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Human Rights


New York City Labor Against the War | "We are not losing, but we are winning slower in some places than others." more...  0 Comments

A film about a succesful non-violent struggle in India

loin_de_loeil | It's about a film that might interest all those who want to see non-violence not only in speeches, but also in action.
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The financial Ike

posted by F Espinoza | ... Fiscal paradises are prospering; people are suffering. Is this how humanity’s well-being can be guaranteed? more...  0 Comments

The Mutilation of Bodily and Political Integrity - Police Brutality in NY State

Gretchen R. | In the spring of this year, several students of Binghamton University were brutalized by police when peacefully commemorating the 5th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. Nine students were arrested, eight of which are currently prosecuted, facing charges with a maximum punishment of 2 years in jail. This incrimination of anti-war protesters means a mutilation of the right to freedom of political expression. more...  1 Comments

Hunger Action, Mon Sept 22, Harlem - rally - poverty, welfare, health care, Rev.

Mark Dunlea | The Hunger Action Network of New York State will hold its annual membership meeting in NYC this year on Monday, September 22nd from 9:30 to 3 PM at Mt. Olivet Baptist Church, 201 Lenox Ave. in Harlem.

The group plans a march in support of raising the welfare grant, universal health care and ending poverty after the meeting to the Adam Clayton Powell State Office Building 163 West 125th St. The rally will start at 3:45 PM.

The rally is also being held in conjunction with the national day of action around victims of the health insurance industry. The number of deaths due to insufficient healthcare in the wealthiest of all nations is a grim reminder of the scope of the healthcare crisis. more...  0 Comments

House Version of SB 1315 still hangs in The balance

Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) | It’s been 18 years running and with less than a week left, the house version of SB 1315 still hangs in a balance. The democrats led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi have not authorized the bill to be discussed or voted on the floor since April. House veterans affairs committee chairman Bob Filner, running for re-election in California’s heavily ethnic southern San Diego district, has offered a compromise bill that would provide a one-time, lump-sum payment of $15,000 for US-based Filipino veterans and $9,000 for those in the Philippines. JFAV and ACFV and other veterans advocates have rejected the Filner proposal, confident that S-1315 still has a chance. “The way we see it,” says Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) leader Arturo P.Garcia said: “The Democrats are not doing their job. We voted them into office to pass this bill. But now, they are not moving and making the same empty promises.” more...  0 Comments

Diana Washington Valdez Awarded Chavkin Prize for Journalism in Latin America

NACLA | On September 22, 2008, in New York City, NACLA will present Diana Washington Valdez with the 2008 recipient of the Samuel Chavkin Prize for Integrity in Latin American Journalism. The Chavkin Prize is awarded every 18 months to an outstanding investigative reporter working in Latin America or the Caribbean exposing injustice and oppression or documenting the struggles for social justice and democracy in the region. more...  0 Comments

Taking Direct Action in St. Paul (SW analysis)

STREET BLOCKADES are a common form of nonviolent protest in Europe and Latin America, and over a dozen members of the University of Iowa Antiwar Committee (UIAC), a chapter of the Campus Antiwar Network (CAN), traveled to St. Paul, Minn., on September 1 to implement the tactic during a peace march on the first day of the Republican National Convention. more...  4 Comments

NYCLAW Antiwar Digest

New York City Labor Against the War | "This is not about being gunrunners. . . . This is about building a more secure world." more...  0 Comments

PHILIPPINES: Suspend US Military Deployments to Mindanao

Citizens’ Peace Watch | A broad coalition of NGOs, social movements, and political parties from Mindanao and the rest of the country today called for all US military deployments in Mindanao suspended pending the conclusion of a fair and thorough probe by lawmakers.

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Beating the western drum

j hill | Blogging gives a voice to citizens around the world, but why do their views often go unheard in the west? And is the web really a force for radical change? more...  0 Comments

South Bronx Rhythm Resistance

Timothy Murray | The legal struggle continues for South Bronx-based hip-hop activists Rodrigo and Gonzalo Venegas, who were aggressively arrested by New York Police Department officers June 18. The brothers, members of the popular group Rebel Diaz, said they were trying to help a street vendor on Southern Boulevard in Hunts Point who, they felt, was being harassed by police officers. more...  1 Comments

United States Military Supremacy: Overlord

geral | The United States military supremacy over all spaces must not include the spaces in my brain. more...  0 Comments

Wednesday Sept. 17: Immigration Dialogue at Brooklyn College

Authors, The Politics of Immigration | The purpose of this series is to have Brooklyn College students understand the arts, histories and cultures of the past as a foundation for those of the present. Also, it will allow students to think critically and creatively in the area of diversity. more...  0 Comments

A Matter of Justice

Authors, The Politics of Immigration | In the case of Sami Al-Arian, the same US justice system showed how unjust it can be. Al-Arian, a former Florida professor and civil rights activist, was released on bail on September 2 after spending more than five and a half years in jail fighting a vindictive prosecution. more...  0 Comments

Concern Voiced at New York Rally in Support of Al Qaeda

Ahmar Mustikhan | The first two weeks of September saw four direct raids by the U.S. troops based in Afghanistan against Al Qaeda strongholds in Pakistan's lawless Federally Administered Tribal Areas. The American Friends of Baluchistan said these raids were long overdue but emphasized a longterm solution lies in balkanization of Pakistan. more...  0 Comments

Colombia: “Operación Regénesis”, la última oportunidad de Uribe

Lucy Roessler | Durante las últimas semanas ha venido evidenciándose cada vez con mayor claridad la profunda crisis que corroe al “establishment” narcoparapolítico colombiano. more...  1 Comments

NYCLAW Antiwar Digest

New York City Labor Against the War | John McCain and Barack Obama agreed Thursday night on the need to expand the U.S. military, and said they would have done more to tap the nation's outpouring of patriotism if they had been in the White House when the World Trade Center was attacked. more...  0 Comments

Beating Back Batson (Supreme Court Batson v. Kentucky 1986)

Mumia Abu-Jamal | "Mr. McMahon was putting into words what DAs did to get convictions. Does that mean his office sought a fair and impartial jury? In McMahon's words, " Well, that's ridiculous. You're not trying to get that." In fact, McMahon explained, their jobs were to get the most "unfair" jury possible. And, in many cases, that meant getting as few Blacks to serve on the jury as possible."
----Check out this short video of excerpts from the infamous McMahon Videotape:
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El Zar de la prensa y los Derechos Humanos

Luis Agüero Wagner | ¿Podrá el obispo liberarse de sus compromisos con los zares de la SIP para hacer justicia con las víctimas del Operativo Cóndor? more...  0 Comments

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