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Human Rights

Screening Mumia: The Suppression of Dissent in America

Linn Washington Jr. | “In Prison” presents extraordinary evidence pointing to Abu-Jamal’s innocence inclusive of crime scene photographs discovered in 2006 that contradict core elements of the prosecution’s case against the man whose written five books while on death row. The photos, for example, show no bullet marks in the sidewalk where prosecutors declared Abu-Jamal shot into the sidewalk around the fallen officer three times before shooting him once in the face. The photos show no cab behind the officer’s squad car where prosecutors told jurors a cab driver observed the murder. Additionally, the photos show police tampering with evidence at the crime scene. more...  2 Comments


Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) | We want to remind you of the failed efforts of then President Fidel Ramos and Alex Esclamado of NaFAA, who asked, then US President, Bill Clinton for a $20,000 lump sum for the Filipino veterans in 1997. That effort failed. Please do not repeat this same mistake.

We do not see the logic of asking for a lump sum if you cannot first pass the House version of S. 1315. We cannot change the objectives in the midst of our efforts.

JFAV will continue to support ACFV efforts, along with lobby groups including NAFVE and NaFAA in Washington.

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With Cuba and the Cuban Five

posted by F Espinoza | The International Committee for the Freedom of the Five is pleased to announce that the much-anticipated “5 Stars and One Song” concert which will take place on September 13, 7:30 p.m. at Hostos Center for the Arts and Culture with acclaimed Latin American and Caribbean artists, will be broadcast live throughout Latin America by TELESUR more...  1 Comments

INTERVIEW: New British Film About Mumia Abu-Jamal Showing in NYC

Hans Bennett | For the first time since the film's US Premiere at the Sundance Film Festival last January, "In Prison My Whole Life" will be shown to a US audience. This new film about the internationally renowned death-row journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal will be shown this week at the Urbanworld Film Festival in New York City on Sept 11 and Sept 13. In Prison is also being shown at the CR10 Conference in Oakland, CA, on September 26.

Officially endorsed by Amnesty International, In Prison features interviews with Alice Walker, Angela Davis, Noam Chomsky, Amy Goodman, Ramona Africa, Mos Def, Snoop Dogg, Steve Earle, and more, including an interview with Abu-Jamal's brother Billy Cook, as well as an interview with photographer Pedro Polakoff and German author Michael Schiffmann, who recently discovered Polakoff's crime scene photos that were never seen by the 1982 jury . In this new interview with co-producer Livia Giuggioli Firth, she talks about when she first learned about Mumia Abu-Jamal, making the film, the new appeal to the US Supreme Court, and more. "I hope Mumia will have a new trial, because has been sitting in solitary confinement for 27 years, and it is a disgrace. We will never know the truth about Dec. 9, 1981 until then," says Firth.

RELATED: October, 2007 interview with William Francome about In Prison more...  6 Comments

NYCLAW Antiwar Digest

New York City Labor Against the War | The Attica Prison rebellion began on Sept. 9 as a protest against jail conditions and ended on Sept. 13 as one of the bloodiest days in the 20th century in the U.S. more...  0 Comments

WNU #960: Argentines Set Train on Fire

Weekly News Update | The militants denied any responsibility. "It's a real disgrace that the national government is inventing a conspiracy against us," Argentine filmmaker Pino Solanas said. The MST announced it was planning a defamation suit against Justice Minister Fernández.
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Alert: Tell UK not to rent embassy from settlement-builder Leviev

Adalah-NY | The UK Guardian’s Comment Is Free posted an article on September 9, The wrong message to Israel, by Abe Hayeem, a founding member of Architects & Planners for Justice in Palestine, calling on the UK government to revoke plans to rent its new embassy in Tel Aviv from Israeli-settlement mogul Lev Leviev. The UK's plan to rent space for the embassy from Leviev's company Africa Israel was reported on July 29 in the Israeli financial journal Globes. Please contact the UK’s Embassy in Tel Aviv, UK Consulate in Jerusalem, the Foreign Secretary and the Minister of State for the Middle East (contact info below) and demand that they take a firm stand against Israeli settlements and not reward Leviev with UK taxpayers’ money. more...  0 Comments

USA's Killing/Torturing Machine Must Be Stopped

geral | The USA assassins, including the serial killersin the fbi/cia, have gone too far in their murderous global crimes spree, and the miscreants must now deal with the emerging indominable human spirit which conquers all technology in defense of Mankind.
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The USA Killing & Torturing Must Be Stopped

geral | The killing and torturing machine of the USA (including their fbi/cia serial killers) must be stopped from their global crime spree; the indominable human spirit now rises to the challenge. more...  1 Comments

pro-Palin feminists

LA Times (repost) | Where are the pro-Palin feminists?
Amanda Marcotte says it's impossible to be both socially conservative and feminist. Katherine Mangu-Ward offers herself as an example of a feminist who supports McCain's running mate. more...  1 Comments


DEFEND | Prof. Jose Maria Sison met with former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark in The Hague, The Netherlands on Monday, September 8, 2008 in order to thank him for his moral and legal support when he (Sison) was arrested in Utrecht on August 28, 2007 and detained by Dutch authorities in The Hague national penitentiary up to September 13, 2007.. more...  0 Comments

UK Jury Challenges Guantanamoization

Counterhegemonic | So, imagine how many cards were stacked against Abdulla Ahmed Ali, Assad Sarwar, Tanvir Hussain, Ibrahim Savant, Umar Islam, Waheed Zaman, and Arafat Waheed Khan (all UK nationals) as they stepped into the courtroom. London has already been the scene of terrorist bombings and at least four of the suspects admitted to traveling with liquid explosives disguised as soft drinks for the purpose of making a public explosion. It might be difficult for a person to imagine a scenario in which the cultural and political odds were more uneven. more...  0 Comments

Thu 9/11, NYC: "Illegal People" with David Bacon

Authors, The Politics of Immigration | Trade policy and immigration are intimately linked, Bacon argues, and are, in fact, elements of a single economic system. more...  0 Comments

INB 9/7/08: Al-Arian Released, Flower Grower Raided

Weekly News Update | A worker interviewed outside the Sun Valley plant told the Times-Standard that the flower company's employees had no warning of the raid. Another employee who asked to remain anonymous told the newspaper the raid was demoralizing. "I'm white, I'm legal, but I've worked with these people and they are good people and it was very disturbing to watch these people taken away," she said. more...  0 Comments

NYCLAW Antiwar Digest

New York City Labor Against the War (NYCLAW) | Obama and McCain campaigns fan 'war on terrorism' hysteria The bipartisan consensus responsible for the "war on terrorism" lie has never been more ironclad. The next presidential administration will be a continuation of the Bush-Cheney nightmare -- in substance, if not in style. more...  0 Comments

Remembering New York's Attica Prison Riot of September 9, 1971: Thirtyseven year

Dee | This article is in remembrance to the inmates, prison staff and all involved in The Attica prison riot of 1971. To those who were killed, and those who were wounded. May the prison conditions of yesterday not be repeated and forgotten today, and the lives lost not be in vain. May we all learn from our mistakes and realise that everyone, including those in prison are human and have human rights. more...  1 Comments

Leonard Peltier Birthday Bash

NYC Jericho Movement | Come to the Brecht and get a legal update from Attorney Michael Kuzma. Support Leonard by contributing to his warchest. more...  0 Comments

Rhyme for Reason

Safiya-Nuh Foundation | Come enjoy a night of hiphop and poetry to support our political prisoners and prisoners of war! more...  0 Comments

CUBA: Besieged by hurricanes

posted by F Espinoza | We had hardly recovered from the emotional impact and material damages caused by the unexpectedly strong winds of hurricane Gustav on the Isla de la Juventud and Pinar del Rio, when news were received of sea floods caused by Hanna. Then, the worst news of all: that the very intense hurricane Ike, turning southwest under pressure from a strong anti-hurricane system located north of its course, would strike heavily over 625 miles throughout the national territory. more...  0 Comments

Donde Esta Congress Member Nydia Velazquez?

Felipe Abisu | Why does she support the Bush/Pelosi expansion of the Drug War at home and abroad?
Ask her why she supports the Merida Initiative, aka "Plan Mexico". Ask her why she hasn't done anything to support accountability in the murder of a resident of the Congressional District she is supposed to represent. Ask her why she sends billions of dollars in military equipment and training and cuts drug rehabilitation here. more...  1 Comments

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