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Human Rights

Crosssfire: The (Pending) Wrongful Execution of Robert Springsteen

Tonto | Robert Springsteen was convicted by prosecutor Ronnie Earle. His father maintains an extensive web site at: Other defendants made coerced confessions and were released. The actual killer was never investigated. more...  0 Comments

Republica Dominicana: Una bandera y una flor

H. Galvan | Pedimos su solidaridad more...  0 Comments

anti Subways campaign in Brooklyn

anon | locals in williamsburg have an anti-Subways campaign more...  37 Comments

Taser takes on eBay

TASER IMHO | Taser International threatened the on-line marketplace eBay with legal actions to force the removal of all listings of any items using the trademarked “TASER” moniker. more...  1 Comments

The WTO in Hong Kong, Dec. 13-18

Joseph Yu | A grand global fight looms in Hong Kong in December—a fight between the rich corporations and governments of the First World, and the vast number of people in the Third World worst hit by the W.T.O. more...  0 Comments

County Elections Board asks District Attorney to prosecute protestor

tim grier | Luzerne County Board of Elections voted unanimously to ask the District Attorney to persue charges against me for taking my time while voting. They want to make an example of me to discourage protesting in the area... not like it really goes on here. Anyway, it has worked out great thus far... they are keeping the unjust ballot laws in the local media, which rarely touches on such topics. more...  0 Comments

Starbucks Charged with Terminating Two Employees for Union Activity

Retail Worker | New York, NY- The National Labor Relations Board has charged 15 Starbucks officials with an extensive array of anti-union acts including the discharge of two baristas for organizing activity. The multi-count complaint, detailing unlawful activity at three Starbucks stores, comes after an independent investigation of the world's largest coffee chain triggered by charges from the IWW Starbucks Workers Union. more...  3 Comments

Shut Down Starbucks on Buy Nothing Day In Solidarity with Baristas!

Worker Freedom | Shut Down Starbucks on Buy Nothing Day In Solidarity with Baristas! more...  1 Comments

Beyond That Memo: Bush Wanted al Jazeera Gone

Jeremy Scahill | If true, Bush's threat to bomb al Jazeera is a bold confirmation of what many journalists already believe: that the Bush Administration views us all as enemy combatants.
more...  0 Comments

U.S. Political Prisoner Holiday Card Writing Party

anarcho | Join Resistance in Brooklyn for our annual event to remind the
many political prisoners in the U.S. -- Black/New Afrikan,
Puerto Rican, Native American, Chicano/Mexican, Cuban, and
white North American -- that we remember and care about them. No
artistic ability required (though everyone has some!). more...  0 Comments

Immokalee Workers Turn Up the Heat on McDonalds

nacho | Please take a moment today to check this out, email McDonalds, and encourage friends and family to do the same. The next phase of the struggle for Fair Food begins... Taco Bell was just the beginning. more...  1 Comments

Video: “Ni una vez más: Alto a la violencia contra las mujeres”

Producciones Cimarrón | Como boricuas residentes en EE.UU., queremos solidarizarnos con la celebración internacional de estos días de activismo en contra de la violencia por razón de género. more...  0 Comments

Vegetarians Between Meals: This War Cannot Be Stopped By A Loyal Opposition

Jeremy Scahill | None of the horrors playing out in Iraq today would be possible without the Democratic Party. And no matter how hard some party leaders try to deny it, this is their war too and will remain so until every troop is withdrawn. more...  0 Comments

Video: "Not Even Once More: Stop Violence Against Women"

Producciones Cimarrón | As Puerto Ricans who reside in the U.S., we want to join in the celebration of these days of international activism against violence toward women. This video presentation intends to convey our condemnation of violence directed to women in all its shapes and forms: from domestic violence and murder, to rape and sexual harassment.
more...  0 Comments


Win Animal Rights | Friday November 25, 2005, join Win Animal Rights for one of the most important anti-fur events of the year, Fur Free Friday. On this day, we will continue our on-going campaign as we again confront one of the most notorious fur mongers in New York City, Dennis Basso. Join us and send a loud and clear message to Basso and to all of the other fur scum along NYC's trendy and fashionable Madison Avenue. more...  0 Comments

Fallujah: The War Crimes Keep Piling Up

Dave Lindorff | Are white phosphorus bombs chemical weapons? With the Bush administration, it depends on who’s using them, it turns out. When it’s us, the answer is no. When it’s Saddam, the answer is yes. For the victims, though, it scarcely matters.

more...  0 Comments

Puerto Rico and the Ghosts of Politics Past: Cuba, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico on the Timeline Towards Justice

Juan Antonio Ocasio Rivera | As Puerto Rico struggles towards self-determination, Venezuela develops its Bolivarian Revolution, and Cuba maintains its Revolutionary successes, we see in the three countries examples of true struggle and sacrifice in an almost timeline fashion towards the ideal of a just national order. more...  2 Comments

Haitian Labor Organizer Visits New York

Grassroots Haiti Solidarity Committee | A Batay Ouvriye organizer, Yanick Etienne, will be in New York the week of Nov. 21. She will be speaking at a public forum, sponsored by the Grassroots Haiti Solidarity Committee, on Friday, Nov. 25, at 6 pm, at the Church of the Evangel at 1950 Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn. Etienne will be available for interviews during the week. more...  0 Comments

The Day America Died

populist | Since that fateful day in September, we have seemingly never looked back. All pride..abject arrogance with no shame whatsoever. Never once questioning why so many people around the world have chosen to hate us. more...  0 Comments

Building Bridges Radio: The Phillipines-War & Resistance Through Women's Eyes

Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash | WBAI Radio's Building Bridges: Your Community & Labor Report
Produced & Hosted by Mimi Rosenberg & Ken Nash
Monday, November 21, 2005, 7 - 8 p.m. EST, over 99.5 FM
or streaming live at more...  0 Comments

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