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