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Human Rights

Wed, Nov. 12: "Enemy Alien" Screening

The Politics of Immigration | Enemy Alien: The Fight to Free Palestinian Activist Farouk Abdel-Muhti more...  2 Comments

Statement for Mumia Abu-Jamal from San Romero de Las Américas Church, NYC | Check out this new statement from Pastor Claudia De la Cruz of the San Romero de Las Américas Church –UCC in New York City. If you're in NYC, go to for more information about taking a bus to Philly for the Dec. 6 protest. more...  0 Comments

More than 20,000 Responds to Emergency Protest at Historic Sunset Junction

AJLPP | More than 20,000 protestors converged about 6 p.m. last Nov. 8 at Sunset and Santa Monica boulevards in Silver Lake near the site of the former Black Cat bar, which the city recently designated a historic-cultural monument for its '60s role as home of the local gay rights movement.

Thousands of people over the past few days have come out in the streets of Los Angeles and other cities to protest the passage of Prop. 8 This is the militant response to the well-funded right-wing campaign of bigotry trying to push millions of LGBT people back into the closet

The march's organizers, the L.A. Coalition for Equal Marriage Rights and the Answer Coalition closed Sunset between Fountain and Sanborn avenues for about two hours as marchers moved west on Santa Monica, north on Vermont Avenue, then east on Hollywood Boulevard back to Silver Lake. Later a smaller group headed toward Hollywood.

The Silver Lake rally began with fiery speeches from the bed of the ANSWER-LA truck. AJLPP ,Pro people Youth(KmB(, Pesante-USA and JFAV activist were at the rally and march flying the Filipino flag..

more...  2 Comments

Jamaican Police Save Armed Robber

Counterhegemonic | Two passengers seized the gunman and proceeded to disarm him. A larger contingent of passengers then administered a vicious collective beating to the would-be robber sending him fleeing from the bus. He then sought shelter in a nearby house but found an equally rude welcome awaiting him. Enraged bus passengers identified the man, and the residents of the home continued the beating this time chopping into his shoulder with a machete. Bailey reported that the robber was "rescued by the police." more...  0 Comments

Jamaican Police Save Armed Robber

Counterhegemonic | He then sought shelter in a nearby house but found an equally rude welcome awaiting him. Enraged bus passengers identified the man, and the residents of the home continued the beating this time chopping into his shoulder with a machete. Bailey reported that the robber was "rescued by the police." more...  0 Comments

Escalating U.S. Attacks Stir Opposition and Outrage in Pakistan

Sharat G. Lin | Secular-minded workers, students, professionals, and concerned citizens joined a mass protest in the streets of Karachi, demanding an immediate end to the deadly raids by U.S. forces on Pakistani villages from bases in Afghanistan. The current U.S. policy of shifting combat focus from Iraq to the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, apparently backed by both Republicans and Democrats, is galvanizing Pakistani public opinion decisively against the U.S. (Photos by Abira Ashfaq and Faris) more...  0 Comments

SAT NYC- New Afrikan Anarchism, Yesterday and Tomorrow

NYC ABCF | To benefit the release fund of New Afrikan Anarchist Prisoner of War,
Ojore Lutalo!

Saturday November 8th

7:30pm at the Sixth Street Community Center
638 E 6th St, between Avenues B and C, in Manhattan
8-10$ Suggested Donation
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Colombia: Army commanders fired for killings received U.S. training and assistan

John Lindsay-Poland | Colombian Army commander Mario Montoya resigned today, in the wake of
a scandal over army killings of civilians that a United Nations
official on Saturday called " systematic and widespread." A protégé of
the United States, Montoya received training at the notorious U.S.
Army School of the Americas (SOA) and has also taught other soldiers
as an instructor at the SOA. Montoya was an architect of the "body
count" counterinsurgency strategy that many analysts believe led to
the systematic civilian killings. Colombian President Alvaro Uribe
announced the dismissal of 27 military officers on October 29,
including three generals and 11 colonels and lieutenant colonels, for
human rights abuses. The abuses include involvement in the killings of
dozens of youths who were recruited in Bogotá slums and shortly after
were reported as killed in combat by the army, hundreds of miles away. more...  2 Comments

La CIA, los medios paraguayos y las elecciones en Nicaragua

Luis Agüero Wagner | El periodismo servil al imperio y cooptado por la CIA que aqueja a latinoamérica, tiene fieles exponentes en Nicaragua, y en Paraguay incluso se permite compartir el poder con el obispo Fernando Lugo. more...  0 Comments

Feminism and Motherhood

Paradigm Shift NYC | Paradigm Shift, New York City’s Feminist Community, (rated “Critics Pick” & “Best By Day” by TimeOut NY) proudly present “Feminism & Motherhood”, an intimate discussion with Amy Richards, Activist, Third Wave Feminist Icon, and author of “Opting In: Having a Child Without Losing Yourself”. We welcome you to invite your mothers and children for this insightful and empowering evening.

Wednesday, November 19th, 7:00 PM at People Lounge- 2nd Floor, 163 Allen St., New York, NY. Purchasing tickets in advance is highly recommended, this event will sell out: $7 in advance, $10 at door, online ticket sales:

A portion of the proceeds donated to New Space for Women’s Health, improving the quality of health care for all women in New York City by establishing an independent, freestanding center for birth, breastfeeding, and women’s health care, opening in midtown Manhattan in early 2010. more...  1 Comments

Berlusconi: ".... with Obama who is also handsome, young and suntanned"

saigon | Italy's Berlusconi hails "suntanned" Obama more...  0 Comments

The 8th Annual Veterans Day Parade in Historic Filipinotown LA

Echo Park Community Coalition (EPCC) | Over 60 years have passed since the end of World War II, and Filipino American veterans still have yet to recieve the recognition they were wrongfully stripped of. Help us show the veterans that we recognize and appreciate their sacrifices and will continue to struggle with them until they are given true justice and equity!

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Viva Obama; Biden urged to help end Baluch oppression

Shehmir Gorgej | Victory termed defeat of bigotry and racism in the U.S. and a step towards completing the unfinished agenda of the Civil War. Baluch organization deplores Pakistan military despots have traditionally enjoyed U.S. blessings. more...  0 Comments


Pesante-USA | The Philippine Peasant Support Network (Pesante)-USA condemns in the strongest terms what the Southern Tagalog peasant activist crackdown and witch hunt under the US-Arroyo fascist regime. This is how Pesante-USA, a human rights, Filipino peasant advocacy and environmental organization in Los Angeles and Southern Tagalog activists described what would come next after farmer leader Rogelio Galit was arrested Monday evening at Barangay Kaong, Silang, Cavite on murder charges filed at the regional trial court in Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro. Pesante-USA learned through media sources that around 15 armed men in civilian clothes arrested Galit, an officer of the Katipunan ng mga Samahang Magbubukid sa Timog Katagalugan and spokesperson of the Katipunan ng mga Magbubukid sa Kabite, said his wife Patricia who witnessed the arrest at their house. more...  0 Comments


NYCLAW -- New York City Labor Against the War | Election Day Reality Check more...  0 Comments

WEDNESDAY is Phone for Parole Day for Herman Bell and Jalil Muntaqim!

NYC ABCF | Call NY Governor David A. Paterson between 9am and 1pm Eastern Standard
Time on Wednesday November 5th.

518-474-8390 more...  2 Comments

WNU #966: Paras Threaten Colombian Peace Community

Weekly News Update | The official theme of the 18th Ibero-American Summit, held Oct. 29-31 in San Salvador, El Salvador, was "Youth and Development," but the global financial crisis was the main topic of discussions by the representatives of Spain, Portugal and 19 Latin American countries.
more...  0 Comments

INB 11/2/08: Youth March in San Francisco; Indian Workers Arrested

Weekly News Update | "It is an outrage that workers who courageously came forward at great personal risk to cooperate with the Department of Justice in a federal trafficking investigation were targeted by ICE and then denied access to their own legal counsel," said Marielena Hincapié, executive director of the National Immigration Law Center. more...  0 Comments

Tents-in-Parks Ruling was Necessary

Ron Skolrood | The economy could benefit people and not speculators and financiers! more...  0 Comments


NYCLAW -- New York City Labor Against the War | "There is one agenda, and whoever holds the [president's] chair will continue the other's job." more...  0 Comments

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