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Human Rights

CUBA: Hurricane Watch issued for Eastern Cuba as Ike gets closer

posted by F Espinoza | Cuba’s National Defense Staff declared the Alert stage (watch), today (6 sep) at four p.m., for the eastern provinces of Guantanamo, Santiago de Cuba, Granma, Holguin, Las Tunas and Camaguey in the face of the possible track of hurricane Ike. more...  1 Comments

After DNC/RNC, fight ICE and support immigrant rights struggle: a call to action

primate against ICE | please read, forward widely, discuss with others, and ACT! more...  0 Comments

Cambodia Genocide (Pol Pot) - 1975-1979 - 2,000,000 Deaths

United Human Rights Council (UHRC) | An attempt by Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot to form a Communist peasant farming society resulted in the deaths of 25 percent of the country's population from starvation, overwork and executions.

more...  0 Comments

The Roma in Italy: The EU is at a crossroads

EveryOne Group | The Roma in Italy: The European Union is at a dangerous crossroads

more...  0 Comments

Arrested Street Medic Speaks - Press Release

R. Westlund, and the Portland Street Medics | Street Medics Victimized by Police Brutality and Unjustified Arrests at RNC more...  0 Comments

NYCLAW Antiwar Digest

New York City Labor Against the War (NYCLAW) | Americans will continue to kill and die -- and suffer and inflict terrible injuries -- in the U.S. war in the Middle East, regardless of who is elected president, well into the next administration and beyond. . . . It has been a cornerstone of U.S. foreign policy since the Second World War that the U.S. must control the energy resources of the Middle East. more...  0 Comments

CUBA: Hurricane Gustav and the Cuban Five

posted by F Espinoza | “These adverse events should serve to make us work more efficiently every day and to make a more rational and fair use of every piece of material. We must fight our own shallowness and selfishness”… “Such effort shall come from our people’s work. Nobody will do it for us.” more...  0 Comments

Police Intimidate and Attack Witnesses to the Shooting Death of Javon Dawson | ST. PETERSBURG, FL — On Tuesday, September 3, just three months after witnessing his 17-year-old brother’s murder by St. Petersburg cop and battle scarred, Iraq war veteran Terrence Nemeth, 14-year-old Keon Dawson was subjected to more abuse as he was taken from his class at Meadowlawn Middle School. more...  0 Comments

Support Eric McDavid Tour!

NYC Anarchist Black Cross Federation | Eric McDavid was arrested on January 13, 2006, as a direct result of government infiltration and entrapment and is now serving a sentence of almost 20 years in prison. Join us for refreshments and to learn about Eric's case, entrapment, the use of informants and government repression in general. more...  0 Comments

Today/Cooper Union/Latin America in the 21st Century

Bolivarian Circle Alberto Lovera | Join us for a stimulating discussion about the social and political
changes currently sweeping through Latin America. Learn how progressive
governments backed by powerful social movements are gaining momentum and
joining forces to shift power into the hands of their people

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March For Our Lives: Gallery 2 from Poor People's March on the RNC

Mike & James (NYC) | Photo essay in two parts from Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign March on the RNC. September 2, 2008.
Part 2: Marching On the XCel Center more...  1 Comments

March For Our Lives: Gallery 1 from Poor People's March on the RNC

Mike & James (NYC) | Photo essay in two parts from the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign March on the RNC.
Part 1: Rally, Repression, March Begins. more...  1 Comments


geral |
The United States Army now assists the fbi/cia in their torture of this veteran; ok, let's now tell the troops about their corrupt, murderous and cowardly government. more...  3 Comments

Katrina Redux

Stephen Lendman | Militarizing New Orleans and making it whiter. more...  0 Comments

Breaking: RNC 8 Charged with "Conspiracy to Riot in Furtherance of Terrorism"

Twin Cities | Ramsey County Prosecutors have formally charged 8 alleged leaders of the RNC Welcoming Committee with Conspiracy to Riot in Furtherance of Terrorism. Monica Bicking, Eryn Trimmer, Luce Guillen Givins, Erik Oseland, Nathanael Secor, Robert Czernik, Garrett Fitzgerald, and Max Spector, face up to 7 1/2 years in prison under the terrorism enhancement charge which allows for a 50% increase in the maximum penalty. more...  4 Comments

Hunger Action Annual Meet NYC Sept. 22 Welfare, Poverty, Single Payer Healthcare

Mark Dunlea | The Hunger Action Network of New York State will hold its annual membership meeting in NYC this year on Monday, September 22nd from 9:30 to 3 PM at Mt. Olivet Baptist Church, 201 Lenox Ave. in Harlem. The group plans a much in support of raising the welfare grant and ending poverty after the meeting to the Adam Clayton Powell State Office Building. The state basic welfare grant ($291 a month for a family of 3) has not been raised since 1990. The combined welfare benefits now comes to less than half of the federal poverty level, a major factor in the high poverty rates in NYS, especially in upstate inner city communities. A major focus of this year’s meeting will be how to address the issues of hunger and poverty in the 2008 elections at the federal and state level, especially in light of rising energy and food prices. more...  0 Comments

Astoria Residents March Against Hate

Astorians for Peace and Justice | On Sunday, September 7th at 1:00pm, several Astoria Civic Groups under the umbrella coalition, Astorians United Against Hate Crimes, will hold a March Against Hate in response to the July 7th assault on gay and transgender residents of Carmen’s Place who were targeted because of their gender and sexual orientation, as well as Reverend Louis Braxton Jr., the priest who runs Carmen’s Place, who was also attacked after his attempt to defend the youth. more...  0 Comments

Pesante-USA Hails Transfer of Echanis, A Tactical Victory

Pesante-USA | The Philippine Peasant Support Network (Pesante-USA) hails the transfer of Randal Echanis, yesterday.

Echanis, a persecuted leader of KMP, a veterans FQSM student leader and an NDF Peace Consultant PNP was transferred from the Manila City Jail to the PNP Jai. The transfer is a tactical victory in the interest of justice and lasting peace and was a demand of different human rights groups in the Philippines and in the U.S.

Pesante Coordinator Arturo Garcia said: “Echanis should not have been transferred to the Manila City Jail from the PNP Custodial Center in Camp Crame, It is just a simple case of persecution and the SOP of the resurging and copycat martial law regime. The US-Marcos regime did the same when they transferred the political prisoners from the detention centers to Muntinglupa National Penitentiary and declared them as “public order violators”

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Italy. Another racist fire kills two young gypsies

EveryOne Group | Another fire breaks out against "the nomads".
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Pro-ISI senator defends Baluch women's killings

Ahmar Mustikhan | Two Pakistan senators, one man and one woman, both close to the dreaded Inter Services Intelligence try to give a bad name to the Baluch nation fighting for independence from Pakistan. The senator in question, Mir Israrullah Zehri, and his elder brother Sardar Sanaullah Zehri have allegedly killed scores of their political opponents with ISI's blessings. more...  1 Comments

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