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Human Rights

VENICE FILMFEST and the banality of evil.

sanya .f | Perhaps the most pleasant part of the current 65th Venice Film Festival is the emphasis on introspective films that reflect the stark and often harsh reality of life in different parts of the world. These films have no up-beat message to peddle, no heroes, no happy endings. But they provide a mirror of our global society and force their audiences to reflect. more...  0 Comments

WNU #959: Brazilian Indigenous Win, Argentine Generals Lose

Weekly News Update | An Argentine federal criminal court sentenced former generals Antonio Domingo Bussi and Luciano Benjamín Menéndez to life in prison for the kidnapping, torture and disappearance of ex-senator Guillermo Vargas Aignasse in 1976. more...  0 Comments

INB 8/30/08: Mississippi Factory Raided, 595 Arrested

Weekly News Update | Local 1317's collective bargaining agreement expired at the beginning of August, and the ICE raid took place as the union was negotiating a new contract seeking wage increases, better vacation benefits and health care improvements. Activists say the raid in Laurel will help the company resist such demands and could undermine progressive coalition-building. more...  0 Comments

English translation of interview with the Mother, Lawyer, and supporter of Amade

Grup de suport a Amadeu Casellas d'Osona | In spite of Amadeu Casellas having today reched 71 days of hunger strike, the provincial
government of Catalonya refuses to recieve his relatives. The Mossos d'esquadra (regional
police) impeded their monday meeting with Albert Batlle, responsible for the Penitentiary
Service, if the support demo which was taking place in front of the Government premises was not
disassembled. more...  1 Comments


Mitchel Cohen |
I originally wrote this article 3 years ago immediately following hurricane Katrina and the horror of New Orleans. It's happening all over again, and the questions asked at the time continue to go unanswered.
more...  0 Comments

Angela Davis urges release of 'Omaha Two' convicted with COINTELPRO dirty tricks

Michael Richardson | University of California professor and internationally acclaimed political prisoner advocate Angela Davis will make another trip to Lincoln, Nebraska to meet with Ed Poindexter and Mondo we Langa who are imprisoned in the state maximum security penitentiary. more...  0 Comments

Happy Labor Day: Riot Police Defend the Mall of America from Workers

Mike GW & James Kautz | Starbucks workers and their supporters, 50 to 70 of them, converge for a rally today at the rail station at Lake and Hiawatha in downtown Minneapolis. The crowd comes to stand in solidarity with Starbucks workers in their fight to organize a union, the Starbucks Workers Union (SWU), with the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), and to escort Erik Forman back to work at the Mall of America. more...  0 Comments

NOLA prison evacuation accountability. again.

forwarded by Skinny John | INCITE! New Orleans tells us that women prisoners are being shipped to Angola
State Prison, an infamous maximum security men's prison, rather than to the state
women's facility. This happened last time, and resulted in terrible human rights
abuses. We particularly need the "big" organizations among you to make this call -
but everyone's voice is needed. more...  0 Comments

Something About Tibetans

jos human | Aug. 23-24 saw an unprecedented turnout for the Free Tibet community all over the world, and I witnessed the events here in NYC. Here are some of my "after-birth" comments for other activists to peruse, think about and, hopefully motivate more folks to join this movement. more...  8 Comments

Sunday- Rolling Down the Walls Sunset Bikeride!

NYC Anarchist Black Cross Federation | Sunday, August 31st



Ride for freedom!

more...  0 Comments

Renata Hill Freed on Bail

anonymous | Renata Hill was incarcerated two years ago with three of her friends, the New Jersey 4, on gang assault charges after defending themselves against verbal and physical violence on the streets of New York's West Village. This summer, Terrain Dandridge's appeal led to her release two months ago. Hill's appeal was successful, she was granted a new trial in September 2008. Last week the judge gave into pressure, lowering her bail from $75,000 to $5,000. more...  0 Comments

corrupt police and fbi/cia must be stopped from their killing ways

geral | See the evidence of the low mindset and violent disposition of the A & D men in blue who pretend to 'serve and to protect'. These thugs and serial killers must be stopped. more...  0 Comments

Pro-union Starbucks barista gets his job back [AP]

Worker Freedom | August 29, 2008

NEW YORK -- A barista who said he was fired from Starbucks Corp. for helping to organize fellow workers into a union has been given his job back. more...  0 Comments

Latin America in the 21st Century

By Bolivarian Circle Alberto Lovera | Join us for a stimulating discussion about the social and political
changes currently sweeping through Latin America. Learn how progressive
governments backed by powerful social movements are gaining momentum and
joining forces to shift power into the hands of their people more...  0 Comments

Oaxaca: gobierno saquea Radio Comunitaria Indígena La Rabiosa

madrugada | Hoy 29 de agosto por la mañana diversos cuerpos policiacos federales y locales saquean la radio comunitaria La Rabiosa en Huajuapan, Oaxaca de la organización CACTUS, adherente a La Otra Campaña. more...  0 Comments

Danny Glover in the concert for the Cuban Five in New York

posted by F Espinoza | The concert, entitled "Five Stars and a Song," will take place on September 13 with the performance of Danny Rivera (Puerto Rico), Victor Victor (Dominican Republic), and Puerto Rico Jazz Gold Stars (United States), and the special participation of well-known actor Danny Glover more...  2 Comments

Nueva York: Foro "Latinoamérica en el Siglo XXI, nuevas visiones, nuevos retos"

Circulo Bolivariano "Alberto Lovera" | Nueva York: Foro "Latinoamérica en el Siglo XXI, nuevas visiones, nuevos retos”, Viernes 5 de Septiembre more...  0 Comments

Am I a Terrorist?

sd | Could I be a terrorist? more...  0 Comments

Vicious government repression against immigrant workers on the rise

Richard Mellor | The recent raids in IOWA and Mississippi are a giant step backwards for all workers. They are part of the employers’ divide and rule strategy aimed at taking back from all of us the gains that where made during the great mass movements of the 1930’s. more...  0 Comments

Immigration Detention: The Case for Abolition

Authors, The Politics of Immigration | The obvious question isn't being asked: why are people detained at all? Why should we spend more than $1.2 billion a year to keep immigrants in prison? What purpose does immigration detention serve? more...  0 Comments

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